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How To Create Perfect Alex Hormozi Style Videos in 2024

Influencers have gained traction after the boom brought by YouTube. This was taken ahead by the inception of TikTok, which provided a very different format to influence people worldwide. Alex Hormozi, a dedicated entrepreneur and influencer, is liked by millions. This individual has set new precedents by developing a unique "Alex Hormozi Style” in his videos.

This article provides an overview for people looking to introduce themselves to the influencer market. Discussions on adopting the Hormozi style and other essentials are covered to help you become the next big content creator.

hormozi style to storytelling

Part 1. What is the Alex Hormozi Style?

The Alex Hormozi style is nothing new for many people who are his daily viewers on YouTube, TikTok, or Instagram. However, when creating content similar to Alex's, many people are perplexed in outlining the style for their ease. Thus, we bring forth the overview of Alex Hormozi-style reels, which will be helpful in providing you with a guide on developing a storytelling alibi.

Starting with one of the most effective techniques used by Alex Hormozi to grab more viewers, his style of providing a hook to the video was exceptional. Hooks are preferably considered to be between 1-4 seconds to engage a better audience. The technique of using "How I" instead of generic statements emphasizes the credibility of the process more.

Furthermore, the use of hooks is not restricted to the video content in Hormozi-style reels. He puts them in the caption of the video as well, which attracts more users into viewing his videos.

alex hormozi youtube channel

While you learn more about Alex Hormozi's style in the social media channels, you might have noticed a consistent storyline quality in his videos. The reason why Alex has gained such good followers is through his art of storytelling. While this is not everyone's cup of tea, you should review his videos in more depth. It will help you understand how he illustrates a problem properly and brings a clear solution within the same video.

Rather than going into long drags in videos, Alex Hormozi provides more concise solutions to the problems discussed in his videos. Also, he keeps his storytelling techniques different on every platform, which helps gather more views on his content.

hormozi style to storytelling

Keeping a good storyline is an essential aspect of creating good video content. However, this is not where the sustenance ends for content creation. If you wish to adapt to the Hormozi style, Alex believes in the point of sharing more opinions instead of facts. This technique serves much better to viewers who believe in the art of sharing insights. People tend to listen more, which results in better followership.

Finally, when creating content, if you are considering using Alex Hormozi style reels, focus on his style of providing CTA at the end of videos. Using CTAs at the end of videos is regarded as an optimal way to display a strong character. With all the discussed pointers, you can bring better content to the market like Alex Hormozi.

Part 2. How Will the Hormozi Style Method Improve Your Video Content

With all directions provided on following the Hormozi style to improve your understanding of creating content, readers should also be introduced to the benefits of adopting such techniques. The utility of this style is not influenced by a single technique but is proportional to introducing multiple ideas to make the content more engaging. To make this understanding better, we've provided an overview of how this style will improve your video content:

  • 1.Better Attention to Detail: Alex Hormozi's style has displayed that catchy titles and the right hook of your video bring better results. Viewers tend to decide on a video by watching these two factors, which, if produced properly, bring better viewership. It also shows that you have asserted better attention to detail in the video.
  • 2.Improved Communication With Viewers:Using proper storylines for videos similar to Alex Hormozi's helps in communicating better with viewers. Alex has always gone for simpler and more focused content, which helps in sticking to the topic in a better way. Adopting such dynamics would only allow you to communicate better with your social media viewers.
  • 3.Enhanced Editing For Better Viewership: A good edited video always brings praise in the market. A similar motive is also evident in Alex Hormozi's style reels, where he focuses on editing his video properly. Instead of creating a higher number of videos in a shorter time frame, Alex focuses on creating valued content. This style, if adopted, would surely improve your video content.

Part 3. Ultimate Guide to Creating Stunning Hormozi Style Social Videos With Ease

A structured video script not only brings effective results when working on a social media platform. Adopting Hormozi-style reels is an excellent direction every influencer should consider; however, they should also focus on the final video.

This article presents HitPaw Edimakor as the ultimate solution to stunning video editing. It offers impressive video editing solutions for users looking to create content for YouTube and TikTok. Edimakor provides a complete set of editing tools to create proper Hormozi-style videos and effects, stickers, filters, and transitions. It offers various AI features, including an AI script generator, AI audio editor, and text-to-speech functionality.

hitpaw edimakor video editor

Step-by-Step Guide To Creating Alex Hormozi Style Videos With HitPaw Edimakor

Following is a comprehensive guide providing an overview of creating Hormozi-style reels using HitPaw Edimakor’s intuitive facility:

Step 1: Start Creating Social Media Videos on Edimakor

After installing HitPaw Edimakor successfully, launch it to proceed with editing a proper video. Select the Create a video button to open the editing interface for creating Alex Hormozi-style reels.

start creating video in edimakor

Step 2: Add Files to Timeline For Editing

When navigating the video editing interface, click the Import Files button to add your video content. After adding the video successfully, drag the video onto the timeline to edit it like Alex Hormozi reels.

start creating video in edimakor

Step 3: Use Resources in Edimakor To Enhance Video

Once you have added the video to the timeline, you can add Stickers, Transitions, Filters, Effects, and Subtitles to it. With a vast resource library available, easily create Alex Hormozi-style reels using the right element resources.

add multiple resources to enhance video

Step 4: Manage Captions Like Alex Hormozi

To add captions that replicate Alex Hormozi’s style, lead into the Text section. Drag the style that looks identical to his choice of fonts. After adding a title preset, adjust its position according to your video timeline. Continue to add the text in the required space across the right panel. Use other font styles and elemental editing to make your video captions look like Alex Hormozi’s videos.

include captions like hormozi

Step 5: Set Up a Video Thumbnail

As you have set the captions for your video, continue to add a cover to the video. Since a thumbnail or a video cover is an essential step to succeeding in video making, look for the Click to edit cover button on the timeline. This leads to a window where you can choose the thumbnail from the video or add your personalized thumbnail from the device.

include captions like hormozi

Step 6: Make a Proper Ending

Following this, you need to make a proper ending to your video to make it look professional for social media posting. Along with adding different outro elements from the Stickers section, you should navigate to the Effects tab and look for a proper ending effect for your video. Drag and define the appropriate parameters for the effect to blend it properly.

include captions like hormozi

Step 7: Export Final Video To Device

After completing all edits, you can Export your final Alex Hormozi-style video onto your computer. Set the essential exporting parameters and click the Export button to conclude editing.

export final video from edimakor


This article has given a conclusive overview of Alex Hormozi's style and how he perfects the art of creating videos. With the discussion on how users can adapt the style, it has been recognized that it is important to select the right tools for perfecting content creation. For this case, consider using HitPaw Edimakor to create professional-oriented videos for social media.

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