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Top 7 Video Restoration Software to Fix the Video Quality Flawlessly

The market demand for films has only risen with time. With this rising demand comes the need for movies and videos to be of top quality.

The public sentiment has naturally shifted towards higher-quality films. But the older videos have low resolution. So, what will become of the old movies and videos? Can they be restored?

More and more tech companies are working on ways to fix video quality. New software and apps are popping up left and right for video enhancement.

So, if you search 'video is blurry how to fix it,' you probably will get a long list of software. But it is all about finding the diamond in the rough, and this article does just that. So, follow along and discover the best video restoration software.

Part 1. Best Video Restoration Software with AI Video Enhancement Technology

Hard to make blurry videos clear? With video enhance ai tool taking over the work, video restoration has become easy. Old videos are no longer a problem. It is easy to take the resolution from the lowest to the highest.

The traditional methods of video restoration stretch the pixels to increase the resolution. It lowers the quality and clarity of videos. But the HitPaw Video Enhancer has a trained AI that eliminates motion artifacts in the video by extracting details from multiple video frames. As the best video enhancer, different AI models are a part of the software. With their help, it takes a single click to fix video quality.

All you need to do at the user end is upload the videos for enhancement. As the best in the field, HitPaw AI Video Enhancer keeps its users in mind. A beginner at video enhancement software can work through the software like a pro since the steps and interface both are easy. 

Features of HitPaw Video Enhancer

  • Smart AI works magic with a single click.
  • Simple and concise user interface.
  • Lossless quality upgrade of videos.
  • Resolution increases up to 8K.
  • The denoise model helps to make videos look brand new.
  • The animation model restores the clarity of anime. 
  • The face model repairs facial details. 
  • Batch processing to save time.

How to Enhance Video to 4K?

Now that you know why HitPaw Video Enhancer is the best video restoration software, it is time to learn how to use it. Follow these steps and restore the old video to the desired resolution:

  • Step 1.Download the official version from the website and run it on your device. 

  • Step 2.Now that the software is up, and running, import the video(s) to fix the video resolution. You can also drag and drop the video.

    Video Upload
  • Step 3.The HitPaw Video Enhancer provides three AI models. Choose the model based on the need of the time. These models can improve the clarity of faces and anime. They can also reduce the noise in the video. 

    Select AI models for Increasing Resolution
  • Step 4.After uploading and choosing your desired effect, press the preview button to process the video. It takes a few seconds.

    Preview the Effect
  • Step 5.After checking the preview video, click the export button to save the video and enjoy. 

    Export after Preview

Part 2. Alternative Video Restoring Software to Restore Old Video

How to fix the quality of a video? It is the query people with bad-quality videos often search for. Well, video restoration software is the answer to this question. It enhances old videos and presents them like brand-new ones. 

Here are some alternative software to fix video resolution.

1. Topaz Video AI

It is an alternative software to take video quality from poor to HD, even UHD. It has a trained AI that analyzes the video to find where the details were lost. It then extracts information from video frames to restore old video. 

Topaz Video AI
  • Pros:
  • 30-day free trial.

    Fix video resolution with powerful processors. 

    Compatible with multiple video formats. 

  • Cons:
  • Long processing time for videos.

    It requires computers with high GPU. 

  • Pricing:
  • 30-day free trial.

    $ 299-lifetime purchase.

How to Use Topaz Video AI?

  • Step 1.Open an account on Topaz Labs and install the software.

  • Step 2.Upload the video that needs fixing. Select the model or effect of your choice and preview the video.

  • Step 3.After previewing the effect, click the export button to save the video.

2. DVD Fab Video Enhancer AI

It is another AI-based old video restoration software. The AI works automatically to fix video resolution. It has deblur and denoise models to restore the video and make it look brand new. 

  • Pros:
  • Easy user interface.

    Enhance videos to UHD.

    Several video restorations are free.

  • Cons:
  • Only the Windows version is available.

    Limited models for upscaling videos.

  • Pricing:
  • Free trial.

    $ 59.99/month

    $ 79.99/year

    $ 99.99-lifetime access.

Steps to Use DVDFab Video Enhancer AI

  • Step 1.Download the DVDFab video enhancer AI and open it after installation.

  • Step 2.Next, upload or drag and drop the videos to make blurry videos clear.

    Add Videos to  DVD Fab Video Enhancer AI
  • Step 3.Preview the video after AI automatically enhances it and apply the AI model of your choice.

    adjust settings in  DVD Fab Video Enhancer AI
  • Step 4.After editing, the video restoration starts, and the duration depends on your device.

3. AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI

AVCLAbs is similar to DVDFab and offers a video enhancement service. It provides a multi-frame enhancement that allows the detailed restoration of videos. Take low-quality video to high-quality resolution with its AI tools. It supports deinterlacing, deblurring, and denoise models. 

