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Magic! Remove Text from a Picture in a Blink

Joshua Hill

Posted 2022-05-09

#Remove Text from Image
#Watermark remover

Do you have pictures in your gallery that are of no use just because of their text placement? Either your DSLR pictures have time and date stamps or textual watermarks for any purpose. Also, you might have written text on your friends or family pics like greetings or birthday wishes. Photoshop can help you out, but it is costly software with a complex series of steps to perform the simplest task. However, several other easy ways are available to take words off a picture.

Part1: Remove Text from Image Online for Free

First of all, if you are looking for a tool to remove text from image, a online tool might be your most convenient choice! Learn more details about how to remove text from an image without removing background online!


InPaint is an impressive online tool that assists you in removing unwanted objects from your pictures free of cost. It allows you to move the image and use the marker tool to paint the picture according to your requirements. You can pick the eraser tool to select the textual area that needs to be removed and start erasing. It supports formats, including JPG, PNG, and WebP, to upload; however, the maximum upload image size limit is 10MB.


Let’s move forward toward the steps for how to remove text from a picture using InPaint:

  • 1

    Step 1. After opening the InPaint website, click “Upload Image” to load your image into the website.

  • 2

    Step 2. Now, select the text, person, or object using the marker tool that you want to remove from the image.

  • 3

    Finally, press the “Erase” button, and the text will be removed from the image. Now, hit the “Download” icon on the top right side.

  • inpaint remove text from image online


  • Offer lasso tool and polygonal lasso tool
  • Support options to zoom in, out, fit, and original size


  • Paid credits to remove text from pictures
  • Limitation of 4.2mp image resolution


If you want to use various fantastic tools at one point, PicWish is for you. It offers all the pictures related tools, including an image cropper, enhancer, retouch, compressor, etc. However, this online background removal tool comes in handy when it comes to speeding up your photo removal workflow. It allows you to remove the text via Erase tool in bulk to save your effort and time. You can even remove the entire background if required.


Here is the procedure for how to remove words from a picture via PicWish:

  • 1

    Step 1. Firstly, open the website of PicWish and then click “Upload Image” to import your picture. It will open up a new interface.

  • 2

    Step 2. After selecting the text area from the picture using the Brush tool, you need to hit the “Erase” button. It will remove the test in seconds.

  • 3

    Step 3. In the end, press the “Download” tab, and your picture will be downloaded. That’s all!

  • picwish remove text from image online


  • Offer graphic mode as portrait or product
  • Erase any specific area


  • A tutorial is a must to work
  • You need to create an account before downloading


Picasrt is a complete photo editing program offering a fantastic tool to remove objects from photos. Whether you want to remove text, clutter, imagery, or the shadows and creases, this online tool will help you out. However, it supports two image formats for removal, JPEG and PNG. You can also choose the size of the removal brush as per your demand.

picsart remove text from image online

Here is a tutorial on how to remove writing from a picture through Picsart:

  • 1

    Step 1. Open the Picsart tool for removing an object from a photo. Create your account first. Now, press “Upload” to process the required image.

  • 2

    Step 2. Choose the area you need to remove from the image using the already selected brush.

  • 3

    Step 3. Now, hit the “Remove” tab, and download the image. You are all done!

  • picsart


  • User-friendly and attractive interface
  • Keep the picture quality over-processing


  • Requirement of account creation to work
  • Watermark on the output image

Part2: Best Tool to Remove Text from Picture Quickly and Easily

People prefer online converters because these tools don’t require installation, thus saving your storage space. However, you have to face several limitations, the major thing including the image quality. In such a scenario, one must go for a proficient watermark remover; below is a recommendation.

HitPaw Watermark Remover

When looking for credible and coherent software to remove text from images and videos, HitPaw Watermark Remover must be your way to go. It supports importing almost 1000+ popular formats, including AVI, MP4, JPG, PNG, and more. Also, it lets you remove the text, object, logo, and stamp from both images and videos. Even you can complete this text removal task without affecting the image/video quality.

picwish remove text from image online

Furthermore, the software offers you three remove modes for images and four modes for videos. You can opt for any of these modes to get the desired results. Even with its user-friendly design, you can quickly get over the task without hassle. Also, to get the beforehand preview of its effects, get the free trial now!

More Features of HitPaw Watermark Remover

  • Safe and effortless watermark remover
  • Easy, straightforward, and ultra-fast processing
  • No irritating ads or virus
  • Remove watermark from videos and images
  • Support different modes for perfect effect
  • No quality loss during the watermark removal task

Let’s know how to remove text from an image through HitPaw Watermark Remover:

Step 01 First of all, download and then launch the HitPaw Watermark Remover. Select the “Remove Image Watermark” and click “Choose File” to upload the image.

remove text from image step1

Step 02 Now, choose the “Selection” tool and hover over the textual area. Select “Texture Repair” as the remove mode.

remove text from image step2

Step 03 Finally, hit the “Remove” button and click the “Export” tab. That’s all!

remove text from image step3


After knowing the top ways for removing text from an image without removing the background, you can opt for any of these three online converters. However, you will face issues like creating an account before processing, low image quality, and brand watermark, thus making the image look unprofessional. In contrast, HitPaw Watermark Remover aids you in completing the job by retaining the picture quality, a faster processing rate, and without the brand watermark limitation on the output image.

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