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Powerful AI

By Kwame 'Isam 2021-12-24
“This photo enhancer is ai-powered so I just upload my photo and wait, and it will show me the enhanced photo just within seconds. Besides, it has 2 ai modes, and it describes the ideal pictures for each mode, so I can easily know which model would be better to enhance my photo. All I want to comment that it is really clear and easy to use. I love this tool!! ”


By Alice 2021-12-22
“I have tried dozens of software of this type and found most to be ad-scams, ineffective or they make the photo even worse. The few that weren't, made changes that looked unnatural or almost seem like a different person. NONE of them did anything as good as their ads portrayed .... UNTIL THIS ONE!!! I was extremely pleasantly surprised to find this is everything was advertised to do a marvelous job and it's ridiculously easy to use. It's also not plagued full of ads. THANK YOU DEVELOPERS! ”

Best enhancer I used

By Joe 2021-12-21
“I found some photos while it's compressed and old, but this software help me to solve this problem. ”

really improve my image quality!!!!

By Linda Malik 2021-12-13
“I saw this photo enhancer online and tried to enhance my blurry photo. It is ai-powered so I just upload my image and then click to enhance. After seconds, I previewed my enhanced image, it really impressed me! My photo became clearer! Only seconds, I fixed my blurry image! I still use this software now, and I also introduced it to my friends, they also said it was great! ”

My best photo enhancer

By Hannah 2021-12-04
“It is the best and easiest photo enhancer I have ever used. It can really make my image clearer. Just one click and wait for few minutes. ”

good enhancer

By Gavin Cruella 2021-11-18
“It can really upscale my image and make my blurry photos look better. ”

great app

By Adriana 2021-11-12
“omg! I found an amazing app. I can upscale my blurry photos now! ”

have fun

By Cezar Aeschylus 2021-11-05
“Bought, wait times the same, just no ads. Just starting but I already love the HitPaw Photo Enhancer features! I'm going to have fun with this. ”


By Cicely 2021-09-27
“After I used it for the first time, it impressed me. ”

so fast!

By Esperanza 2021-09-25
“I fix my photo with only seconds. No quality loss as well. ”

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