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Top 10 AI TikTok Video Generators in 2024 [Free & Paid]

As the consumption of visual content is increasing day by day, so is the need to create quality videos and reels. You need an impressive AI TikTok video generator to formulate a good viral video for a social media platform. This article discusses the best sources and tools to create reels and videos that will go viral instantly.

Part 1. 10 Best AI TikTok Video Generators You Can Try

Let us explore the list of top 10 TikTok AI video generators to create compelling videos with efficient interfaces for all types of users.

1. HitPaw Edimakor

HitPaw Edimakor is a reliable AI TikTok video generator free that provides a comprehensive set of tools for professional video editing. This tool comes with some essential basic editing features, including screen recording, cropping, and trimming abilities. It is also loaded with advanced AI-powered tools such as AI script generation and AI speech-to-text, catering to all your editing requirements.

hitpaw edimakor tiktok video generator

Key Features

  • 1.It offers a noise remover feature to remove the unwanted noise from your videos.
  • 2.To give your video a more descriptive flair, add personalized text to it.
  • 3.With the text-to-speech feature, your spoken words are automatically translated into written format.
  • 4.Offers a vast library of media, effects, filters, and audio to refine your visuals.
  • With the freeze frame, you can capture an image to increase the emphasis on it.
  • HitPaw Edimakor lets you download AI-generated TikTok videos and audio content onto its platform.
  • Stabilize your shaky videos and remove jitters with the video stabilization feature.
  • The video output of this video editor can support a maximum resolution of 4K

2. invideo

This video editing tool comes with AI features like a script generator, text-to-speech, AI video generator, and more. Refine the audio and visual quality of your content with this extensive tool.

invideo tiktok video maker

Key Features

  • 1.Create reels for social media with a wide range of templates with simple drag and drop.
  • 2.You can add voiceovers, subtitles, and create scenes with AI.
  • 3.Modify the generated videos with simple text commands using AI.
  • With this TikTok AI video generator, create or translate videos in 50+ languages.
  • The advanced interface has basic editing features like adding text, slideshow creation, and intro/outro maker.
  • The free version lets you create 10 minutes/week of AI generation.

3. Vizard

With a range of video editing features like resizing, splitting, and adding images to video, you can customize and polish your visual content. Vizard is an online video editing tool with many AI features.

vizard ai tiktok maker

Key Features

  • 1.Vizard's auto subtitle generator lets you add dynamic subtitles to your video.
  • 2.Compile the highlights of your video with this tool's AI clip maker.
  • 3.Resizes your videos while maintaining the quality of the content.
  • Post your content on different platforms using the multi-platform posting tool.
  • Multiple overlays and scenes can be created to streamline the editing process.
  • Rendering videos takes more time than other AI TikTok video generator free.

4. Simplified

This AI feature-rich online tool lets you create, edit, and share your reels and videos with just a few clicks. From writing content to designing complete presentations or videos, Simplified can be a good option.

simplified tiktok generator

Key Features

  • 1.Generate compelling visual content by creating with AI or choosing from predefined templates.
  • 2.Create and personalize subtitles with the auto subtitle generator.
  • 3.Remove distracting backgrounds in your video with the background remover feature.
  • Allows users to convert any clip into GIFs with the GIF maker.
  • Adjust the speed of your video with six commonly used preset speeds.
  • You can add a maximum video file of 500MB into the online editor.

5. Fliki

Induced with AI tools, Fliki provides a complete solution for creating videos with professional-grade voiceovers. This tool offers various options like AI Avatar, voice cloning, and more.

fliki tiktok ai generator

Key Features

  • 1.This tool converts your text into speech under 100 accents.
  • 2.With AI text-to-video, convert your ideas into AI-generated videos by adding text, blogs, or scripts.
  • 3.Instantly create professional-looking videos with predesigned templates.
  • You can set different aspect ratios before creating a video.
  • Fliki instantly translates your videos into 75+ languages.
  • The free version lets you download videos that are only 5 minutes in duration.

6. CapCut

CapCut offers a timeline-based video editing interface for a better video editing experience. It is a popular and widely used AI video generator for TikTok.

capcut tiktok generator interface

Key Features

  • 1.Provides you with a vast library of effects and audio for your videos.
  • 2.Has the ability to recognize lyrics in songs.
  • 3.Transform long video to short with CapCut clip maker.
  • Allows upscaling video and images without losing their quality.
  • Remove background in videos and photos with its advanced tool.
  • This tool lacks features like generating video with text.

7. VEED.io

This tool is a complete solution for video tasks like editing, recording, and transcription. It also offers many AI features which helps in controlling the video, as well as the audio content.

veed tiktok generator interface

Key Features

  • 1.Add background music, sound effects, and songs to your videos from the royalty-free music stock library.
  • 2.Simply type a prompt and let AI generate a video for you.
  • 3.While removing backgrounds, you can also replace it with your preferred options.
  • Convert your sound into visual representation with VEED.io's Music Visualizer.
  • The text-to-voice feature generates AI-powered voiceovers.
  • Only provides 720p export quality in its free version.

