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[Solved!] How to Convert Nicovideo to MP3?

Looking to convert Nicovideo to MP3 effortlessly? You've come to the right place. This guide provides the best solution for downloading and converting Nicovideo content into MP3 format. Discover how to do it easily and explore seven popular Nicovideo animations that you can enjoy both online and offline.

Part 1. Best Way to Convert Nicovideo to MP3 without Limitation

It is essential to look for a reliable and safe tool when looking to convert Nicovideo to MP3. It is suggested that users use the HitPaw Video Converter to convert their Nicovideo files to MP3 format. HitPaw Video converter supports a wide range of output formats, making it compatible with different platforms.

Why Choose HitPaw Video Converter to Convert Nicovideo to MP3

  • HitPaw Video Converter maintains the original quality of the files and provides high-quality outputs.
  • HItPaw Video Converter provides reliable customer service, giving users a seamless converting experience.
  • HitPaw Video Converter allows its users to convert multiple files simultaneously, saving them any extra effort.
  • HitPaw Video Converter supports an intuitive interface that allows users of all skill levels to use it without any trouble.
  • HitPaw Video Converter offers high-speed conversions, saving its users their precious time.

Steps to Record Nicovideo

  • Step 1 —Download and Install HitPaw Video Converter from its official website and then open it on your computer.

  • Step 2 —Click on the “Screen Recorder” tab to enter the screen.

    niconico download mp3
  • Step 3 —Select the window you want to record, which is Nicovideo in this case. Click on the red record button to start the screen recording

    nico video download mp3
  • Step 4 —Once you are done recording, click on the red square icon to stop the recording. This will also open up the location where your recorded clip is saved.

    Convert Nico videos to MP3 effortlessly

Steps to Convert Nicovideo to MP3

  • Step 1.Click on the “Add Files” button and import the Nicovideo file you recorded.

    Download Nico videos as MP3 files instantly
  • Step 2.Select the file's output format as MP3 from the dropdown menu. Make adjustments to the settings, such as resolution.

    Transform Nico videos into MP3 with ease
  • Step 3.Select the destination folder and click on the “Convert” button to let the conversion begin.

    Get your favorite Nico videos in MP3 format now
  • Step 4.Look for the converted file in the designated folder once the conversion is completed.

    Quick and easy Nico video to MP3 conversion

Watch the following video to learn more details:

Part 2. Top 7 Nicovideo Videos You Should Know

Nicovideo, also known as Niconico, is a treasure trove of animated content. Whether you're a long-time fan or new to the platform, there's a wealth of engaging videos to explore. Here are seven popular Nicovideo animations that you should definitely check out.

1. Kemono Friends (けものフレンズ)

Nico video downloader - MP3 conversion made simple

*Kemono Friends* is a unique blend of adventure and fantasy, featuring animal girls called "Friends" in a mysterious zoo-like setting. The story revolves around their adventures and the friendships they form.

2. Sword Art Online (ソードアート・オンライン)

Free Nico video to MP3 converter

*Sword Art Online* is a sci-fi anime that delves into the world of virtual reality MMORPGs. Players find themselves trapped in a game where dying in the game means dying in real life. Follow Kirito and his friends as they fight for survival and freedom.

3. My Hero Academia (僕のヒーローアカデミア)

Convert Nico videos to high-quality MP3 files in seconds

*My Hero Academia* follows Izuku Midoriya, a boy born without superpowers in a world where they are common. Despite this, he dreams of becoming a hero. Watch his journey as he enrolls in the prestigious U.A. High School and discovers what it truly means to be a hero.

4. Attack on Titan (進撃の巨人)

Unlock the world of Nico videos in MP3

*Attack on Titan* is a gripping tale of humanity's struggle against giant humanoid creatures known as Titans. With intense action and deep emotional themes, this series follows Eren Yeager and his friends as they uncover the mysteries behind the Titans and fight for humanity's survival.

5. Re:Zero - Starting Life in Another World (Re:ゼロから始める異世界生活)

Streamline your Nico experience: MP3 downloads available

*Re:Zero* transports Subaru Natsuki to a fantasy world where he discovers he has the ability to rewind time upon death. This dark fantasy series is filled with twists, emotional depth, and compelling characters as Subaru navigates the challenges of his new reality.

6. One Punch Man (一拳超人)

Nico video One Punch Man

*One Punch Man* is a comedic action series that follows Saitama, a hero who can defeat any opponent with a single punch. Bored by the lack of challenging foes, Saitama's quest for a worthy adversary leads to humorous and epic encounters in a world full of superheroes and villains.

7. The Rising of the Shield Hero (盾の勇者の成り上がり)

Elevate your Nico experience: MP3 downloads at your fingertips

*The Rising of the Shield Hero* tells the story of Naofumi Iwatani, who is summoned to another world as the Shield Hero, one of four legendary heroes. Faced with betrayal and challenges, Naofumi must rise against all odds to protect the world and prove his worth.

These seven Nicovideo animations offer a diverse range of genres and stories that cater to different tastes. From epic battles and emotional journeys to lighthearted and comedic moments, there's something for everyone to enjoy on Nicovideo. Dive into these series and discover the captivating world of Japanese animation.

Part 3. FAQs of Convert Nicovideo to MP3

Q1. How to download videos off Niconico?

A1. To download videos from Niconico, you can use online downloaders or dedicated software. Simply copy the video URL from Niconico, paste it into the downloader tool, and select your preferred format. For a more efficient and reliable option, consider using HitPaw Video Converter, which supports Niconico downloads and various output formats.

Q2. Is there a way to download audio from YouTube videos?

A2. Yes, you can download audio from YouTube videos using HitPaw Video Converter. This versatile tool allows you to convert YouTube videos to MP3 format quickly and easily. Just paste the YouTube URL into HitPaw Video Converter, select MP3 as the output format, and download the audio directly to your device.


Converting Nicovideo to MP3 is straightforward with the right tools. Explore popular Nicovideo animations and enjoy them in audio format using HitPaw Video Converter.

This versatile software not only simplifies the conversion process but also supports downloads from various platforms, ensuring a seamless experience. For reliable and high-quality MP3 conversions, HitPaw Video Converter is your best choice.

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