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Pictory Text To Video: The Easiest Way To Make Videos Ever

Pictory has made its distinct position in the market as a state-of-the-art text-to-video software that has opened a wide door of opportunities for marketers, content creators, and other video editors. Plain text can be converted into a perfect video with the help of the latest AI capabilities adopted by Pictory text to video.

The complexities that editors may face while video production is nicely eliminated by Pictory text to video and the entire procedure has been groomed nicely. The working procedure includes providing the tool with a simple text and then selecting the dynamic animation and visual styles and the remaining procedure will be the responsibility of AI.

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Part 1: Step-by-Step Guide On How To Use Pictory Text To Video Feature

Pictory is an advanced platform which provides text-to-video features so that users can use it to convert written material into unique videos without any difficulty. This feature is very useful for different types of content creators, educators, and many more. For using text to video ai Pictory, the step-by-step guideline is provided below which help you in making amazing videos from written material.

Step 1: Signing Up

To log in, you have to visit the official website of Pictory. If you already have an account then simply log in to it or for a new account sign up by providing some personal information and your account will be ready for you.

text to video pictory

Step 2: Finding Your Required Feature

After having access to the features of Pictory we have to go to the main screen and start finding a feature of text to video. After finding it click on it to use it.

text to video pictory

Step 3: Finding The Text Input Area

After entering into the text to video feature area you have to find the place where the text has to be input. Then you can input your required article, script, or any lines that you have to transform into an eye-catching video.

text to video pictory

Step 4: Select Style & Template

You can also edit your video by inputting different video styles, themes, colors, etc. Different types of customization options are also provided so you can insert logos, background music, or images for making the video more appealing.

There's an option of inputting animations and different types of video effects for making a video realistic. These features can help you in making more eye-catching, attractive, and unique videos.

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Step 5: Previewing Video

Before finalizing the required video you can also preview the type of video you have made. This feature helps you in knowing that the video you made is according to expectations or needs some correction.

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Step 6: Finishing Touch

Once the video is completed and satisfied you can click on the export button. Then the platform will provide you with the video you have edited. After clicking on the export button, you have an option of downloading it to your required place on the device. Also, you can directly share it with any social media platform or send it on your website.

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Part 2: Comparison Among Pictory, InVideo, And VEED.IO

There is a difference between the working as well as the features provided by InVideo, Pictory, and VEED.IO. Hence, it's important to have some basic details about them. Let us have a look at the comparison between Pictory, InVideo, and VEED.IO.

Introducing Pictory

A powerful ai tool to convert text to video that allows users to have a perfect video just by inputting a series of text or any script is referred to as Pictory. Users are enjoying the benefit of high-quality video because of its AI-driven capabilities and user-friendly interface.

Introducing InVideo

InVideo is listed among the most popular and recommended ai text to video editing tool that uses the technology of artificial intelligence to create stunning and attractive video content for users. This tool comes with unlimited templates, animations, and effects for content creators to bring enhancement to their work.

Introducing VEED.IO

For editing purposes, VEED.IO has never disappointed its users. This text to video generator opens a door of possibilities especially for marketers and content creators to unleash their creativity amazingly. The addition of animation in a video and making it more attractive is a simple task using VEED.IO.

Features Pictory InVideo VEED.IO
Text-to-Video Yes Yes Yes
User-Friendly Yes Yes Yes
Pricing Based on Subscription Based on Subscription Free & Paid
Watermark Visible Visible Optional
Template Library Extensive Wide range Limited
text to video ai generator

Part 3: Bonus Tip: Powerful AI Video Editor For Making Stunning Videos

HitPaw Edimakor is listed among those AI tools that utilize AI functions for the creation of powerful and attractive videos. This ai video editor contains a wide range of templates along with a user family interface so that beginners in this field can also take advantage of this wonderful innovation. Let us have a look at the features provided by this stunning tool.

ai video editor Features Of HitPaw Edimakor
  • Users are given the benefit of several ai functions for bringing enhancement to their work.
  • The available user-friendly interface allows every person with different skills to take benefit from its services.
  • The library of templates never makes a person bored of the same video style but brings versatility.

Part 4: FAQs About Pictory Text To Video

Q1. How Do You Make A Video On Pictory?

A1. It is a simple and state-forward process for making a unique video using Pictory. Firstly you have to log in or create an account on Pictory after then you have to choose a template which suits your video. Then input the required script or text using the text-to-video feature. The customization option is for editing manually. Now a video is completed.

Q2. What Is The Best Text To Video Converter?

A2. There are several platforms that support text to video features. Each of them has different benefits and drawbacks. One of the most popular platforms is the HitPaw video editor which uses text-to-video features for making stunning videos. It has an easy interface, supports AI functions, and has a large number of unique templates, creative effects, and animations also.

Q3. Can AI Make A Video From A Script?

A3. Yes, a stunning video can be made using a script. You just have to provide the script to the ai text to video generator free and after some editing the video will be in front of you. The video made from a script using AI is very eye-catching and unique as it uses different helpful AI functions and features which make the video more realistic.


Editing a video has now become as simple as capturing a video because of the innovative tools introduced in the market. Pictory is a wonderful change in the world of video editing that helps video creators as well as marketers to make their projects appear more flourishing and attractive effortlessly.

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