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Rise and Fall of Company Reviews on Justin TV

Live streaming is a popular form of online entertainment and communication nowadays, but it was not always so. Before platforms like YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook Live dominated the scene, there was a pioneer that paved the way for them: Justin.tv. Justin.tv was a trailblazing platform that allowed anyone to broadcast their lives to a global audience in real time. It was also the precursor of Twitch, the leading platform for live gaming and esports. However, despite its innovative and influential role, Justin.tv eventually shut down in 2014, leaving behind a legacy of both success and failure. In this article, we will explore the rise and fall of reviews on whathappenedtojustin tv, and the lessons we can learn from its history.

Part 1: The Birth of Justin.tv

Justin.tv was founded in 2007 by four young entrepreneurs: Justin Kan, Emmett Shear, Michael Seibel, and Kyle Vogt. They were inspired by the success of YouTube, but wanted to take it a step further by creating a platform for live video streaming. They called it “lifecasting”, and the first channel to launch was Justin’s own, where he wore a webcam attached to a hat and streamed his daily activities 24/7. The idea was to create a new form of reality TV, where viewers could interact with the broadcaster and influence his actions. Justin’s channel quickly gained media attention and attracted thousands of curious viewers, who watched him do everything from eating, sleeping, working, partying, and even getting arrested. Reviews on whathappenedtojustin tv was a sensation, and soon, other people wanted to join in and create their own channels.

Part 2: What Happened to Justin.tv

As Justin.tv grew, it also faced many challenges and problems. Some of them were:

1. Technical difficulties

Streaming live video over the internet was not an easy task in 2007, especially with the limited bandwidth and hardware available at the time. The Justin.tv team had to develop their own technology and infrastructure to support the platform, and they often encountered glitches, crashes, and delays. They also had to deal with the high cost of streaming, which required renting servers and paying for bandwidth. To reduce the cost, they used Amazon’s cloud computing service, EC2, and optimized their software to run faster and more efficiently.

2. Legal issues

Streaming live video also raised many legal questions and concerns, especially regarding the unauthorized broadcast of copyrighted content, such as TV shows, movies, sports, and music. Justin.tv was often accused of facilitating piracy and violating intellectual property rights, and it received many takedown notices and lawsuits from content owners and distributors. Reviews on Whathappenedtojustin tv tried to comply with the law and implement measures to prevent and remove illegal streams, such as using automated filters, hiring moderators, and cooperating with rights holders. However, it was not always effective or sufficient, and the platform remained a target for legal actions.

legal issues

3. Ethical dilemmas

Streaming live video also posed many ethical dilemmas and risks, especially regarding the privacy, safety, and morality of the broadcasters and viewers. Justin.tv was often criticized for exposing too much personal information and allowing inappropriate or harmful content, such as nudity, violence, drugs, and even suicide. Justin.tv tried to enforce some rules and guidelines to protect the users and the community, such as requiring age verification, banning illegal or harmful content, and providing support and resources for mental health issues. However, it was not always possible or easy to monitor and moderate the thousands of channels and millions of users on the platform, and the platform faced many controversies and scandals.

Part 3: Reasons for the Failure of Justin.tv

Despite its challenges and problems, Justin.tv also had many achievements and opportunities. It was one of the first and largest platforms for live streaming, and it attracted millions of users and viewers from around the world. It also spawned a spin-off platform, Twitch, which focused on live gaming and esports, and became a huge success. However, Justin.tv also made some mistakes and missed some chances, which ultimately led to its failure and shutdown. Some of the reasons were:

1. Lack of focus and direction

Justin.tv started as a platform for lifecasting, but soon expanded to a platform for any kind of live content. While this increased the diversity and variety of the platform, it also diluted its identity and vision. Justin.tv did not have a clear focus or direction, and it tried to be everything for everyone. This made it hard to compete with other platforms that had more specific and targeted niches, such as YouTube for video sharing, Ustream for live events, and Twitch for live gaming.

2. Innovation and differentiation

Justin.tv was a pioneer in live streaming, but it did not keep up with the changing trends and demands of the market. Justin.tv did not innovate or differentiate itself enough from its competitors, and it failed to offer new and unique features and services that would attract and retain users and viewers. For example, Justin.tv did not have a strong social media integration, a robust monetization system, or a user-friendly interface. It also did not have a strong brand recognition or loyalty, and it was often overshadowed by its own spin-off, Twitch.

3. Lack of resources and support

Justin.tv was a bootstrapped and independent company, and it did not have the resources and support that other platforms had. Reviews on Whathappenedtojustin tv did not have enough funding, staff, or partners to sustain and grow the platform, and it struggled to cover the high cost of streaming and the legal fees. Justin.tv also did not have enough support from the users and the community, and it faced many complaints and criticisms from both the broadcasters and the viewers.

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convert all to
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select target folder

Watch the following video to learn more details:


Q. What happened to Justin.tv after it shut down?

A. After Reviews on Whathappenedtojustin tv shut down in 2014, the company focused on its spin-off platform, Twitch, which was acquired by Amazon for $970 million. Twitch became the leading platform for live gaming and esports, and it also expanded to other categories, such as music, art, and education. Justin.tv’s domain name was sold to an unknown buyer in 2016, and it now redirects to a Chinese website.


In conclusion,Justin.tv’s story teaches us some valuable lessons about the importance of focus, innovation, differentiation, resources, and support in the competitive and dynamic market of live streaming. If you are interested in live streaming, you may also want to check out HitPaw Video Converter, a tool that can help you download, convert, and edit videos from various platforms with ease and quality. You can try HitPaw Video Converter for free and see for yourself how it works. 

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