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How to Watch the FIFA World Cup 2022 in 4K with Ease

The much-awaited event of the year has come very close to its launch. All FIFA fans throughout the World are excited to see their favorite players in some thrilling action games. 

However, one question still needs to be solved: Will the World Cup be broadcast in 4k? The FIFA World Cup fans do not want to miss a match due to low quality and poor resolution. 

To solve this issue, different streaming sites have confirmed broadcasting the FIFA World Cup 2022 in 4k so fans can enjoy it easily. Let's look at these sites and how you can watch the FIFA Cup in 4k. 

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

Part 1. News for the 2022 World Cup 

Now is the time that you will see all sports-obsessed people, including your grandparents, busy for the next two months. The reason behind their busy schedule is none other than the 2022 world cup. As per the sources, it will be hosted in Qatar from November 20 to December 18. 

The battle will start this Sunday with Qatar facing up Ecuador at Al Bayt Stadium, Al Khor. However, there were some controversies regarding the host country Qatar as it has recently faced corruption allegations. Keeping all behind, 64 games will be played, and you will soon see thrilling action scenes. 

Part 2. How to Watch the World Cup 2022 in 4K and HDR

1. Watch the FIFA World Cup 2022 in 4K with Fox

The big news for all FIFA lovers is now they can easily watch all matches on Fox. As always, Fox sports has claimed the broadcast rights of the FIFA World Cup 2022. The best thing is every single game will be in full high resolution of 4k. Even better, Fox broadcasting use augmented reality in their studio, which gives an ultra-high-definition view. 

watch FIFA World Cup 2022 on fox

Steps of How to Watch World Cup 2022 in 4K on Fox

  • Step 1.Go to the official Fox Sports website and navigate to the FIFA World Cup 2022 Schedule. 

  • Step 2.Now, sign up or register to the website if you have already not and enjoy the game in the exclusive English language. 

  • Pros:
  • Available in high resolution of 4k

    Broadcast in original English Language

  • Cons:
  • Updates needed

  • Price:
  • Fox Sports is chargeable. Although free to download, you must pay subscription charges to watch live matches.

2. Enjoy the 2022 FIFA World Cup in 4K with BBC

BBC has confirmed that it will broadcast FIFA World Cup 2022 in 4k. Thus, you can easily watch all the matches via the BBC iPlayer app on mobile or satellite channels. It will show every game in the high dynamic range of 4k resolution without any hitch. 

Watch FIFA World Cup in 4K with BBC

Steps of How to Watch World Cup Qatar 2022 in 4K on BBC

  • Step 1.If you are watching on mobile, download the BBC iPlayer app first. 

  • Step 2.Then choose the streaming service and register yourself on the iPlayer. Once done, you can watch the world cup 2022 in 4k. 

  • Pros:
  • Easy to use on all devices

    Provide multiple streaming services

  • Cons:
  • The 4k feed might lag for a minute

  • Price:
  • BBC subscription starts from $4.99 per month. 

3. Broadcast the 2022 World Cup with Tubi TV

If you are wondering how I can watch soccer in 4k, then Tubi TV is here. Under Fox entertainment, Tubi TV provides on-demand games for all FIFA and soccer lovers. Above all, it is free to use and offers multiple streaming options. Moreover, as seen in other apps, there will be no advertisements during the live FIFA actions. 

watch 2022 World Cup with Tubi TV

Steps of How to Watch FIFA 2022 World Cup in 4K on Tubi TV

  • Step 1.First, go to the official Tubi TV website and register to watch live-streaming events. 

  • Step 2.From the streaming options, click on FIFA World cup live matches and enjoy in full resolution. 

  • Pros:
  • Free and easy to access

    Available on PlayStation and the web as well

  • Cons:
  • Cannot upgrade to an ad-free plan

  • Price:
  • Tubi TV is free to use. 

4. Immerse in the World Cup 2022 in 4K with FUBO TV

FUBO TV, one of the top US streaming services, has also announced that it will broadcast all FIFA World Cup 2022 matches in 4k. The content would be ultra-high definition and a high dynamic range so the viewers can enjoy every game moment. The plus point is FUBO TV is compatible with HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2 cables. Thus, you can watch all the matches at 60 fps. 

