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10 Best AI Screenwriters You Can’t Miss in 2024

Many media enthusiasts and artists ask, ‘Can AI write a screenplay?’, and the answer is, yes, a good AI screenwriter can do that for you. However, when it comes to choosing an AI for screenwriting, you must consider the following points before making a decision:

  • How much time it takes to write a screenplay
  • The simplicity of prompts it accepts
  • Can it generate images from prompts
  • Does it have a built-in text editor

In addition, you may also want to check a couple of other niche-specific features. Considering this, the following is a list of the 10 most popular and highly efficient AI scriptwriting solutions:

1. HitPaw Edimakor

HitPaw Edimakor is a complete solution for freelance writers, video creators, self-employed vloggers, and social media influencers. The program allows you to record videos, use AI to write subtitles, and most importantly, generate entire screenplays from prompts. You can also import media clips and sync them with the screenplay to create a publishable video.

HitPaw Edimakor ai screenwriter Key Features
  • Built-in AI-powered subtitle generator
  • Integrated AI screenwriter
  • Merges media clips automatically
  • Edit videos granularly with the timeline-based ‘Advanced Edit’ feature
  • Comprises lucrative stock templates for videos
How to Use HitPaw Edimakor as an AI Screenwriter

To use Edimakor as an efficient AI screenwriter:

  • Step 1: Initialize the AI Video Generator Tool
    Launch HitPaw Edimakor and click AI Video Generator from the right window.

  • Step 2: Enter the Prompt and Specify Tone and Language
    Go to the Explanatory video tab, type a few sentences about the kind of screenplay you want to generate, choose a tone from the Vibe list, and pick your preferred language from the Language menu.

    HitPaw Edimakor screenwriting ai
  • Step 3: Generate the Screenplay
    Click Generate Script and allow Edimakor around 60 seconds to generate a unique screenplay. Click Next to go to the next screen, or copy the text and take it to your favorite text editor for further amendments.

2. ShortlyAI

ShortlyAI’s target audience is authors and storywriters. Because of this, you can use the solution as an AI screen writer to generate short or long screenplays. The ‘/’ switch followed by expand, shorten, and rewrite prompts can expand your sentences, contract them without affecting their essence, and rewrite them with the updated information, respectively.

ShortlyAI scriptwriting ai Key Features
  • Uncluttered and intuitive interface
  • Helps with niche-specific new ideas
  • Capable of generating long stories and books

3. AIScreenWriter

Dedicated to screenwriting, AIScreenWriter is developed for professionals by professionals from the film industry. As a result, you get first-hand information about your niche while writing screenplays. The AI scriptwriting tool also comes with an integrated text editor and real-time spelling and grammar checker to help you produce stories in an error-free language.

AIScreenWriter ai writing movie scripts Key Features
  • Generates 100% unique content with merely a few mouse-clicks
  • Built-in text editor with integrated error checker to refine your creations
  • Produces screenplays to suit industry standards

4. DeepAI

DeepAI AI screenwriter can write a synopsis of your screenplay with imaginary characters. In addition, the solution even suggests a title for your story, which you can accept or choose a different one as needed. The Genius Mode (paid) produces more advanced and accurate screenplays that you can use in your final productions.

DeepAI ai screen writer Key Features
  • AIScreenWriter is free to use
  • Also has an AI Code Assistant to generate complex programming codes
  • Genius Mode and Online Mode use advanced algorithms in AI for scriptwriting

5. Squibler

Unlike other AI scriptwriting solutions, Squibler comprises an integrated AI image generation tool. As a result, you don’t only write scripts using AI but also use its powers to create graphical illustrations to complement your storyline. In addition, Squibler even allows you to refine your screenplays to highlight key characters more prominently.

Squibler ai for screenwriting Key Features
  • Improves dialogue quality
  • Generates images
  • Adds elements
  • Allows team collaborations

6. Copy.ai

Copy.ai is a decent AI screenwriter alright. However, it doesn’t just stop there. With this scriptwriting AI tool, you can write SEO-optimized long-form articles, social media ads, and product descriptions. In addition, if you are into services or selling tangible goods, Copy.ai can help you create convincing sales pitches to increase your clientele.

Copy.ai ai screenwriting software Key Features
  • Helps define your brand voice via compelling content
  • Automates follow-up email creations for business growth
  • Writes SEO-friendly product descriptions
  • Produces SEO-optimized social media posts to generate organic traffic

7. Jasper

Jasper automates almost everything a business uses to increase productivity. Not only for AI scriptwriting, but Jasper is also useful in content strategy designing and SEO-oriented blog writing and caption creation for social media campaigns. The built-in project management tool assists you in managing product reviews and promotional campaigns to enhance production.

Jasper ai scriptwriting Key Features
  • Generates content for websites
  • Expedites promotional campaigning with almost zero errors
  • Scans your brand voice and produces content accordingly
  • Generates AI-powered images to support your scripts, blogs, and social media posts

8. JotPro

JotPro comes with a couple of free tools and AI creative writing is one of them. You can exploit this solution to generate unique screenplays capable enough to keep the audience glued to their seats during broadcasts. YouTube script generator is another powerful feature you can have access to for an increased audience reach.

JotPro ai screen writer Key Features
  • Creates long-form articles and blogs
  • Generates niche-specific content for websites
  • Helps in writing meta descriptions, FAQs, pros and cons, etc.
  • Writes press releases, emails, ad copies, and much more

9. Simplified

With several creative tools, Simplified is a G2-recognized AI scriptwriting solution. You can use ‘AI Blog Writer’ to produce screenplays from your prompts and then use ‘AI Sentence Expander’ to convert short phrases into elaborative sentences within a few seconds. In addition, the ‘AI Image Generator’ tool allows you to produce illustrations relevant to your synopsis for better understanding.

JotPro ai screen writer Key Features
  • Creates long-form articles and blogs
  • Generates niche-specific content for websites
  • Helps in writing meta descriptions, FAQs, pros and cons, etc.
  • Writes press releases, emails, ad copies, and much more

10. ScripAI

Probably one of its kind, ScripAI offers a plethora of AI-powered tools for free. You can use this online solution as an efficient AI screenwriter, blog creator, Instagram caption generator, etc. In addition, the web app helps in brainstorming when you need innovative YouTube video ideas, blog ideas, or even when you’re a startup and need assistance in deciding your company name.

ScripAI scriptwriting ai Key Features
  • AI-powered video outline generator for YouTube
  • LinkedIn story generator
  • YouTube Shorts script generator
  • Song and poem writer (yet to come)


Tasks that appeared next to impossible earlier are now merely a click away. With several AI tools available online today, you can generate images, animations, blogs, and articles within a couple of seconds. Even the film industry isn’t left behind in this arena, and the experts have come together to share their experience to develop AI scriptwriting solutions for their fellow workers and new talents.

While almost every vendor is turning towards artificial intelligence, the one who excelled in the domain and developed a perfect solution is HitPaw. HitPaw Edimakor is not merely an AI screenwriter but also has an integrated screen recorder and AI-powered video editor to create videos and automatically merge them for publishing.

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