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How to Flip or Mirror a Video in 1 Minute

Many people may need to flip the video upside down or horizontally to get the desired visual effect. For example, you might shoot a video in front of a mirror and everything goes backward. But not everyone knows how to do this. Today, we will show you how to flip or mirror a video not only on iPhone, but also on Windows PC and Mac.

Part 1: How to Flip or Mirror a Video on iPhone

iPhones have great cameras, and that’s why people prefer to capture photos and videos with their iPhones. Supposing that you have a beautiful video, but its orientation isn’t right. You can flip or mirror video quite easily on an iPhone without resorting to third-party software. We do this by using the Photos App.

  • Open the Photos App on your iPhone and locate the video that you are looking to invert.
  • Tap on it and look for the Edit option present in the top right corner of your screen.
  • A simplified version of a video editor will appear. Click on the Crop icon and then select either to flip the video horizontally or vertically.

    how to filp and mirror videos on iphone
  • Once you finish, tap on Done. This is how to invert a video on iPhone.

Part 2: How to Flip or Mirror a Video at Any Angle on PC

Let’s suppose for a moment that your ideal platform for video editing is not an iPhone, rather a PC. What we want here is an easy method to mirror videos. The best option is HitPaw Edimakor, an AI-powered video editor. It’s an all-in-one package using which you’ll be able to not just invert a video, but also:

  • The user interface of HitPaw Edimakor is simple to use.
  • Use AI-powered tools like automatic subtitle maker, text to speech features and noise reduction tools.
  • All of the basic editing like cutting and trimming videos, adding effects, filters, stickers, GIFs and much more.
  • Resource library with plenty of free music, videos, pictures, GIFs, etc.

Now let's see how HitPaw Edimakor acts as a mirror video converter to successfully flip and mirror videos.

  • Step 1. Import the video

    Install HitPaw Edimakor on your computer and run the program. Click on create a video to start a new project and import the video you are trying to edit.

    hitpaw edimakor - how to filp and mirror videos
  • Step 2. Flip or mirror the video

    In the Video box on the right of video preview. Locate the Mirror option. You can either flip it vertically or horizontally. The changes can be seen in the preview.

    hitpaw edimakor - how to filp and mirror videos

    If you want to change your video to any angle, you can also use the Rotate option to rotate it.

    hitpaw edimakor - how to rotate videos
  • Step 3. Export the video

    If you’re happy with the changes you have made, click on the export button. Choose your export settings and save it on your computer.

    hitpaw edimakor - how to filp and mirror videos

Part 3: How to Flip or Mirror a Video on Mac

Mac users can use the above-mentioned HitPaw Edimakor to flip their videos too. However, if you’re looking for a method that wouldn’t require you to download a third-party application on your Mac, you can choose QuickTime Player. You can invert a video and flip it vertically if needed. Here’s how to do this:

  • Open QuickTime player on your Mac. In the top left corner, click on File > Open File. Select and open your video.
  • Click on Edit in the taskbar. Now you can choose to rotate left or right, or flip your video horizontally or vertically.

    quicktime player - how to filp and mirror videos
  • Once mirror video is done, click on File and Export As. Choose the export video quality and save your edited video.

You may also want to know: How to record screen and audio with QuickTime


If you think that your video needs to be mirrored or flipped, you can do it, no matter which device you are using. For iPhone users, you can use the Photos App directly. Windows and Mac users can easily use HitPaw Edimakor to mirror or flip video, while the option of QuickTime Player to invert a video is exclusive to Mac users only.

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