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2024 Update: 7 Safe YouTube Downloader Online/PC/Mac

In today's digital age, accessing and sharing online videos has become an integral part of our daily lives. However, there are times when we wish to download these videos for offline viewing or other purposes. This introduces the need for reliable and safe YouTube video downloaders. From desktop software to online platforms and browser extensions, myriad options are available.

This article will explore various safest YouTube downloaders solutions for Windows, Mac, and online platforms. Whether you're a content creator, educator, or video enthusiast, finding the right tool ensures a seamless downloading experience without compromising safety.

Part 1. Best YouTube Downloader Safe for Windows and Mac

HitPaw Video Converter is a reliable solution for downloading YouTube videos safely on both Windows and Mac platforms. Its intuitive interface and robust features give users a seamless experience for converting and downloading videos from various sources.

Main Features of HitPaw Video Converter

HitPaw Video Converter boasts an array of features designed to facilitate easy and secure video downloads:

  • Broad Compatibility: Compatible with both Windows and Mac systems, ensuring accessibility for users across different platforms.
  • High Quality: Ensures high-quality video downloads, allowing users to enjoy their favourite content without compromising resolution.
  • Fast Download Speeds: Offers swift download speeds, enabling users to save time while acquiring their desired videos.
  • Batch Downloading: Allows users to download multiple videos simultaneously, enhancing efficiency and convenience.
  • 100% Safe: Your download videos are stored on local computer instead of cloud. Your privacy and security are well protected.
  • Simple Interface: Features a user-friendly interface, making it easy for even novice users to navigate and utilize its functionalities effectively.

How to Safely Download YT Videos Using HitPaw Video Converter

Step 1. Download and Install HitPaw VideO Converter - 100% Safe

Free install HitPaw Video Converter to a PC or Mac computer. Open the application and switch to the Download tab.

Step 2. Copy the URL of a YouTube Video, Playlist, or Channel

Open YouTube website and find the video, playlist, or channel that you want to download. Open it and copy the ULR from the browser address bar.

copy video link

Step 3. Paste YouTube Video URL and Start Analysis

In the Download menu of HitPaw Video Converter, click Paste URL to paste the copied link. Click the Analysis button to start parsing the URL.

paste the video link to analyze

Step 4. Download Settings

Once the analysis completes, you can choose the desired output format and quality. HitPaw Video Converter supports downloading YouTube videos up to 8K resolution, and also it can extract audio from video to MP3.

Choose output format

Step 5. Video Download Process

Click on the "Download" button to commence the downloading process. HitPaw Video Converter will fetch the video from the provided URL and save it to your specified destination.

download youtube video process

Step 6. YouTube Download Safe Successfully:

Once the download is complete, you can access to the downloaded video from the Downloaded section directly. Here you can play the video directly, or import it to the program for additional editing.

video download successfully

Watch the Following Fideo to Learn More Details:

HitPaw Video Converter simplifies downloading YouTube videos, offering a safe and efficient solution for users seeking to expand their offline media library.

Part 2. YouTube Online Downloader Safe

These free safe youtube downloaders provide convenient solutions for users seeking to download their favourite videos for offline viewing. Each platform offers unique features and benefits, catering to different preferences and requirements. Users can explore these options and choose the one that best suits their needs.

1. Download4.cc

Download4.cc is widely recognized as a top solution for converting YouTube videos online. As a premier online safe YouTube downloader, it allows users to effortlessly download videos from over 1000 platforms with just one click. Its compatibility with all devices, regardless of operating system, makes it accessible to users worldwide. Besides video downloads, it also enables users to easily extract audio from YouTube videos.

download4 free online safe youtube downloader
  • Easy to use, often requiring only a URL to download videos
  • No need to install software; can be accessed from any device with internet
  • No ads, safe to use
  • Download videos up to 720 for totally free
  • Does not support 1080P or higher download
  • Doesn not support batch downloads

2. Y2mate YouTube Downloader Safe

Y2mate.com offers a straightforward solution for downloading YouTube videos in various resolutions, including 4K. Its user-friendly interface makes it accessible to all users, regardless of technical expertise. Users can quickly initiate the download process by simply pasting the YouTube video URL into the provided field.

