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[Comprehensive Guide] How to LinkedIn Live Fast and Easily

Joshua Hill

Posted 2023-11-23

Are you looking for a way to go live LinkedIn? There are times when you are all set to start your LinkedIn Live but there are issues that hinder your smooth experience. If you have faced these issues and are fed up with them, we are here to help you! This article will tell you in detail how to live stream on LinkedIn within 3 minutes.

Part 1. [Step-by-Step Guide] How to Go Live on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Live is an interactive feature that allows the users to develop a deeper connection with their audience and drive more engagement. This feature helps the user to gather a seven times higher reaction rate with the world’s largest professional community.

However, LinkedIn Live Streaming can be tricky for some users who are new to the idea. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you go LinkedIn Live.

Before you start, you can check the detailed steps on how to go LinkedIn Live.

  1. Apply for LinkedIn live

  2. how to linkedin live
  3. Write a title and description for the stream
  4. Connect and stream your Linkedin with HitPaw

HitPaw Screen Recorder is an amazing tool that comes with numerous features for Live streaming. It comes with a large amount of exclusive template material that is built-in with the tool. It helps the user simultaneously pre-record videos and live to stream them to over thirty different platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

how to linkedin live using hitpaw

Steps of using HitPaw to live stream

HitPaw comes with a very user friendly interface. Given below are the simple steps for using HitPaw Live Stream.

Step 01 Click the button below to get it freely, install it on your computer and launch the software

Step 02 Visit the main interface of the software and select the “Live Streaming” option and click on the “Add Source” button and select the Game, Screen, Window or Webcam that you want to Live Stream

steps of how to linkedin live

Step 03 You can select whatever template you want. HitPaw supports 30+ different types of templates for you to select

steps of how to linkedin live with hitpaw

Step 04 Open your live streaming platform and select “HitPaw Virtual Camera” which presented under the camera list

how to linkedin live with hitpaw

How to LinkedIn live events?

With HitPaw Live Screen Recorder going live on LinkedIn is now as simple as drinking a cup of nice tea!

Given below are the steps you must follow for LinkedIn Live events.

  1. Add the webcam on your HitPaw Source to record yourself
  2. Go live from LindkedIn.com
  3. Under the Webcam option select “HitPaw Camera” from the camera list

That’s it! It’s this easy and convenient.

Part 2. What You Can Do by LinkedIn Live Streaming

What you can do when go LinkedIn Live Streaming? Here’re several events that you can take into consideration.

Virtual Events

Organizing Virtual Events has now become easy with the LinkedIn Live application. The platform allows users to come live and host events like QnAs, Story sessions, and mentoring sessions without any chaos. Many organizations and users use LinkedIn Live Events to raise awareness about topics like employee mental health or their market their products and services.


As technology is transforming the course of the corporate sector, recruitment methods are also changing dramatically. Many companies have switched to recruitment under LinkedIn Live Logo. The company representative organizes a LinkedIn Live Chat and interacts with aspiring candidates to select a suitable fit.

Thought Leadership

LinkedIn is a great space to share thoughts and with LinkedIn Live Application, users can use the live streaming sessions to guide and motivate others with their thoughts. Users contribute to the development of fellow connections by organizing live streaming sessions where they discuss topics like work wellness, productivity, and more.

Showcase Expertise

LinkedIn Live is a favorable space for users willing to showcase their expertise. It helps then appeal to a wider audience and create a better impression on the viewers. Many field leaders apply for LinkedIn Live Video to help more people add to their knowledge with expert guidance.

Announce a New Product or Partnership

In 2020 LinkedIn Live became accessible to business pages as well. This gave businesses an opportunity to utilize LinkedIn as a viable platform to announce their product launches and partnerships. It added a new angle to innovative marketing to draw the audience’s attention to the brand and gather more reactions from the connections.


LinkedIn Live is a great tool to enhance your LinkedIn profile and increase engagement. However, many users faced issues in managing the live sessions while maintaining good video quality and smooth flow of the LinkedIn Live Streaming. With HitPaw your issue gets resolved. HitPaw Screen Recorder is a blessing for those who are dedicated to using the LinkedIn live application and making the best out of it.

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