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5 Fast Ways to Extract Frames from Video on Mac with High Quality

Every animation or video you see on your computer, television, tablet, or phone is created from a succession of still pictures. These pics are then played in succession several times a second making you think that the object is moving. If you are more into this thing, you might want to know how to extract frames from video Mac. This article will help you know different methods that will help you extract frames from video on your Mac device. Read below to know more.

Part 1. How to Extract Frames from Video on Mac With HitPaw Edimakor?

The methods provided above do extract frames from video Mac; however, the entire issue with such methods is their difficulty level. The major reported concerns involved difficulty finding the right option while trying these methods. As a result, the need of the hour emerged in the shape of a tool that provides easy accessibility to extract all frames from a video Mac.

HitPaw Edimakor is a probable solution that can help users extract frames from a video easily. This AI video editor, regardless of providing extensive video editing features, can be used to take specific snippets from the video. Using its easy-to-use interface, you can easily extract frames from YouTube videos on Mac.

Steps To Extract Frames From Video on Mac Using HitPaw Edimakor

Provided next are the step-by-step instructions to extract frames from a particular video while using HitPaw Edimakor for editing videos:

Step 1. Create a New Project on HitPaw Edimakor

Start by launching HitPaw Edimakor on your Mac after successfully installing it. Continue to select the Create a video button to start editing on this AI video editor.

create new hitpaw edimakor project

Step 2. Add Video To Timeline For Editing

Upon leading into the editing window, continue to insert the video into the timeline by dragging and dropping it. Following this, you can make any edits within the video according to your requirements.

add imported video to timeline

Step 3. Use the Snapshot Button To Extract a Frame

Since you have to extract frames from video Mac using HitPaw Edimakor, look for the Snapshot icon on the preview window section. This automatically takes a snapshot of the current frame that is running or paused by the user.

take snapshot of specific frame

Step 4. Visit The Saved Location of Snapshot

A small indication of capturing a snippet appears on the bottom-right section of the editing window. Navigate your cursor to the display of the snapshot to find a button that opens the snapshot location on your Mac.

open snapshot in saved location

Part 2. How to Extract All Frames from Video Mac Using ffmpeg?

ffmpeg is an open source and free video tool. The tool is capable of playing audio and video, recording media, switching containers, as well as extracting all frames from video Mac. ffmpeg is also used in a number of popular conversion tools and media players.

Users can get this tool from the makers directly. Else, if users have the macOS package manager "Brew" downloaded, they can just install it by typing the brew install ffmpeg terminal command. Follow the below steps to know how to extract frames from video on Mac using this tool.

  • 1 Launch terminal and change the directory to where your video file is present.
  • how to extract frames from video mac
  • 2 Type ffmpeg -i video.mp4 thumb%04d.jpg -hide_banner command.Press enter.
  • extract frames from video mac
  • 3 Here, users will have all of the individual frames in the same directory as their original video file.

Part 3. How to Extract All Frames from Video Mac Using VLC?

VLC is a well-known tool that can extract frames from YouTube video on Mac to play. This can be done from the UI itself. Follow the below steps to know more.

  • 1 Download and install it on your PC. Open VLC, navigate to Preferences.
  • how to extract all frames from video mac
  • 2 tap the Show All Settings option present at the bottom left.
  • extract all frames from video mac
  • 3 Go to Video and click Filters and tap the Scene Filter option.
  • use vlc to extract all frames from video mac
  • 4 Select the path to save the files, the image format, and the recording ratio.
  • 5 Click Filters option in the Advanced Preferences section.
  • 6 Make sure to tick the Scene video filter box near the top right. Lastly, click Save.
  • 7 Now, play the video file and the pics will start extracting automatically. They will continue to extract until users hit stop.

Part 4. How to Extract Frames from Video using macOS Photos?

Most of the Apple devices have been able to snap still images while recording videos for a while now. Hence, if you are looking to extract the images from one of your iPhone videos, then you can do so. This is very easy and users just need the macOS Photos app. Follow the below steps to know how to extract frames from video on Mac using the macOS photos apps.

  • 1 Open the video and go into playback mode.
  • 2 Click the Setting logo on the playback controls bar on the right hand side. Here you will see the Export Frame to Pictures option.
  • extract frames from youtube video on mac
  • 3 Just play back the video or go to the present frame that you wish to capture and click Export Frame to Pictures option.
  • 4 The frame you are presently seeing will be saved into the Pictures folder of your Mac as a TIFF image. The fame will be named as “Frame” followed the date and time it was exported.

The still images do not saved into your Photos app but you can import the frames from the Pictures folder easily if they want to keep it in their library.

Part 5. How to Capture Frames from Video on Mac with HitPaw Screen Recorder?

HitPaw Screen Recorder is one of the best tools that can be used to extract frames from video Mac. With it, you can easily captures frames from video while recording. And you can add text, draw or highlight on you frames. Follow the below steps to know how to use this tool to extract frames from video.

Step 01Play the video on your Mac. Run HitPaw Screen Recorder and click Screen option to record your video.

extract frames from video mac

Step 02Users can select full screen or select a desired area, as per their requirement, to record the video.

extract all frames from video mac

Step 03While recording, click the Camera icon on the tool to save or extract the frame from your video. the extracted frames will be automatically saved.


We reviewed the best methods to extract all frames from a video Mac. While searching for the optimal solution, you might face issues comprehending the best solution. However, to cater to this issue, HitPaw Edimakor has been presented as the ultimate solution to influence easy extraction of frames from video on Mac.

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