8. Flowjin

Flowjin is a versatile clip generator packed with AI features for creating content on social media. This tool offers convenient multiple clip generation with AI-generated titles.

flowjin ai video creator for tiktok

Key Features

  • 1.Create an automated summary for your video with the Video Text Summary feature.
  • 2.Inducing AI, instantly convert long videos into short clips with this TikTok video generator AI.
  • 3.This tool automatically generates customizable captions for your videos.
  • This tool identifies the speaker in a video using advanced AI technology.
  • It generates audiograms with speaker visualization.
  • Many basic video editing features are missing in this tool.

9. Canva

With a wide range of AI features, this tool provides a complete solution to edit AI-generated TikTok videos. From Instagram reels to photo collages, it provides you with various editing features.

canva magic media for tiktok videos

Key Features

  • 1.Apply animations and stickers to your videos for enhancement purposes.
  • 2.Swiftly trim, split, crop, and resize your video clip, all within one editor.
  • 3.The cross-platform compatibility lets you edit videos on the go.
  • You can add sound effects, pre-licensed music, and multiple tracks with this tool.
  • The BeatSync auto-sync your video with the beat of the music.
  • This tool offers limited templates, elements, and AI features in the free plan.

10. Pictory

Pictory offers an extensive set of tools for creating compelling videos with artificial intelligence integration. From video transcription to AI video making, you can do all with this tool.

pictory tiktok generator with ai

Key Features

  • 1.You can also generate AI music videos to upload on your TikTok.
  • 2.Add your own voice or choose the realistic AI voice to add voiceovers to your videos.
  • 3.Provide a vast library of 10M+ royalty-free images, music, and videos.
  • Instantly create stunning videos with predesigned templates.
  • You can convert your written scripts into engaging videos with Pictory.
  • You need to get a paid version to access all the features.

Part 2. How to Create TikTok Videos with Best AI TikTok Video Generator

The best way to create AI-generated TikTok videos is to utilize the HitPaw Edimakor to perform advanced editing tasks. Explore the guide below to enhance your visual content with this incredible tool.

Step 1. Launch the Tool and Create Video

Once you have launched the HitPaw Edimakor tool on your computer device, click the AI Video Generator option on the main interface.

launch edimakor and open video generator

Step 2. Insert Your TikTok Video Script

In the next window, input your script into the Text Field and select the Vibe and Language. You can also specify the nature of your video, whether it is General, Explanatory, or Video Ads. Now press the Generate Script button, and a script will be generated for you in the right window. Once you have finalized and edited the script, tap on the Next button.

provide topic and other script settings

Step 3. Import the Desired Media

Import media content by clicking the + button next to your script through which you can add multiple media relevant to the script generated. You can have a quick look at the video from the preview window on the right side. Now, click the Next button once you have imported all the media.

add videos and preview result

Step 4. Export Media After Applying the Template

Choose the template for your video from the predesigned set of templates relevant to your script and media. Finally, press the Export button and define settings such as file destination, format and name to save the video to your device. You can move to make more changes across the generated video using the Advanced Edit button.

select template and export from edimakor

Part 3. Comparison Table Between These 10 AI TikTok Video Generators

As we have learned about all the top 10 AI TikTok Video generators, let us have a tabular comparison between these video editing tools.

TikTok Video Generator Pricing Text-to-Speech AI Noise Remover AI Subtitle Generator AI Speech-to-Text AI Script Generator
HitPaw Edimakor $19.95 to $69.95
invideo $20 to $48 X X X X
Vizard $8 to $32 X X X
Simplified $12 to $24 X
Fliki $28 to $88 X X X
CapCut Free X X X
VEED.io $12 to $59 X
Flowjin $10 to $68 X X X
Canva $6.50 to $55 ✓ (With Plugin) X ✓ (With Plugin) X X
Pictory $19 to $99 X X

Part 4. FAQs About AI TikTok Video Generator You Want to Know

Q1. Can you make TikTok videos with AI?

A1. HitPaw Edimakor is one of the best free AI TikTok video generators for creating compelling and trending videos for your TikTok account.

Q2. How do I get the AI generator on TikTok?

A2. TikTok does not provide any AI integration within its platform, but you can utilize different software like Edimakor to generate AI-powered videos.

Q3. Which AI is best for TikTok?

A3. Edimakor is a versatile choice for creating videos for TikTok with AI technology.


The list of AI TikTok video generators free discussed will help you figure out the most reliable tool amongst them. HitPaw Edimakor is a versatile tool for generating AI videos and editing them with the right features. There are various functionalities that give it a higher preference over other options available.

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