  • Pros:
  • It is suited to multiple video formats such as MP4, MKV, and AVI.

    Beginner-friendly interface.

    Available for Mac and Windows.

  • Cons:
  • It has high CPU and GPU requirements.

    The free trial allows only three video restorations.

  • Price:
  • Free trial.

    $ 39.95 per month.

    $ 119.95 per year.

    $ 299.90 one-time purchase. 

How does AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI work?

  • Step 1.Download and install the software. Then, launch it on your device.

  • Step 2.Upload the video from your computer. Choose the processing model and output resolution.

    Import Video in  AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI
  • Step 3.Trim the video, if needed, and choose any of the effects to get the desired video output.

    Apply Effects in  AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI
  • Step 4.Click the start processing video button and let the enhancer do its work.

4. Final Cut Pro

Final cut pro uses powerful machine-learning techniques to restore old video. It has an object tracker that can detect faces and objects. You can change color grading and audio, video, sound, and text effects. Apple neural engine analyzes motion artifacts and deblurs them.

restore video in Final Cut Pro
  • Pros:
  • It works with higher frame rates at high speed.

    Fast and multi-camera support.

    Fix video resolution up to 8K.

  • Cons:
  • Available for Mac only.

    It requires basic editing knowledge.

  • Price:
  • Free trial for 90 days.

    $ 299 one-time purchase.

  • Step 1.Download Final Cut Pro and open it to restore old videos.

  • Step 2.Click the new project button and import the video into the software.

  • Step 3.Edit by adding audio, video, sound, text effects, and color grade the video.

  • Step 4.Export the video and share it with the world.


Diamant film restoration offers automatic and interactive video editing. It is a digital video restoration software. You can reduce noise, blur, grains, and any camera shake with DIAMANT. The batch render service allows the rendering of several projects in the background.

restore video in DIAMANT
  • Pros:
  • Works for both Mac and Windows.

    Support for multiple GPUs.

    Real-time viewing and restoration reports.

  • Cons:
  • Excessive computer configuration.

  • Price:
  • Free

  • Step 1.Download the software. Launch it after installation.

  • Step 2.Import videos from your computer to fix video resolution.

  • Step 3.Edit the video by applying the effect you require. 

  • Step 4.After editing, export the film by clicking the export button.

6. Phoenix

Another alternate software on the list is the Phoenix suite. It has award-winning DVO technology. The editing process is automatic with minimum manual input. It allows users to save personal preferences as default. 

restore video in Phoenix
  • Pros:
  • Multi-layer timeline.

    Creation of restoration reports.

    Dolby Vision mastering.

  • Cons:
  • It is not easy to use and requires some prior knowledge.

    HitPaw Screen Recorder's screen recording mode records the section producers wish

  • Price:
  • Free trial.

    $ 349/month.

How Phoenix Works?

  • Step 1.Start a project by importing material. There is automatic folder creation for the imported file.

  • Step 2.Fix video quality with the source editing and DVO tools.

  • Step 3.After editing, the export of a single project is possible in multiple output formats.

Part 3. What is the best video restoration software? 

AI Tech UI Batch Processi-ng RAM Support for OS Supported Import Video Formats
HitPaw Video Enhancer Has AI Simple Yes 8GB Mac and Windows 30+
Topaz Video AI Has AI Complex Yes 8GB Mac and Windows 10
DVDFab Video Enhancer AI Has AI A bit complex Yes 8GB Windows 23
AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI Has AI Simple Yes 8GB Windows and Mac 15
Final Cut Pro Has AI Complex Yes 4GB Mac 8
DIAMANT Has AI Simple Yes 64GB Windows and Mac 8
Phoenix Has AI Complex Yes 32GB Windows Multiple

Part 4. FAQs of Video Restore Software

1. What is video restoration?

Video restoration is restoring an old video from its degraded version to an upgraded version. It cleans the video sequence by enhancing the details and clarity of the video. It involves the following processes:

  • Denoising.
  • Removal of motion artifacts.
  • Deblurring.
  • Enhancing the resolution.
  • Getting rid of internal (e.g., noise and grain) or external (e.g., camera shake) factors.

2. What software is used for film restoration?

Defects in film, such as grain, noise, vertical or horizontal scratches, stains, etc., are difficult to remove. The following film restoration software can remove such defects:

  • Diamant - Film Restoration
  • Algosoft
  • Restoration
  • Blackmagic Design DaVinci Revival Pro for Linux
  • Cine Paint for Mac
  • Restoration for Windows
  • PFClean

Part 5. Conclusion

This article covered a list of some of the best video restoration software. The Google is brimming with many video enhancer AI tools but the professionals recommend HitPaw Video Enhancer as the best software as it is beginner-friendly and provides all you need in a single program.

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