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TOP 5 Prank Call Voice Changer You Need to Know in 2024

We've all been there - you want to prank call your friend or family member, but you don't want them to recognize your voice. That's where voice changers come in handy. With the right voice-changing app or software, you can alter your voice to sound like someone else entirely for some harmless fun.

Imagine you want to prank your brother into thinking his best friend is calling him to confess some deep secret. Or maybe you want to prank call your mom, pretending to be her elderly neighbor. The possibilities are endless when you can disguise your voice!

In this article, we will cover the top 5 best voice changers in 2024, specifically for prank phone calls. We evaluated numerous apps and software to find the ones that are easy to use, have the best sound quality, and provide the most prank call voices - all essential for a successful prank call. We'll also cover one great free voice changer so you can get started with no financial commitment.

Part 1: Best Prank Call Voice Changer for Desktop

hitpaw voice changer

HitPaw Voice Changer is a versatile real-time voice-changing software for Windows and Mac that allows you to alter your voice during calls, live streams, and more.

HitPaw offers a free trial so you can test it out before committing. For prank call purposes, the celebrity voice effects are particularly fun - imagine your friend's surprise when they hear Taylor Swift or Donald Trump on the other end.

  • Over 200 voice effects like celebrity and cartoon impressions that disguise your real voice like scream prank call with voice changer.
  • Real-time voice changing so you can modify your voice live during prank call conversations.
  • Supports uploading audio/video files to apply voice effects using AI for authentic sound.
  • Fun soundboard with sound effects like farts to enhance the humor of your pranks.
  • User-friendly interface that makes it simple to activate effects and start pranking right away.

    How to use HitPaw Voice Changer?

  • Step 1:Download and Install the HitPaw Voice Changer on your device.

  • Step 2:In Settings, choose your microphone and speaker from the drop-down menus.

    Choose Mic and Speaker
  • Step 3:Browse the many voice and sound effects options and select your favorites for pranking.

    Select the voice effect
  • Step 4:Turn on Voice Changer and Hear Myself features. Speak into the mic to preview how you'll sound.

    Test and preview the voice effect
  • Step 5:Adjust the volume sliders for the effects to suit your preferences.

    Adjust the volume level
  • Step 6:For apps like Discord, choose the voice changer as your microphone input in Audio Settings so effects are applied.

    Choose HitPaw on Discord

Part 2: Best 2 Prank Call Voice Changers for Mobile

1. MagicMic Live Voice Changer

MagicMic Live Voice Changer

MagicMic Live Voice Changer is a versatile real-time voice-altering app available for both iOS and Android. It's an excellent option for on-the-fly prank calls while you're out and about. It is best for prank call voices free.

  • 300+ voice effects like celebrity and cartoon impressions to disguise your real voice
  • 600+ funny sound effects and memes for extra prank laughter
  • Real-time voice changing allows you to enable effects mid-call
  • Custom voice creation so you can invent your own unique pranking persona
  • Supported on Windows/Mac, iOS and Android for cross-platform pranking
  • Huge library of 300+ voice changer prank call effects and 600+ sounds to disguise voice.
  • Real-time effect application for natural prank conversations.
  • Custom voice creation for inventing unique personas.
  • Free version available with full access to effects.
  • Can be some audio latency issues on older phones.

2. PrankDial

PrankDial App

PrankDial is a popular prank call app for iOS and Android that allows you to disguise your voice from over 150 hilarious pre-recorded prank call scenarios. It is the best prank call voice changer app.

  • 150+ pre-made prank call voices and scenarios covering various practical jokes
  • Built-in calling through the app makes it easy to prank people directly
  • Voice filters to further mask your voice for anonymity
  • Comment and rate existing pranks and scenarios
  • Support for multiple languages beyond English
  • Huge library of pre-made prank phone call voices for endless ideas
  • Free credits are available to get started pranking right away
  • Number blocking prevents repeat pranking
  • Some risk of app crashes during calls

Part 3: Best 2 Online Prank Call Voice Changers

1. VoiceChanger.io


VoiceChanger.io is a free online platform that allows you to record audio and apply voice effects to disguise your voice. With strange effects like alien, villain, and police prank call voices, VoiceChanger.io offers an easy way to creatively disguise yourself. Simply record, add wacky effects, download, and prank call friends.

Key Features
  • Dozens of voice filters like alien, villain, and more
  • Record directly through your microphone
  • Free prank call voices
  • Download the final audio to use in prank calls
  • User-friendly interface for easy editing
  • Numerous zany effects alter the voice
  • Simple online recording and tuning
  • Free to use with no account signup
  • Can't add effects mid-recording
  • Audio quality depends on the mic

2. Myvoicemod

Myvoicemod Voice Changer

Myvoicemod is another free online voice recorder and effect tool perfect for fooling prank targets. With its space and underwater effects, Myvoicemod offers a quick way to disguise your voice by recording or uploading audio to mess with friends through prank calls. The effects may be limited, but they provide good voice masking.

Key Features
  • Space, fast, underwater, and other weird effects
  • Upload existing audio to modify
  • Preview voice changes before downloading
  • Quick online access with no software needed
  • Fun effects like space and underwater voices
  • Easy upload of existing audio clips
  • User-friendly online interface
  • Only 12 different voice effect options
  • Can't select specific sections of audio to edit


When it comes to the best voice changer for prank phone calls, HitPaw Voice Changer stands out as a top choice. Its huge library of over 200 voice effects provides endless options to creatively disguise your voice and trick unsuspecting friends.

The celebrity voice mimics are particularly hilarious - just imagine your buddy thinking he's getting a call from Donald Trump or Taylor Swift. The real-time voice changing allows you to alter your voice seamlessly mid-call for natural pranking conversations. And the accessibility across Windows and Mac means pranking opportunities are never far away.

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