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How to Improve Instagram Stories Quality Android with Ease

In the world of social media, Instagram Stories have become a powerful medium for sharing fleeting moments, creative expressions, and engaging with your audience. Whether you're a seasoned influencer, a small business owner, or just an everyday Instagram enthusiast, the quality of your Instagram Stories plays a pivotal role in captivating your followers.

If you're using an Android device and find yourself on a mission to enhance the quality of your Instagram Stories, you're in the right place. In this guide, we'll delve into a range of strategies, tips, and techniques that will empower you to create Instagram Stories that not only stand out but also leave a lasting impact. From optimizing camera settings to leveraging third-party apps and editing tools, we'll show you how to take your Instagram Story game to the next level. So, let's embark on this journey together, where the aim is clear: to make your Instagram Stories shine brighter and engage your audience like never before.

Part 1. Why Poor Instagram Stories Quality on Android?

In the realm of social media, Instagram Stories have become a prevalent means of sharing our lives, creativity, and engaging with others. However, Android users often find themselves grappling with issues that can adversely affect the quality of their Instagram Stories. The reasons behind these problems can be diverse and intricate. In this discussion, we'll dissect the common factors contributing to the problem of poor Instagram Stories quality on Android, allowing you to identify and address these issues effectively.

  • Device Disparities: Android is a diverse ecosystem with a wide range of devices, each varying in terms of hardware, camera quality, and processing power. If you're using an older or budget Android device, you may experience limitations in camera performance, resulting in subpar image and video quality.
  • Software Fragmentation: The Android operating system comes in various versions and iterations. Compatibility issues between the Instagram app and certain Android versions can lead to glitches, affecting the quality of Stories. Ensuring your device is running the latest Android version can help alleviate some of these problems.
  • Instagram App Optimization: Instagram, like many other apps, may not be perfectly optimized for all Android devices. This can result in occasional crashes, lag, or degraded visual quality, especially when using resource-intensive features like Stories.
  • Camera Settings: Inconsistent or improper camera settings on your Android device can lead to poor image quality. Adjusting settings such as resolution, exposure, and focus can significantly impact the quality of the content you capture for your Stories.
  • Network Connectivity: A stable and fast internet connection is crucial for uploading high-quality Instagram Stories. Weak or unreliable network connections can lead to compression and reduced quality when uploading media.
  • Third-party Apps: Some Android devices come with pre-installed camera and photo-editing apps that may not be as optimized for Instagram as popular flagship devices. Using these default apps can sometimes result in lower-quality content.
  • App Updates: Outdated versions of the Instagram app may lack the latest bug fixes and optimizations, potentially causing quality issues. Keeping your app up-to-date can help resolve some of these problems.

Understanding these factors is the first step toward addressing the issue of poor Instagram Stories quality on Android. By optimizing your device's settings, keeping your apps and software updated, and ensuring a stable internet connection, you can significantly improve the quality of your Instagram Stories and provide your followers with a more engaging and visually appealing experience.

Keep reading to look at ways to improve the clarity of your Instagram Stories.

 blurry  Instagram Stories

Part 2. [Best Way] How to Increase Instagram Story Quality with AI Video Upscaler

Suppose you want to learn how to fix pixelated videos without spending money. In that case, you may choose from various video quality enhancwer applications readily available on the internet

There is a wide selection of apps available for smartphones, but if the quality of your videos is poor, we suggest using an AI upscaling video tool that designed for computers.

So HitPaw Video Enhancer is here to assist you. You won't find a better AI Video Upscaler anywhere. This video enhancer AI software is great for both beginners and experts because its steps and interface are very simple. Most importantly, you can preview the processing effect without any watermark. Four amazing AI models also work at top speed.

Features of HitPaw AI Video Upscaler to Enhance Instagram Stories Quality

  • It uses an upscaling system that reduces background noise so that videos are smooth, clear, and crisp.
  • It allows you to process your SD footage in batches.
  • It converts low-quality videos to a visually satisfying 8K resolution with fast speed.
  • With a single click you can remove the blurs without any professional skills and experience.
  • Preview the effect of enhanced video use this AI video upscaler
  • You can denoise and declutter your stories within a few seconds

Steps to Enhance Instagram Story Video with HitPaw Video Enhancer

HitPaw Video Enhancer allows you to improve the quality of your Instagram Stories videos. It should be easy if you follow the instructions. What follows is a guide for fixing pixelated videos with the help of HitPaw AI Video Upscaler.

  • Step 1.Get HitPaw Video Enhancer from their site and install it on your computer.

  • Step 2.Select a file to upload or drop your Instagram story video into the import window to get started.

    Import the Original Instagram Story
  • Step 3.Third, select an AI model to apply. The general denoise model, the animation model, and the face model are the three types of AI that users of HitPaw can choose from.

    Pick an AI model
  • Step 4.Preview the effect of the enhanced video.

    Preview the effect
  • Step 5.After making edits, you may export your Instagram story.

    Export the Enhanced Instagram Story

Part 3. How to Improve Instagram Story Quality Android

There are some other ways through which you can increase Instagram story quality on Android. Let’s have a look at them one by one.

