HitPaw Photo AI HitPaw Photo AI for Mac HitPaw Photo AI

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A game-changer for professional photographer

“The new version has greatly improved processing efficiency for large photos. The software quickly edits high-resolution images without compromising on quality. ”

Anya Hardin 2023-03-31

Great face enhancing effect

“The new mode for face model has made my portrait photos flawless. The tool is intuitive and easy to use, enhancing the details of the face without looking unnatural.”

Maxim Graham 2023-03-31

Very well

“I looked for a program to fix blurry photos and found HitPaw. After watching the preview, I decided to buy the full version because it suited my needs.”

Fardas 2022-11-25

Powerful and awesome

“All I can say is that it's great, and with just one click, I got my photos in HD. I love HitPaw!”

Karim 2022-11-25

How amazing it is!

“All I can say is it's incredible, with a simple click, I got my HD photos. I love HitPaw! ”

Owen 2022-11-10

Amazing photo enhancer to enhance image quality

“I can easily fix my blurry photos using HitPaw Photo Enhancer. Thanks HitPaw!”

Sam 2022-11-10

Impressive product that worths life-time use

“I am very impressed with the product and am considering a lifetime licence, so please switch my account to manual renewal.”

Kate 2022-10-24

Enlarge images losslessly

“I love HitPaw's AI because it can help me enlarge images unlimitedly and losslessly.”

Shayne Morton 2022-10-14

I like the face model

“Its face model can not only enhance the facial but the rest, the top of the hair is blurred and from the neck and below, the clothes, etc.. are upscaled. My images become clear, not blurry anymore...”

Vosgi Arevig 2022-09-23

Colorize image

“I used it to colorize my black and white images and it works very well. I just upload my images and choose the colorize model, it quickly helps me colorize the images. And the colorized images are very good. So I must say, the AI algorithms used in HitPaw are powerful.”

Sky Edmund 2022-09-09

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