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How to Download Chinese Movies Online in 5 Ways

Chinese cinema offers a vast and vibrant landscape of films, from historical epics to heart-wrenching dramas and pulse-pounding martial arts adventures. But where can you watch these gems if you don't have a subscription to a streaming service? This guide explores the best ways to download Chinese movies online, offering both free and paid options to suit your needs.

We'll also delve into the legalities and safety aspects of downloading movies online, ensuring a smooth and secure experience. So, grab your popcorn and get ready to embark on a cinematic journey through the wonders of Chinese film!

Best Downloader to Download Chinese Movies Online

When it comes to downloading Chinese movies online with ease and efficiency, HitPaw Video Converter stands out as the top choice.

chinese movies online

HitPaw Video Converter is a powerful software goes beyond basic downloading, offering a comprehensive suite of features specifically tailored for the task:

  • Extensive Platform Support: HitPaw Video Converter allow you to download movies from a vast array of Chinese streaming platforms like Youku, Tencent Video, iQiyi, and more.
  • High-Quality Downloads: HitPaw Video Converter choose your desired video resolution (up to 8K) and audio quality for pristine viewing.
  • Batch Downloading: HitPaw Video Converter save time by downloading multiple movies simultaneously.
  • Subtitle Extraction: HitPaw Video Converter extract subtitles directly from the downloaded movie or choose from various external sources.
  • Built-in Video Editor: HitPaw Video Converter edit your downloaded movies with basic tools like trimming, cropping, and adding watermarks.
  • Fast Download Speeds: HitPaw Video Converter enjoy speedy downloads thanks to HitPaw's optimized technology.
  • Safe and Secure: Rest assured, HitPaw Video Converter prioritizes user safety and avoids any malware or intrusive ads.

You can take a closer look at HitPaw Video Converter in the video below.

How to Use HitPaw Video Converter to Download Chinese Movies Online?

Downloading your favorite Chinese movies with HitPaw Video Converter is a breeze. Follow these simple steps:

  • Step 1:Head over to the official HitPaw website and download the software compatible with your operating system (Windows or Mac). Install it by following the on-screen instructions.

  • Step 2:Open the Chinese streaming platform where your desired movie is located and navigate to the movie page. Copy the movie's URL from the address bar of your web browser.

    chinese movies online
  • Step 3:Click on the "Download" button in the main interface of HitPaw Video Converter and paste the url. The software will automatically detect the downloadable links from the copied URL. Choose your preferred video and audio quality settings from the options provided.

    chinese movies online
  • Step 4:Click the "Download" button to initiate the download process. HitPaw Video Converter will efficiently download your chosen Chinese movie.

    chinese movies online
  • Step 5:Once the download is complete, you'll find the movie saved in your designated output folder. Now, sit back, relax, and immerse yourself in the captivating world of Chinese cinema!

    chinese movies online
  • User-friendly interface
  • Fast conversion speeds
  • Supports various audio formats
  • Batch conversion capability
  • Detailed customization options
  • Requires software download and installation

Other Four Chinese Movies Online Downloaders

While HitPaw Video Converter is our top recommendation, here are four other popular options for downloading Chinese movies online:

1. Wondershare UniConverter

chinese movies online

A versatile video converter and downloader with a user-friendly interface. Wondershare UniConverter supports a wide range of video formats, making it suitable for downloading movies from various Chinese streaming platforms. Additionally, it offers basic video editing tools for quick adjustments to your downloaded movies.

  • Pros: Easy to use, supports numerous video formats, includes basic editing features.
  • Cons: Free version limits download resolution, occasional ads within the software.

2. ClipConverter

chinese movies online

A web-based platform that eliminates the need for software installation. ClipConverter boasts a simple and straightforward interface, allowing you to download movies directly from Chinese streaming sites. It supports various platforms, making it a convenient option for quick downloads.

  • Pros: Web-based, no installation required, simple interface, supports various platforms.
  • Cons: Download speeds can be slow, limited control over output quality and format options.

3. Freemake Video Converter

chinese movies online

A free and open-source video converter with a wide range of supported formats. Freemake Video Converter caters to users who prefer a cost-free solution and offers basic video editing capabilities for downloaded movies.

  • Pros: Free and open-source, supports many video formats, basic video editing features.
  • Cons: Interface can be cluttered, potential for bundled software during installation.

4. Convertio

chinese movies online

A web-based platform accessible from any device with an internet connection. Convertio provides a convenient way to download Chinese movies without software installation. It supports various video formats and even allows basic video editing tasks.

  • Pros: Web-based, accessible from any device, supports various video formats, basic video editing options.
  • Cons: Limited download speed compared to dedicated downloaders, potentially lower quality output compared to software downloaders.

Exploring Free Chinese Movie Streaming Websites (Use with Caution)

While downloading movies offers the advantage of offline viewing, you might prefer streaming for immediate enjoyment. Here's a glimpse into some popular free Chinese movie streaming websites:

  • iQIYI: This prominent Chinese video platform boasts a vast library of movies, dramas, and variety shows. While a free tier exists, access to certain content and higher video resolutions requires a subscription.
  • Youku: A major competitor to iQiyi, Youku offers a diverse selection of Chinese movies and TV shows. Similar to iQiyi, Youku provides a free tier with limitations, while premium content requires a paid subscription.
  • Tudou: A veteran Chinese video platform, Tudou features a mix of classic and contemporary Chinese movies. It offers a free tier with advertisements, but the selection might be more limited compared to other options.
  • Bilibili: Primarily known for its anime and gaming content, Bilibili also features a decent selection of Chinese movies and dramas. The platform caters to a younger demographic and offers a free tier with ads.
  • CCTV: China Central Television, the national broadcaster of China, offers a dedicated website showcasing a selection of Chinese movies, documentaries, and TV series. This website is a good resource for exploring classic Chinese cinema and cultural content, often available for free streaming.

Important Note: It's crucial to understand that streaming copyrighted content without permission can be illegal. While some websites might offer free access to movies, the legality can be ambiguous. It's always recommended to prioritize authorized streaming services or download movies through reputable sources like HitPaw Video Converter, ensuring you comply with copyright regulations.


Q1. Is it legal to download Chinese movies online?

A1. Maybe. It depends on the movie's copyright status and your location. Check the copyright info before downloading.

Q2. How to download Chinese movies safely?


  • Use trusted downloaders (like HitPaw Video Converter!)
  • Avoid shady websites and free downloaders with excessive ads.
  • Consider using a VPN for extra security (but not to bypass copyright).


The world of Chinese cinema beckons! With the options explored above, you're now equipped to download your favorite Chinese movies and delve into a captivating cinematic journey. Remember, prioritize safety by using trusted downloaders and consider the copyright status of the movie before downloading.

For a seamless and secure downloading experience, HitPaw Video Converter stands out as the clear winner. Its comprehensive features, user-friendly interface, and commitment to safety make it the perfect companion for all your Chinese movie downloading needs. So, why wait? Download HitPaw Video Converter today and embark on your cinematic adventure through the wonders of Chinese film!

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