1. Check Your Internet Connection

If your Internet connection is unstable, the uploaded Instagram story videos may be blurry as they are not loaded completely. This is because they are only partially downloaded. Not only that, but if you try to upload videos to Instagram with a slow Internet connection, Instagram will automatically lower the video quality to ensure that you can upload it successfully.

  • Step:
  • The only step to follow if you are looking for how to make Instagram story quality better is connecting all your devices to a reliable WIFI network and switching to mobile data.

Check Internet Connection

2. Adjust Camera Settings

On Android:

Here’s how you can do the Android Instagram Story quality fix 2023.

  • Start your phone's built-in camera app.
  • To access the Settings menu, click the gear symbol.
  • Change the picture and video settings to be of the best quality.
Adjust android Camera Settings

On iPhone:

Follow the steps below if you are searching for how to improve Instagram Stories quality iPhone.

  • Launch the Settings app on your iPhone.
  • Search for "Camera."
  • You can adjust the camera quality and turn on "Smart DHR" if you want.
Adjust ios Camera Settings

Other iPhone tricks:

  • Take photos with the 16:9 aspect ratio.

3. Update the App

Let's see if it's a problem with your version of Instagram.

Instagram occasionally rolls out new updates, some of which change the overall quality of Instagram Stories.

  • Access the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store on your mobile device.
  • Open Instagram and Verify if an "Update" option is available.
  • Do another Instagram Story after the update.
  • If you think it might be of higher quality, check it out.

If the quality still needs to be improved, move on to trick number four.

Update instagram App

4. Adjust Instagram Settings

Instagram typically disables your mobile data automatically. Because of this, your Instagram photo and video upload time may increase. The quality of your Instagram Stories may also decrease.

To proceed:

  • Navigate to your Instagram preferences.
  • "Account"
  • "Data"
  • You can disable "Use less mobile data" by clicking the button.
  • Post your Story

If it's of high quality, you've successfully resolved the problem. If you’re looking for another way how increase Instagram story quality, try trick #5.

Adjust Instagram Settings

5. Use your mobile data only

This is one of the most frequent causes of blurry Instagram Stories, but don’t worry, we’ll be telling you how to improve Instagram reels and burry stories after this happens.

When that occurs, there's just one thing to do about it.

  • Rather than relying on your home's Wi-Fi, use the mobile data plan on your phone (turn off your Wi-Fi and ensure you are using your mobile data only).
  • Update your Instagram profile with a story post to improve Instagram video quality.
  • If it's of high quality, then you've finally cracked the case!
  • If the quality is still unacceptable, try Trick #6.

The Internet connection on a mobile device is typically more reliable.

6. Reset Network Settings on mobile

On iPhone

The network settings can be reset by visiting the following:

  • Settings
  • General
  • Reset
  • Reset Network Settings.

On an Android phone

The network settings can be reset through Android Instagram story quality fix 2023 by visiting the following:

  • Settings
  • Backup and reset
  • Reset Network Settings.

7. Try Different Videos & Photos

Taking a brand-new picture and posting it to your stories is another effective way to see if the issue is unique to older pictures on your phone or those recovered from a backup.

If it doesn't fix Instagram story quality, the problem is probably with the camera hardware, the photo's quality, or the settings in the camera app. So now, instead of thinking how to fix blurry videos on Instagram, you better get a new phone.

Part 4. FAQs for Improving Instagram Story/Reels Quality

1. How to Improve Instagram Stories Looks So Bad on Android?

Luckily here are some ways to fix Instagram story video quality.

Instead of using the app camera, use your mobile’s camera. You will see that the picture quality is much better than before.

If you want to take it up a notch, use Google Camera.

We’re hopeful this answers your search for how to fix blurry Instagram stories Android.

2. What happens when I can’t update Instagram?

One way to improve your Instagram quality is to update the app, but sometimes your app might need help updating or showing an error.

Check the storage on your phone if you cannot update your app.

If you have enough storage, you should make sure the software your device uses is also the most recent version.

3. Bonus: Instagram Video Format Specifications Recommendation

You can fix Instagram blurry video issues by following the methods we've mentioned in this post, but you need to be aware of the recommended specifications for your Instagram.

Here's the list of those Instagram video format specifications:

  • AAC audio stream
  • H.264 Codec
  • 3500 kbps bitrate for an Instagram video
  • Video Maximum's size will be 15 MB
  • Video's duration shouldn't be longer than 60 seconds
  • Your video must maintain a 30 fps frame rate
  • The video's width should be 1080 pixels
  • Your video should be 920 pixels tall

Part 5. Conclusion

As one of the most widely used social media applications, Instagram users can often encounter such issues, but don’t worry; there is always a solution to every problem. If you have been lately searching for how do I improve the quality of my Android Instagram stories, we recommend using HitPaw Video Enhancer; this AI-powered tool lets you transform your story quality with a few clicks.

If you have tried everything and are still encountering the same problem, then Instagram developers can be contacted to report a problem and get suggestions. Click on your profile, head down to the settings menu, click "help," and report your problem.

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