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[2024] Top 1 MP4 to AIFF Converter For Windows/Mac

Everyone is interested in learning how to convert MP4 to AIFF for free online. This is a great choice for anyone who wishes to give their sound files more versatility. Using them with different media channels will make them more useful.

This tutorial simplifies the process by offering a reliable technique with easy-to-follow steps. Ultimately, you'll convert MP4 to AIFF, guaranteeing the highest caliber audio for your productions. The procedure is easy to use and efficient, raising the bar for your audio seamlessly.

What Is the Difference between MP4 and AIFF?

MP4 is a versatile mixed media container format called MPEG-4 Section 14. It holds audio, video, and additional data, such as images. Its effective compression accounts for its widespread reception. In this format, record size and quality can be adjusted, and files are compatible with numerous platforms and devices, making them ideal for sharing and streaming content online. Several kinds of information can be included in the setup.

Apple Inc. is the creator of the AIFF (Audio Interchange File Format) sound file design. AIFF files are well recognized for excellent, uncompressed sound archiving, meaning that the original sound is retained.

This format is widely used in professional sound recording and production. AIFF files are larger than compressed formats because AIFF does not lose sound quality through compression.

Read more about what AIFF is.

Converting MP4 to AIFF

The requirement for Converting MP4 to AIFF frequently emerges when high sound quality is fundamental. Here are a few standard necessities for this change:

  • Professional Audio Production
  • Music makers might have to separate sound from an MP4 music video. They do this to alter and master it in a digital audio workstation (DAW).

  • High-Fidelity Audio Projects
  • Sound architects might need AIFF documents for film scoring. They also need them for sound planning or other activities where sound quality is key.

  • Editing and Mixing
  • Top sound records, like AIFF, have better editing, mixing, and mastering results.

Convert MP4 to Aiff Online Free

Converting MP4 files to AIFF online for free has become easy. It extracts great audio without needing complex software. One great tool for this task is the HitPaw Video Converter. It has an easy interface and is very useful. You can quickly transfer and convert your MP4 file to AIFF using HitPaw Video Converter.

Sound is jammed by this converter. This is the perfect option for podcasters, audiophiles, and musicians who need high-quality sound. Furthermore, HitPaw's website is accessible from any web-enabled device. Your audio-converting chores will become easier and more convenient with HitPaw.

Watch the following video to learn more details:

Features of HitPaw Video Converter

A crucial tool for improving and streamlining video conversion is the HitPaw Video Converter. Among its standout moments are:

  • Support many formats: It can convert among MP4, AVI, AIFF, and MOV.
  • Easy to use: The user interface is designed to be easily understood, making it accessible for novice and experienced users.
  • High conversion speed: It uses cutting-edge algorithms that process data quickly without sacrificing quality.
  • Range of Products: Video editing to audio manipulation to image enhancing, HitPaw has you covered.
  • Batch conversion: Convert several files at once to save significant time and effort.
  • Flexibility and ease of use: You can trim, crop, and adjust videos before converting them.
  • Supports 4K and high-definition conversion: This guarantees excellent video quality for high-resolution files.
  • Preserve quality: It ensures no detail is lost during conversion, maintaining the video's original quality intact.
  • Extra features: You can adjust bit rates, frame rates, and other parameters to meet your needs.

Steps To convert MP4 to AIFF

You can change MP4 to AIFF using a powerful tool like HitPaw Video Converter. This product upholds various organizations and offers a natural point of interaction. Below are the point-by-point excursions. They include some delineations to help you navigate the cycle:

  • Step 1 Download and Install HitPaw Video Converter:
  • Click the download button below to start your journey. To set up the program, simply follow the installation instructions.

  • Step 2 Import the MP4 File:
  • Open HitPaw Video Converter. You may drag and drop an MP4 video into the app or use the "Add Video" option.

    Add the Video File
  • Step 3 Select Output Format:
  • Click the "Convert all to" dropdown option in the upper right corner. Navigate to the "Audio" tab and choose "AIFF" as the output format.

    Select an Output Format
  • Step 4 Convert the File:
  • After setting the output format, hit the "Convert" button next to the video for quick conversion or "Convert All" if you are batching multiple files. The software will display the progress, and once completed, the AIFF file will be in the output folder set before conversion.

    Convert the File
  • Step 5 Check the Output:
  • Navigate to the designated output folder. Play the AIFF file to ensure the conversion quality meets your expectations.

Convert AIFF to MP4 Online Free

HitPaw is an AIFF to mp4 converter free of cost, which is great for those looking to make their top-notch sound documents more flexible and viable with different media stages.

Follow the given steps for a seamless AIFF to mp4 conversion:

  • Step 1: Download and set up HitPaw On Your Device
  • Click the download button below to start your journey. To set up the program, simply follow the installation instructions.

  • Step 2: Import The Aiff File
  • Navigate to the HitPaw's website and upload the AIFF file you want to convert.

    Add the Video File
  • Step 3: Select MP4 as an Output Format
  • Select MP4 as the target format from the list of available options. HitPaw allows you to adjust output settings like bitrate, resolution, and audio quality to meet your specific requirements.

    Select an Output Format
  • Step 4: Convert file from Aiff to MP4
  • After establishing your options, click the "Convert" button to start the conversion process. The utility will process and convert AIFF to mp4.

    Convert the File
  • Step 5: Check the file
  • You may download the freshly produced MP4 file to your device when the conversion is complete.

The Bottom Line

Converting MP4 to AIFF can be a manageable task. With tools like HitPaw, users can efficiently achieve high-quality audio outputs suitable for any professional application.

HitPaw Video Converter is highly recommended for a more streamlined and powerful conversion experience. It upholds many organizations, including MP4 and AIFF, and performs quick, lossless changes. HitPaw Video Converter is an excellent option if you're looking for a fast and dependable way to convert audio and video files.

Download our converter now and transform your media files with ease. Click here to get started!


Q1. Will there be a loss of quality while converting MP4 to AIFF?

A1. The original audio quality is usually preserved while converting to the lossless AIFF format.

Q2. What is the duration required to convert MP4 to AIFF?

A2. Depending on the file size and the computer's speed, conversion times might vary from a few seconds to several minutes.

Q3. Can I use my mobile device to convert MP4 to AIFF?

A3. Mobile device conversion is possible with programs like "The Audio Converter" for iOS and "Media Converter" for Android.

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