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OpenAI Sora Text-to-Video AI Model: Full Review ( Latest)

With recent technological developments, Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to make significant revolutions. Once again, AI video generators progressed with the launch of Sora by OpenAI. This text-to-video generator is a significant step towards the future of AI-powered video-making.

Sora AI can create realistic videos through your text or image prompts. If you are curious to uncover this trending launch of OpenAI, read this review on Sora.

homepage sora open ai

Part 1. What is Sora?

Sora AI is a text-to-video model that creates high-quality videos from your text instructions. Developed by OpenAI, it can generate videos of simple places, paintings, anime, and landscapes with simple prompts. Also, you can generate complex scenes with specific motions and characters through Sora. Its associated model understands how things exist in the physical world and creates accurate subjects.

Moreover, it can extend the length of existing videos apart from making the entire video at once. Also, models associated with Sora accept still image prompts for animating image content or producing video. It can produce content according to the different aspect ratios of devices. To make a video from Sora, you only need to describe your requirements in text input.

Notably, Sora OpenAI is bringing automation to the video content creation industry. Previously, video making was a task of professionals and had a hefty cost. Sora AI has eased video production while saving budget, resources, and manual labor. Besides, it brings innovation and creativity to the video by generating out-of-the-box content without effort.

Part 2. How Does Sora AI Work?

OpenAI Sora drew inspiration from the success of LLM trained on internet-scale data. Like LLMs use tokens, Sora utilizes visual patches to gain effectiveness across various types of images and videos. Sora AI generates videos through video compression and its decomposition into spacetime patches. By doing so, it allows variations in resolution, duration, and aspect ratio.

Plus, Sora utilizes diffusion transformers designed to handle noisy input data. It is trained to predict the original "clean" patches from noisy ones. This feature allows Sora AI to demonstrate remarkable scaling properties. As computational resources increase during training, the quality of generated samples improves. You can understand the further workings of this tool through the section below:

1. Language Understanding

To make videos with text, Sora needs lots of videos and their descriptions. Their team of developers uses a method called re-captioning, like in DALL·E 330. First, they train a smart computer to write really good descriptions for videos. Then, the team utilizes these descriptions for all the videos in their training set. Using detailed descriptions to train the system makes videos look better overall.

Moreover, Sora AI makes GPT take short requests from users and make them into detailed descriptions. These descriptions are then used to make videos that match what the user asked for.

language understanding in sora

2. Varied Resolution and Aspect Ratio

Past approaches to AI video creation have used cropping of videos to get a standard size. Meanwhile, Sora OpenAI trains data to generate content directly in the native aspect ratio of devices. Videos from Sora have improved framing that keeps the main object in the center and focused.

varying resolutions in sora

3. Image and Video Prompts

Sora can create looping videos, animate stating images, and extend videos forward or backward. It involves diffusion models that enable different media editing methods with text prompts. Plus, Sora can interpolate two videos for seamless transitions between scenes.

variety of prompts in sora

4. Growing Simulation Capabilities

In the videos, people and scenes move consistently via 3D space as the camera shifts or rotates. Sora can make multiple shots of the same character and maintain their presence throughout the video. It can also stimulate actions like a man eating a burger and leaving bite marks.

simulation capabilities in sora

Part 3. How Can I Access OpenAI Sora?

After providing an overview of what Sora is and how it works, it is time to get information about its accessibility. Unfortunately, Sora OpenAI has not been released for public use. It is available for red teamers to analyze the potential risks and harms. Furthermore, a few filmmakers, designers, and artists can access Sora for their valuable feedback.

For the positive use-case of this technology, OpenAI is collecting concerns from people. The reviewers include policymakers, students, artists, and other professionals worldwide. Altogether, there is no specific timeline or additional details on Sora's public availability. For those confused about Sora, we will keep you updated about the latest information on Sora AI and its operability.

Part 4. What Other AI Alternatives to Sora Can I Try?

As discussed before, there are many AI text-to-video generators available in the market. While you wait for the release of Sora OpenAI, you can check out some alternatives. In the following section, you’ll find Sora AI text-to-video alternatives to get the job done right:

1. Pika

Pika is your ultimate idea-to-video platform designed to unleash your creativity. With a customized command, you can get your ideas come to life. It offers three innovative methods, each opening doors to infinite possibilities. You can experience a transition from text to video by simply describing your vision. Also, you can upload your memories on the tool and transform them into a dynamic story.

pika text to video generator
  • Its user-friendly design ensures that people with minimal technical expertise can use its features.
  • This Sora alternative allows you to re-prompt the command if you don’t like the first output.
  • The free version of this tool only has 30 monthly credits for video generation.
  • Users cannot upscale their videos and extend their lengths while using its free versions.
  • 1. Standard Plan: $8/month
  • 2. Unlimited Plan: $28/month
  • 3. Pika Pro: $58/month

