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Is Avatar: The Last Airbender An Anime? Here Is the Answer

Joshua Hill

Posted 2022-05-09

“While watching the series again last week, me and my girlfriend got into a debate about Is Avatar The Last Airbender an anime?”

This is surely a common scenario where people get into debate over this topic. If you are also one of such user, read the below article to know where the series is an anime or a cartoon.

Part 1. What Is Anime?

Before we move on to know is Avatar an anime, let us first know what anime is. Anime is a word used by non-residents of Japan to describe animation or cartoons created within the country. Using the word in our day to day conversation means nothing but describing something as an animated movie or a cartoon series or show from Japan.

The word itself means cartoon or animation in Japanese and in Japan is used by fans to talk about all cartoons irrespective of nation of origin. The correct Japanese pronunciation of anime is a-ni-me.

Part 2. Is Avatar: The Last Airbender An Anime?

Now that you have know the meaning of anime, let us move towards the debate “is avatar the last Airbender anime?” A number of fans all over the world thinks that the cartoon series is anime. Why? Below are some points that makes Avatar The Last Airbender anime a true fact.

avatar.jpg Alt: is avatar the last airbender an anime

The series consists of eccentric villains

Out-of-the box and scarce villains are rarely unique to Japanese anime, but some villains in anime are not just different. These villains die as quickly as possible after showing up from nowhere. In addition to this, they are considered a normal part of the society by the people. The scenario is that villains stand out for the viewers who watch the series, but they are considered as a normal thing to other characters in the series. The same goes with the Combustion Man in Avatar the Last Air Bender anime.

The villain is a telekinetic fire bender and can create explosions remotely. He has a metal leg and arm. This makes is pretty clear is Avatar anime or not.

It consists of advanced technologies

This is a repeated and obvious theme almost all the anime series. Naturally, Avatar the Last Airbender kiss anime surely consists many of this factor. Many anime series have suitable settings, but some nations or organizations in this industry have strangely enhanced tech all to themselves, normally as a suitable way to tell how a villain's plan works or for visual appeal.

The series comes with recap episode

Now this is pretty much present in very anime show and is present in Anime like Avatar the Last Airbender as well. It is common television method, but every anime at some point has a small episode in time to save the cost. This method is always entirely pointless and is created to fill out the lineup of the season. The recap is normally done in somewhat entertaining ways. For example, in an anime with sports theme, the team might be interviewed and the series shows the recap with every character giving the interview.

The series has consistent anime style

Naturally, the anime Avatar the Last Airbender style is similar to other anime series. Avatar has human designs same as many popular anime series. This is majorly true for the 2D animation that tends to have larger-than-life facial expressions and large eyes. And, believe or not, most the anime series in the world are popular because of this reason.

The series has camera movements similar to anime

To help keep the cost to minimum due to complex designs of character, anime series have long talking scenes with focus on a single frame. This is common in anime realm and same goes for Avatar as well. This makes Avatar one of the anime series and also benefits the show. By using such camera movements, the show tricks viewers into thinking they are in action, but in fact the frames are still.

Bonus Tip: How to Download Avatar: The Last Airbender on Netflix for Offline Watching?

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is avatar the last airbender anime

Step 04After the link is pasted, the tool will analyze the link and you can select the format for your downloaded video.

is avatar anime

Step 05Once the process ends, go to the Finished part to see your downloaded videos and preview the output videos on your computer from the file location.

avatar the last airbender anime


Having said that, we just had a look at the answer to “Is Avatar The Last Airbender an anime?” question. From the above article it is pretty clear that Avatar is an anime and we also the reasons. In addition to this, if you wish to download the series for offline watching, you can always use HitPaw Video Downloader.

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