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5 Platforms To Create AI Generated Short Videos In Minutes

The future of videos has turned because of the innovation of AI-based short videos that we can create for any purpose. These videos are way more better and professional than the videos created using common third-party tools. Therefore why waste time with such tools when there is an amazing facility to make short videos?

There are several AI short video generators available in the market free for everyone to use. Each ai short video generator has its distinct specifications and you can choose the one that fits your demands. Let us have a look at these video creators.

ai generated short videos

Part 1: 5 AI Short Video Generators For Making Videos Quickly And Easily

Video creation has become a common task because of the amazing video generators available in the market. You can have a look at given mentioned AI short video creators for creating videos for several purposes.

1. Lumen5

Because of Lumen5, you are given a perfect facility for converting normal content into a captivating professional video. You can use that video for brand awareness or marketing purposes. Just a few clicks and your output video will be in front of your eyes.

  • By using the Lumen5 platform you can easily customize your video
  • Several price terminologies for using Lumen5 will surely fulfill your need
  • The available UI is wonderful
  • While creating the video, you may face the issue of limited customization options
short video generator ai

2. Idomoo

If you are in search of an AI video creator that has specialization in the creation of personalized video messages then Idomoo is a perfect choice. This ai short form video generator never fails in providing a highly personalized experience to users and provides them with a beneficial way of attracting the audience.

  • It proves to be very effective for businesses to evoke emotional responses from the audience
  • The video generation process is always according to the input data provided to the app
  • The personalized video message will be created after the integration of customer data
  • This tool only focuses on personalized videos
ai generated short video

3. Kapwing

No matter how skilled a person you are you will always remain in need of a reliable and cooperative platform to create different short videos. Kapwing being a full-featured platform comes with such amazing specifications that the user can't ignore its powerful abilities.

  • While using Kapwing you have access to a large number of useful features for video making
  • Multiple users can use Kapwing and create videos easily
  • Kapwing enables users to work with several media files and transmit videos to different platforms
  • The exported video by you will contain a watermark if you are using a free version
ai short video generator free

4. FlexClip

FlexClip is another perfect choice for those who require a short video ai generator for the production of an interesting short video either for brand promotion or for marketing. You will be amazed to have a look at the available AI generated subtitles, background remover, lots of templates, and an engine for text-to-speech features.

  • Flexclip is designed in such a way that beginners can easily use it
  • In Flexclip you have access to a large library consisting of templates
  • Users can save time with the automatic editing feature of this tool
  • The available free version always comes with some limitations like video length restriction, etc
ai for short videos

5. HeyGen

Users can take help from this amazing AI video generator and can access a variety of essential features and tools. HeyGen contains more than 300 voices that are available in different languages. The amazing fact is that you can also generate an avatar having its voice that you can add through any recording.

  • Users can input text to generate short videos
  • The video creation process in Heygen is very easy and user-friendly
  • Previous experience in video formation is not required
  • It provides users with limited customization options
ai video shorts

Part 2: Bonus-Tip: Recommended Platform For Making AI Short Videos

Altho the above-mentioned platforms are perfect in their work and provide professional results to the users. But we are here with another platform that is not only the most preferred tool but has also made a special space in the list of top working AI short video generators. Let us have a look at that platform.

HitPaw Edimakor

A vast spectrum of video editing functionalities has been in compasses by the HitPaw Edimakor and is considered perfect because of its user-friendliness and versatility. You will be given a free hand to create concise videos using AI-assisted features. A great facility of essential editing features has been granted by this ai short form video generator to its users so that they can achieve perfect results.

Features Of HitPaw Edimakor
  • This tool seamlessly blends complexity with a user-friendly interface and allows users to access the system easily
  • A comprehensive suite of editing features has been always practiced by HitPaw
  • It also supports multitrack editing so that users can go ahead with overlapping feature
  • The editing process is enhanced entirely because of leveraging AI technology
  • The addition of voice-over and removal of background noise has become a simple task because of this amazing platform
ai short video editor

Part 3: FAQs About AI Short Video Generator

Q1. What Is The AI That Turns Videos Into Shorts?

A1. Certain algorithms and technologies are practiced by AI tools that convert a video into different shorts. You can go ahead with HitPaw as it is always listed among the most preferred AI short video generators.

Q2. What Are The Benefits Of Using AI-Generated Short Videos?

A2. The use of an AI-generated short videos platform for ai short video creation benefits the user a lot. Not only will his time be saved but it also enhances the creativity of the user and provides usually appealing output. The results will be handed over to the user without affecting the quality of the video at any cost.

Q3. How To Choose The Right AI-Generated Short Video Platform?

A3. If you want to have a perfect AI-generated short video platform then it's important to pay attention to some factors that make the platform perfect. The selected platform must have advanced features and customization options that you may need. Moreover, the interface must be simple and pricing plans should be affordable.

Bottom Words

The platforms designed for the creation of AI generator short videos provide a great facility for users to have enhanced forms of videos without consuming much time. The technology of artificial intelligence has been utilised by these platforms and the results provided to users are very captivating. Therefore whenever you find the need to create a short video, always go ahead with these AI short video generators.

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