Watch World Cup 2022 with FUBO TV

Steps of How to Watch FIFA 2022 World Cup in 4K on FUBO TV

  • Step 1.To watch the FIFA World cup on your phone, PC, or any other device, log in to the official FUBO TV app first. 

  • Step 2.Then, click on the live streaming options, and as per the FIFA World Cup 2022 schedule, watch every match in 4k. 

  • Pros:
  • Compatible with almost all devices

    No cable box required

  • Cons:
  • Does not support regional networks 

  • Price:
  • You can access FUBO TV at a starting price of $70 per month. 

Part 3. Bonus-tips: How to Enhance the World Cup Video to 4K

Watching the FIFA games is fun; more than watching them once is required for sports lovers. If you also wish to watch your favorite FIFA game scenes after streaming, the best way is to download that video. However, there is an issue with downloading that can result in poor video quality and resolution. 

For this, using a third-party tool might help, and when it comes to enhancing your videos to 4k, nothing can beat the  HitPaw Video Enhancer. This is an powerful AI video enhancer, which focuses on AI power enhancement and uses the latest technology to upgrade your video resolution.

With the AI video quality improvement technology, you can easily upscale your video to HD even 4K without any skills needed. Let's have a look at its main features below. 

Features of HitPaw Video Enhancer

  • The AI video upscaling technology is easy to access
  • It comes with AI power enhancement
  • Offers batch processing for bulk videos 
  • Provides best AI upscaling video effects with a lot of models
  • Fast speed for low-resolution to high-resolution video
  • Exclusively designed for dynamic quality videos
  • Safe and comes with auto enhancement features

Learn how to enhance the video to 4K with HitPaw AI Video Enhancer from this video:

Steps of How to Enhance World Cup Video to 4k with HitPaw AI Video Enhancer

  • Step 1.Install the HitPaw Video Enhancer and upload the original video you want to upgrade to 4k. 

  • Step 2.Select the best one from three AI models according to your video type. The software will automatically upgrade its quality to 4k or above. 

    Select any AI Model
  • Step 3.Finally, make some final changes if required, preview the video and download the new enhanced version of your file. 

    Preview and Export the Enhanced Video

    Below is a before and after comparison of video quality enhancement.

    before and after effect

Part 4. FAQs of Watching the World Cup 2022 in 4K

1. What is the FIFA World Cup 2022 Schedule? 

Starting from November 20, the FIFA World Cup 2022 schedule is as follows: 

  • Sunday, November 20:
  • Qatar vs. Ecuador - 4 pm - BBC

  • Monday, November 21:
  • England vs. Iran - 1 pm - BBC

    Senegal vs. Netherlands - 4 pm - ITV

    USA vs. Wales - 7 pm - ITV

  • Tuesday, November 22:
  • Argentina vs. Saudi Arabia - 10 am 

    Denmark vs. Tunisia - 1 pm

    Mexico vs. Poland - 4 pm

    France vs. Australia - 7 pm 

  • Wednesday, November 23:
  • Morocco vs. Croatia - 10 am 

    Germany vs. Japan - 1 pm 

    Spain vs. Costa Rica - 4 pm

    Belgium vs. Canada - 7 pm 

  • Thursday, November 24:
  • Switzerland vs. Cameroon - 10 am 

    Uruguay vs. South Korea - 1 pm  

    Portugal vs. Ghana - 4 pm

    Brazil vs. Serbia - 7 pm  

  • Friday, November 25:
  • Wales vs. Iran - 10 am 

    Qatar vs. Senegal - 1 pm  

    Netherlands vs. Ecuador - 4 pm

    England vs. USA - 7 pm  

  • Saturday, November 26:
  • Tunisia vs. Australia - 10 am  

    Poland vs. Saudi Arabia - 1 pm  

    France vs. Denmark - 4 pm

    Argentina vs. Mexico - 7 pm 

2. Where can I Watch World Cup 2022 for Free?

As mentioned above, there are several streaming options to watch the FIFA World Cup 2022 in 4k. Depending on your preferences, you can watch on the free mobile app or use a paid subscription to enjoy without interruption. 


Conclusively, FIFA World Cup 2022 will be filled with fun and stellar action scenes, and you cannot miss them at any cost. Choose any of the above live-streaming services to watch the matches in 4k.

Plus, enhance the video quality using the HitPaw Video Enhancer so you can watch it anywhere, anytime, in high resolution. 

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