y2mate youtube downloader safe
  • User-Friendly Interface: Y2mate.com boasts a simple and intuitive interface, allowing users to navigate the platform effortlessly.
  • Multiple Resolution Options: The platform supports downloads in various resolutions, including 4K, catering to users with diverse preferences.
  • Fast Download Speeds: Y2mate.com facilitates speedy downloads, ensuring minimal wait times for users.
  • No Software Installation Required: As an online downloader, Y2mate.com eliminates the need for software installation, offering convenience and accessibility.
  • Advertisements: Like many online platforms, Y2mate.com features advertisements, which may disrupt the user experience.
  • Dependence on Internet Connection: Y2mate.com requires a stable internet connection for seamless functionality since it operates online.

3. 9xbuddy Safe YouTube Downloader

9xbuddy provides a versatile solution for downloading YouTube videos, supporting various formats and resolutions. Its compatibility with different video hosting platforms expands its utility beyond YouTube, offering users a comprehensive downloading experience.

9xbuddy Safe YouTube Downloader
  • Compatibility: 9xbuddy is compatible with numerous video hosting platforms, extending its functionality beyond YouTube.
  • Format Options: The platform allows users to choose from multiple video formats, accommodating different preferences and devices.
  • No Registration Required: Users can utilize 9xbuddy's services without registering or creating accounts.
  • Browser Compatibility: 9xbuddy works seamlessly across different web browsers, ensuring accessibility for all users.
  • Limited Features: 9xbuddy may need more advanced features than dedicated software solutions.
  • Occasional Server Congestion: During peak hours, 9xbuddy's servers may experience congestion, resulting in slower download speeds for users.

4. YMP4.download:

YMP4.download offers a streamlined approach to downloading YouTube videos, focusing on simplicity and efficiency. Its minimalistic interface and fast processing speeds cater to users seeking a hassle-free downloading experience.

  • Simplified Process: YMP4.download simplifies the video downloading process, making it accessible to users of all levels of expertise.
  • Quick Processing: The platform boasts fast processing speeds, allowing users to initiate and complete downloads swiftly.
  • Compatibility: YMP4.download is compatible with various devices and operating systems, ensuring versatility and accessibility.
  • No Software Installation Required: Similar to other online downloaders, YMP4.download eliminates the need for software installation, offering convenience to users.
  • Limited Features: YMP4.download may need more advanced features than dedicated software solutions.
  • Occasional Server Downtime: Like any online service, YMP4.download may experience occasional server downtime, impacting user accessibility during such periods.

Part 3. Safe YouTube Video Downloader Extension

1. Video DownloadHelper for Firefox

Video DownloadHelper is a popular browser extension for Firefox that enables users to download videos from various websites, including YouTube. It offers a convenient way to save videos directly to your computer for offline viewing.

  • Ease of Use
  • Broad Compatibility
  • Batch Downloads
  • Customization Options
  • Limited Browser Support
  • Occasional Compatibility Issues
  • Additional Software Required

2. YouTube Video Downloader for Chrome

YouTube Video Downloader is a popular extension for Google Chrome that allows users to download videos from YouTube easily. It provides a straightforward way to save videos directly from the Chrome browser for offline viewing.

  • Seamless Integration
  • Fast Downloads
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Multiple Format Options
  • Limited Compatibility
  • Potential Malware Risks
  • Updates Required

Part 4. FAQs about Safe YouTube Downloaders

Q1. How can I ensure that my YouTube downloader is safe and won't harm my computer with malware or viruses?

A1. To safeguard your device, opt for reputable downloaders like HitPaw Video Converter, which undergo rigorous security checks and regularly update their Software to combat potential threats.

Q2. Are there any legal concerns I should know about using YouTube downloaders to save videos for offline viewing?

A2. Downloading copyrighted content without permission violates YouTube's terms of service and may infringe upon copyright laws.


In conclusion, navigating the world of YouTube video downloading requires careful consideration of safety and efficiency. While numerous options exist, the HitPaw Video Converter is reliable for Windows and Mac users, offering a seamless experience with robust features.

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