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Everything You Should Learn About Phoenix in Valorant in 2024

If you have started playing Valorant for the first time, then you might be aware of the Phoenix character in it. It is an important character of this game and contains different abilities which are all related to fire. He is attractive, aggressive, and appealing at the same time. Phoenix from Valorant can be appealing to beginners as he is among the 5 agents who are more powerful and easy to handle.

However, you are in the right place if you don't know much about Phoenix Valorant. In this article, we will tell you everything about him and will also tell you some interesting information about Phoenix's voice actor, so continue reading this article.

Section 1: Do you Like Phoenix in Valorant?

phoenix valorant

Valorant has almost 24 different agents, and Phoenix is among them. The game has divided the agents into 4 different parts: Duelist, Initiator, Controller, and Sentinel. Those regularly playing this shooting game are aware of Phoenix because he is among the top 5th agents in Valorant. Players mostly like him because of his play style and aggressiveness.

Furthermore, he is very supportive and ensures that his teams stay together all the time to easily defeat the enemy. Not only is he smart, but he also has powerful abilities related to fire. He mostly uses aggressive strategies against the enemies and catches the targets on time. Below, we have mentioned the top 4 abilities of Phoenix from Valorant.

  • 1. C – Blaze:The first ability of Phoenix is Blaze, which basically creates a wall of fire that can easily block enemies' vision. However, the interesting thing is that when Phoenix passes through the wall, he heals all his injuries and makes him active. To use this ability, you must use your 200 credits, which are worth it.
  • 2. Q – Curveball:This ability is used to blind the enemies. Phoenix decides the location where he wants to throw it, and once it triggers, all the people near it will start to have an unclear vision. To get it, you have to spend almost 250 credits.
  • 3. E – Hot Hands:If you want to destroy multiple enemies at the same time, this ability will work for you. Phoenix uses it to throw a fireball that will definitely destroy the ground. You will get it free after killing two people.
  • 4. X – Run it Back:With this ability, you can easily mark your location for around 10 seconds. Once Phoenix is dead, he will again come to the same location where you have used this ability. However, you have to use at least 100 hearts to restore Phoenix.

These were the top abilities of Phoenix in Valorant. Once you have understood them, you can easily master all these abilities. However, there are a few tips shared by the players that you can use while playing these techniques.

  • If you are using the Blaze ability, then make sure to bend its direction by holding the C button. This will block the vision fast.
  • Make sure to stay close to the corner if you want to use the curveball ability. Also, don’t stay close to the flash as it will minus your points as well. Let the enemy face the flash so you can get more time to attack them. You can also give different names to the curveball.
  • If you know the location of your enemies, then immediately use the Run it Back ability. This technique will prevent your enemies from attacking you again. Make sure to push as far as possible for better results.

Section 2: Introducing Phoenix Voice and Phoenix Voice Actor

phoenix valorant voice actor

Phoenix is among the famous five agents that are unlocked automatically for the new players. That means if you have started playing this game, you will get this character for free. However, many people are curious to know about Phoenix Valorant's voice actor. The good news is that Afolabi Alli is behind the voice of Phoenix. He is a theater performer and was given the codename Apollo during the voiceover. So, if you are impressed with the Phoenix Valorant voice lines, all of them are voiced by Afolabi Alli.

Undoubtedly, Phoenix's voice played a great part in motivating the players during the game. His aggressive and heavy voice was the main reason why people felt motivated and were ready to attack the enemies. Some of the famous Phoenix ultimate voice lines include, "Get outta here!" "You're out." "Put down!" "That's done " and many more. If you want to make your vlogs interesting, you should definitely use these lines in Phoenix's voice.

Bonus Tips: How to Use HitPaw Voice Changer to Get Phoenix Voice

hitpaw voice changer

There are millions of voice changer applications available that give you the option to change your voice into animated characters. However, the HitPaw Voice Changer app is the best among them. Soon, the app is going to launch the Phoenix effect, which you can add to your vlogs and content. The best thing is that you don't have to hire any voice, as this tool will generate the Phoenix AI voice for you. And the best part is that it won’t charge extra money to do that. However, you will get a watermark, but you can remove it after purchasing the premium plan. But overall, it is the best tool as it will allow the players to modify their voices to sound like Phoenix.

  • Provides numerous voice effects for enjoyment
  • You can create your soundboard within minutes
  • The interface is user-friendly and simple
  • Soon, it will have a Phoenix voice effect
  • The real-time voice-changing option is for Discord, Zoom, and other apps
  • Watermark can be annoying
  • You have to register first to download the voice effect
How to get Phoenix AI Voice:
  • Step 1:After downloading the app, you have to launch it and select your input and output devices.

    hitpaw voice changer
  • Step 2:Now, choose your favorite voice effect, such as Phoenix. You will see other animated voice effects, including Gollum, Orc, Ice King, and more.

    hitpaw voice changer
  • Step 3:Once you have chosen your required voice effect, adjust your global settings, which include turning on the "Voice Changer," "Hear me," and "Noise Reduction" options.

    hitpaw voice changer
  • Step 4:Next, adjust other settings so you can hear the changed voice clearly. These settings include adjusting volume, pitch, and timbre. You can test the volume settings until you get the desired option.

    hitpaw voice changer
  • Step 5:That’s it! You can now record your voice with the new voice effect. You can also download it and use it anywhere you want, such as videos.

Section 3: FAQs Of Phoenix

Q1. Why Phoenix Continues to Be One of Valorant's Least-Picked Duelists?

A1. Phoenix was an important character of Valorant, but he was the least-picked duelist because of his Blaze and Run It Back abilities, which killed her several times in the game. That is why users stopped playing this character.

Q2. Who is Phoenix's Best Friend in Valorant?

A2. Yoru was Phoenix's best friend in Valorant. Apart from that, Jett was also seen boosting his self-esteem during the flights, which also shows that they were good friends.

Final Thought

In this article, we have mentioned some interesting facts about Phoenix along with who voices Phoenix in Valorant. Hopefully, after reading this article, you know everything about this character and his unique abilities. Moreover, we have also introduced a Phoenix voice changer application named HitPaw Voice Changer, which allows you to change your voice within seconds. You can download this software for PC and use it for Discord, Zoom, WhatsApp, and other applications.

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