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BEST Video Enhancer in 2024 for Windows/Mac

Joshua Hill

Posted 2024-05-31

The world of content is thriving these days. As you read this, people are recording videos, editing them, and uploading them on social media websites. However, not every video resonates with the audience. it can be because of a few reasons.

For example, - if the quality is not great, etc. For this, you need certain software that can make your content look better (just how people use coriander on food). Among the countless apps - video enhancers are quite popular these days. Video enhancers are software that can refine the footage that you have recorded.

Part 1. Why Do you Need a Video Enhancer?

As the name suggests - video enhancement software are used to “enhance” video footage that you already have on your computer. video enhancement software can tweak a few things in your videos. For example;

  1. enhance the resolution of the video
  2. adjust the noise of the video
  3. add filters to make the footage look more appealing
  4. enhance the stability of the video

Part 2: BEST Video Quality Enhancer of All: HitPaw Video Enhancer

HitPaw Video Enhancer is filled with tons of video editing features that will completely change the look of the video that you are trying to edit. For starters, you can repair old tapes, animated videos, black & white videos using this software.

Yes, if you take this gig to anyone in the market - they will charge you a lot. but, with the help of HitPaw, you can do it on your own. on top of this, you can also easily repair old videos to 2K/4K/8K and bring it to life.

  • Works with AI
  • Can process black and white footage
  • Can repair face details
  • Excellent auto-enhancement

Now that you know the details, here is how you can use HitPaw Video Enhancer to enhance your video.

Step 01 If you don't have the software - download, install and launch it on your computer.

Step 02 From your computer, upload the clips that you want to edit.

Step 03 HitPaw Video Enhancer has 7 AI models for video upscaling, choose the AI model that you want.

hitpaw is is one of the best video enhancers

Step 04 You can preview the effect before you export.

hitpaw could be one of the best video enhancers

Step 05 Once you are satisfied, export the video.

hitpaw video enhancer is one of the best video enhancers

Part 3. 7 Popular Best Enhancing Software

When we talk about the best video enhancer - there are a few names that pop up. However, not every best video enhancer app is suitable for you. We have made a list of 7 popular best video enhancing software - you can take a look and choose the one that you think is the most suitable.

Windows Movie Maker

Although Windows has not released another update for Windows movie maker. However, people still regarded it as the best video quality enhancer app. The main reason for the likability is the fact that it’s really simple to use.

A third grader or your grandma can use the software with a little guidance (yes, it’s that simple). There are no fancy features like adding certain effects etc but windows movie maker gets the job done (and does it well). Therefore, it can be counted among the best video enhancing app.

windows movie maker is one of the best video enhancers


iMovie is an editing software manufactured by Apple that comes inbuilt into different Apple devices. iMovie can be taken as the best free video enhancer app as you don’t have to spend a dime to get your hands on it.

On top of this, iMovie also supports 4K videos. And for people who are into filmmaking or content creation - it’s a great way to produce content without spending much money.

imovie is one of the best video enhancers


Avidemux is one of the best apps to enhance video footage. There are a lot of pros or using this software - but its support for almost all video formats is amazing. You can edit any video that you want without having to convert it into another format.

However, there is a catch to it. Avidemux does not have features to support transitions in a video. You will have to use different software for that. But as far as the basics are concerned- you are sorted.

avidemux is one of the best video enhancers

Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Adobe Premiere Pro CC is hands down the best video enhancement software. It is used by professionals all around the globe. People regard it as one of the most reliable software out there. you can record anything with your eyes closed - and the right editor will make it a masterpiece by processing it in the best software to enhance video quality.

Although Adobe Premiere Pro CC, the best video enhancement software is a paid software - considering the video quality of the software, every cent is worth it.

adobe premiere is one of the best video enhancers

Vegas Pro

Vegas pro is not a popular name when people discuss anything about the best video enhancement software. It is because it is not as popular as adobe or Davinci resolve. However, vegas Pro does a great job at editing videos. At first, it is a bit tricky to get your head around the software. But, once you know what you are doing - you cannot get enough of it.

The best thing about vegas pro is that you can easily manipulate the color of your video footage with its special Blue FX's Filter 5 Ultimate package.

use hitpaw to join mp4 online


If you watch a lot of films - you must have heard about Quentin Tarantino. He is one of the best directors that make films in this era. And, Lightworks is the software that he trusts when it comes to the best app to enhance video quality. A lot of professionals mention that you can do nearly anything with this software if you have the skills for it.

Although Lightworks is a licensed application - the free version is just as good. you can get the basic editing done on it without having to break a sweat.

lightworks is one of the best video enhancers

Final Cut Pro X

Contemporary filmmaking is a whole new genre. Although people still use software like Lightworks - final cut pro x has been fairly popular among young creators. It is because Final Cut Pro X offers endless features including 60-degree graphics and effects. You can create a timeline as big as you want and the software will render it in no time.

final cut pro x is one of the best video enhancers


Of the million apps available on the market for video enhancement - if we have to narrow down the best app to enhance video quality, it will be HitPaw Video Enhancer without a doubt. Mainly because it supports AI and has tons of other features and ease for AI video enhancement that you can't find easily in other editing applications.

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