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It is the best graphic product for correcting photos.

“I restored old black-and-white photos to color photos, and they are the best of many products I have used. And color photos are clearly corrected and time-saving. AI helps with correction, so vivid colors come out. HitPaw Photo AI saves time and I think it's an essential product for photographers.”

Sedaiia 2024-01-15

Editing old negatives

“Editing through old negatives that really needed some help in sharping, I found HitPaw Photo AI through media search and it has been a life saver by adding detail to where there was none before. I sometimes layer the HitPaw scan over my old existing scan and then lower the intensity for an even more natural result. Much better than the sharpening tools in photoshop!”

ron meyer 2024-01-15

Photo AI For The Win!

“Oh, and I love the AI Photo software! Works great. When I had difficulties with the software after a recent upgrade, I reached out to customer support. They helped me and while it took some time to trouble shoot the issue he most definitely got everything worked out for me in the end.”

Kerry 2024-01-13

Nils-Petter Lovgren

“Whether it's old photos or images captured with low-end cameras, HitPaw's upscaling maintains color accuracy and reduces pixelation. The user-friendly interface makes this feature accessible to all, ensuring professional-grade results with minimal effort. HitPaw Photo AI stands out as an essential tool for photographers and enthusiasts, earning a five-star rating for its exceptional upscaling capabilities.”

Nils-Petter Lovgren 2024-01-13

Fast Service, Great Product!

“HitPaw came up with a fast and uncomplicated solution when I had a question regarding licensing. I use Photo AI since 2022 and the results are great especially when colorizing old BW Photos. Nevertheless is Photo AI easy to use and you get nice results with a few clicks. Excellent Job!”

ASP 2024-01-13

The best AI image program I know

“I am speechless, the best AI image program I know, every blurred image is crystal clear, faces are perfectly restored. Use the 800% setting for the best result. HitPaw Photo AI is just as brilliant, it takes longer but the wait is really worth it, it will be great.”

Rachel Mark 2024-01-13

I especially like "Photo Enhancer"

“I especially like "Photo Enhancer". It is fast and easy to add color to old black and white photos and increase the resolution of faces to make them look better than the originals. I am thrilled to have my now-deceased family photos brought back to life. Video Enhancer is equally amazing. It has brought our old VHS back to the HD era. This one takes a long time to process, so I use it on a PC that I don't normally use.”

Janet Hoyle 2024-01-13

Best AI tool

“AI changes a lot for editing pictures. For removing background, I just needs to upload the picture to HitPaw Photo AI, and it will auto delete the background. Then I can add the background color as I want and enhance the quality with its AI enhancer.”

Otis 2024-01-10

AI photo tool

“HitPaw Photo AI uses AI tool to process photo, including photo enhancer, image generator, background remover and object eraser. It saves me from using Photoshop and makes it easier.”

Adair Emerson 2024-01-10

Magic Background Remover

“HitPaw Photo AI works not only on enhancing photos, but also removing background from photos. I have used it to clear my photo background. So amazing effect.”

Burgess Boyle 2024-01-10

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