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How To Convert Text To Video?

Text to video transformation could be an effective way of generating interesting videos out of text. Text-to-speech (TTS) software and tools allow you to create a video narration automatically from the text transcript, blog post, article or any other written content.

In this article, we will clarify what is text to video ai conversion, why might you need it and how does one convert the written words into a moving picture using free and paid text-to-speech tools along with some of the most popular video editing software. We’ll discuss the whole process of text-to-video conversion, from script writing to video rendering.

Part 1. How Does Text-to-Video Work?

Text-to-video conversion is made possible using text-to-speech (TTS) synthesis technology and video editing tools. A text-to-speech synthesizer automatically converts text into an audio narration by converting written language into natural sounding speech.

The text input can be a script, article, blog post, or any other type of text content. The TTS software analyzes the text and uses pre-recorded speech fragments to read the text aloud, creating an artificial human-like voice narrating the written content.

text to video

The narrated audio output from the TTS synthesizer is then mixed with complementary video content in video editing software to create a final video. The video from text could combine the audio narration with images, stock footage, on-screen text animations, and other visuals that match and illustrate the narration.

Part 2. The Benefits of Using Text to Video AI Tools

Converting text to video with AI has many benefits across various industries and use cases. Some key advantages include:

  • Increased engagement - Videos keep viewers visually engaged, and the AI-generated visuals paired with narration bring stale text to life. This boosts comprehension and information retention.
  • Improved accessibility - Text-to-video tools make content more accessible for visual learners or those with reading disabilities like dyslexia. The video format may also assist non-native language readers in grasping information faster.
  • Brand building - Companies can quickly produce videos for social media and marketing by converting existing articles and product copy into videos to aid brand awareness and thought leadership.
  • Scalable video content - Writers, publishers, and content teams can scalably turn existing troubleshooting manuals, ebooks, blog posts, and other text into videos without extensive human effort. This saves time and money.
  • Localization and translation - Transcripts used for text-to-video can also facilitate localization into different languages. Automatically converted videos significantly ease translating content at scale.

Key industries that benefit are education, software/technology, digital marketing, healthcare/medicine, and online publications/journalism. Text-to-video aids information sharing and allows reaching wider audiences through an engaging video medium powered by AI automation.

Part 3. Exploring Different Types of Text to Video Conversion Techniques and Styles

Text-to-video AI tools utilize different techniques to convert text into video formats:

  • Animation Video - This style uses animated graphics and kinetic typography based on the script text. It may incorporate 2D or 3D animation effects, animated text, shapes, and icons that visualize the narrative. Tools like Animaker, Powtoon, and Renderforest assist in the creation of promotional or explainer animation videos from text.

    text to video
  • Talking Head Video - Uses human talking head models that artificially synthesize a video newscaster or presenter that narrates the script. The AI generates lip movements synchronized with the text-to-speech audio output. Examples of tools are Synthesia, Respeecher, and Murf.ai.

    text to video
  • Motion Graphics Video - Combines audio voiceover with dynamic motion graphics, animations, text overlays, and video templates tailored to the text. Great for marketing or educational summary videos. Examples of tools are Biteable Wave.video, Evervideo.

  • Kinetic Typography Videos - Tracks audio narration to animate properties of on-screen text such as scale, position, rotation, and emphasize points. Useful for lyrical videos. Some options are Kapwing and Effectv Studio.

    text to video
  • Live Action Video - Full-fledged video production generated from a script that features a human cast acting with computer graphics integrated in the scenes. Complex but enables creative fictional video at scale. Tools like Storycraft.ai and Wombo can assist here.

Part 4. The Top Text to Video Tools and Software for High-Quality Conversions

HitPaw Video Enhancer is an AI-powered video enhancement software that helps create high-quality videos by upscaling resolution, reducing noise, sharpening image quality, and more.

HitPaw Video Enhancer also offers convenient batch processing to apply enhancement across multiple video files. And there are no annoying watermarks on output videos. With its simple interface, powerful AI models, and professional-grade results, HitPaw Video Enhancer is a top recommendation for high-quality video improvement needs. And it will soon release a new version which makes text-to-video conversions possible. Stay tuned!

  • AI Video Repair - The software uses advanced AI to fix glitches, compression artifacts, faded colors, and other issues in damaged videos. This revitalizes old or corrupted footage to near-original quality.
  • Up to 8K Upscaling - Low-resolution videos can be upscaled to 4K or even 8K using the powerful AI upscaler. This significantly improves video clarity and sharpness through intelligent interpolation and enhancement.
  • Noise Reduction - Built-in noise reduction capabilities help remove undesirable background static or graininess from videos to make them crisp and clear.
  • Deblur and Sharpening - Proprietary AI deblur technology can reduce motion blurs and bring blurred footage into focus. This further sharpens video quality for stunning results.
  • Automatic Enhancements - With just one click, HitPaw applies a series of intelligent video improvements without needing complex parameter tweaking. This makes video enhancement highly accessible.
  • Step 1:First, go to the HitPaw website and download the video enhancement software. Install it on your computer. HitPaw works on both Windows and Mac operating systems.

  • Step 2:Next, import the video file you want to convert into an enhanced video. HitPaw supports text files in formats like MP4, AVI, MOV, MKV, M4V, etc.

    import video file
  • Step 3:HitPaw provides several AI models specialized for different video improvements. Choose the relevant one for your needs - face enhancement, colorization, stabilization, etc. The models use deep learning to optimize video properties.

    select the ai model
  • Step 4:Finally, preview how HitPaw AI transforms your video. When satisfied, export the enhanced video without any watermarks.

    preview and export enhanced video

Part 5. FAQs of Text And Video

Q1. Can AI make a video from pictures?

A1. Yes, using AI photo and video maker tools like Steve.AI, you can automatically convert your photos into professional-quality videos complete with slick transitions, motion effects, and background music. All you need to do is upload your image collection, and customize themes and styles, and the AI handles animating and compiling them into an MP4 video for sharing.

Q2. Can you make videos with chat GPT?

A2. Yes, ChatGPT and AI content tools can assist with generating scripts and transcripts optimized for text-to-video conversion. By integrating the text and visual formats early in the content production cycle, you can achieve higher-quality results for scripted explanation videos, marketing content, tutorials, and more. Text to video AI free tools like DeepBrain then help handle voice acting and animating the textual content from GPT-3 into a video automatically using an AI synthesis tool.

Bottom Line

Converting text to video opens up new creative possibilities and helps engage broader audiences through visual media. As discussed, AI-powered text-to-video tools now make this conversion achievable for anyone looking to repurpose written content into professional, shareable videos.

With HitPaw Video Enhancer leading the way in terms of AI upscaling and enhancements, you can rapidly turn transcripts and scripts into stunning video results. We encourage you to try HitPaw to level up your text through advanced video improvements and quality enrichment powered by AI. Download HitPaw Video Enhancer today!

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