2. Synthesia

Among these Sora video AI alternatives, Synthesia stands out as a prominent rival. It transforms text into captivating videos and creates studio-quality videos. Also, you can turn dull text-based content and PPT presentations into engaging videos for your audience. It allows you to collaborate, share, and export your creations effortlessly.

synthesia text to video generator
  • Synthesia gives you access to 120+ languages and voices for AI video creation.
  • It lets you choose from over 60 video templates and customize your creations with AI avatars.
  • AI-generated video is sent to you via email, which can be frustrating.
  • This platform does not offer any audio or font library to polish content.
  • 1. Standard Plan: $22/month
  • 2. Unlimited Plan: $67/month

3. VEED.io

Like Sora AI, VEED.io transforms your imagination into videos with the right form of text. Users can transform their written content into visual stories with this AI-infused platform. It allows you to type your prompts and let its AI magic generate a polished video that can be appended with voiceovers and music. In addition, you can utilize different animated text and annotations to make a customized video.

veed text to video generator
  • Users can utilize a full suite of editing tools to customize videos without paying for it.
  • It lets you type in the prompt and get an attractive script for an audience within seconds.
  • The tool often poses subtitle issues and requires manual adjustments.
  • It features an expensive price tag when dealing with 4K resolution videos.
  • 1. Basic Plan: $12/month
  • 2. Pro Plan: $24/month
  • 3. Business Plan: $59/month

Part 5. Bonus Tip: Best AI Video Editor for Editing Sora AI Videos

If you want to modify videos after creating them through OpenAI Sora, HitPaw Edimakor is the recommended choice. This all-in-one video solution elevates your creation with a comprehensive set of features. Users can enhance their videos by adding text overlays and choosing from a variety of styles. This way, you can drive your audience's attention to the key points while adding context.

By adding fewer word prompts, HitPaw provides a captivating AI script for your videos. These scripts can be used to craft leads-generating ads or explanatory videos. Plus, the video coloring allows you to adjust colors and tones to achieve your desired visual style. The platform goes above and beyond with features like changing video speed for dramatic effects.

1. Video Cutting

If Sora AI generates a video that exceeds your desired video durations, use video cutting of Edimakor. It offers precise editing capabilities and lets you trim and rearrange videos. With these editing functionalities, users can easily switch between scenes. You can access this option quickly from the timeline toolbar. Thus, you don't need to go for another editor because Edimakor is an all-in-all video editor.

video cutting feature hitpaw edimakor

2. AI Script Generator

Unlike Sora AI, this AI tool offers you compelling scripts in your desired tones. This ability of Edimakor is lifesaving when you don’t have a script to provide Sora for video making. It can generate scripts in more than 20 languages where you set the vibe of the script. For setting a vibe, there are several options, such as professional, casual, and funny. Besides, users can create product marketing scripts to make engaging advertisements.

ai script feature of hitpaw

3. AI Speech to Text

Notably, Sora OpenAI is limited to offering video from text or image prompts. It doesn’t allow you to generate automatic subtitles for your videos. Thus, you can use Edimakor to turn the audio into text using an AI speech recognition tool. It covers over 120 languages and generates accurate transcripts with a single click. This way, captions get automatically added to your videos within appropriate frames. Further, you can add, delete, or merge subtitles according to your needs.

ai speech to text hitpaw

4. AI Text-to-Speech

Text-to-speech makers are trending in the media industry to save manual efforts and costs. So far, Sora AI didn’t offer the ability to turn text into your chosen speech. Luckily, Edimakor can convert your text into more than 50 languages. What’s more, users can choose their desired natural-sounding sounding AI voices. It even allows you to pick one tone of voice from the given angry, delighted, friendly, and excited options.

ai text to speech hitpaw edimakor

5. Video Stabilization

There is a possibility that the video generated by Sora contains camera shakiness. That’s why you need a video stabilization option of Edimakor to reduce the jitter in the footage. It works by analyzing the movement patterns and applying algorithms to smooth out these actions. By using this option, your videos get fine-tuned and look more professional. In this regard, you can adjust the smoothness level via a slider in the stabilization section.

video stabilization feature of hitpaw


To summarize, the invention of Sora AI is going to expand the limits of AI. Therefore, this article has shed light on Sora AI by explaining how it works and how you can access it. Also, you have found alternatives to the Sora text-to-video generator in this review. Ultimately, HitPaw Edimakor is an AI solution worth using for video making and editing, as proved by firm arguments.

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