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5 Most Convenient MP3 to Opus Converters You Should Try

It would be good if you convert MP3 to Opus because OPUS has a lower-latency quality, Again it has a slightly superior sound quality compared to MP3. If you want to convert MP3 to OPUS, we'll show the best MP3 to OPUS converter to use and the simplest process to follow when converting MP3 to OPUS.

convert mp3 to opus

While using software like the HitPaw Video Converter would be the best option for MP3 to OPUS conversion in bulk and no quality loss, online MP3 to Opus converters are free to use. Keep reading to know the top 5 MP3 to OPUS online converters you should try.

Part 1. Opus vs MP3

In reality, OPUS audio requires a lower bit rate to achieve a specified sound quality, making it a better format than MP3 audio. Nevertheless, the MP3 format enjoys more robust device support compared to OPUS and has more users. OPUS is a lossy audio format commonly used by YouTube to extract audio data from video to store in separate audio streams.

Here is a summary of OPUS vs MP3.

Video format Opus MP3
Release time 2012 1991
Developer Fraunhofer Institute IETF codec working group
Codec OPUS codec MP3 codec
Extension .opus .mp3
Supported devices FFmpeg, AIMP, Amarok, cmus, foobar2000, Mpxplay, MusicBee, SMplayer, VLC media player, Winamp VLC media player, MPlayer, Winamp, foobar2000.
Bitrate 6 kbps to 510 kbps 96 to 320Kbps
Upsides Small file size supported by many systems
Downsides Plays on limited systems Possible audio information loss

Part 2. The Best MP3 to OPUS Converter

You should convert MP3 to OPUS if you want a nicer audio quality. Practically, when converting MP3 to OPUS, you need a tool with customization features to ensure the files' output quality meets your requirements. With the HitPaw Video Converter, it's simple to customize your audio and video output settings. This program is easy to use and converts audio and video files while preserving the original quality.

To convert a batch of MP3 files to OPUS, you need the HitPaw Video Converter.

HitPaw Video Converter's Advantages

  • Supports bulk conversion of audio and video files
  • Supports conversion of files from/to 1000+ formats
  • Edit audio and video before or after conversion
  • Converts files at 120X faster speed
  • Provide lossless conversion thus preserving the original quality of your songs
  • Supports downloading of audio from Netflix, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify, Deezer and many more sites

How to Convert MP3 to Opus with HitPaw Video Converter

Converting MP3 to OPUS has never been this quick and easy before. Follow the steps below to change MP3 to OPUS on your computer.

  • Step 1:Free download and install the HitPaw Video Converter on your Windows PC or Mac. Launch this software and import your MP3 audio files.

    import mp3 to convert
  • Step 2:Click the Convert all to option to expand the output formats. In the Audio category, please select OPUS as the output format.

    mp3 to opus converter
  • Step 3:Click “Convert” or “Convert All” to convert MP3 to OPUS without quality loss.

    converting mp3 to opus

Part 3. Convert MP3 to OPUS Online

Converting MP3 to OPUS online is free and doesn't require giving out your private data. Besides the limitation of features, converting audio using online audio converters is safe and more convenient. Here are the top most reliable free MP3 to OPUS online converters.

1. Convertio

Convertio supports batch conversion of MP3 audio files to OPUS audio format. This online tool is simple to use but sadly, it's filled with adverts that you've to navigate. It supports a wide range of audio formats such as M4A, AU, OPUS, OGG, MP3, etc. Convertio allows you to edit the file's bitrate, audio channel, sampling rate, adjust volume, and cut audio. Using this tool, you cannot convert audio files exceeding 100MB per day.

convert mp3 to opus online
  • Easy-to-use user interface.
  • Supports audio quality customization.
  • maximum upload size limit is 100MB.

2. InVideo

To quickly and without much hustle change your MP3 audio files to OPUS audion, use the InVideo online converter. It also offers seamless conversion without compromising the audio quality. After converting audio files using InVideo, you'll find every detail preserved.

Go to InVideo's MP3 converter tool, and upload the MP3 audio file to convert. Choose OPUS as your desired output, and click convert to initiate the conversion process.

mp3 to opus converter online
  • Preserves audio quality and details.
  • Free, quick, and simple to use.
  • Doesn't require downloading or registering for an account.
  • High upload limit of 800MB.
  • Doesn't support batch conversion.

3. Aconvert

Using the customization features on this audio online converter, your OPUS file will have the most suitable bitrate and Sample rate. It converts audio and video files of up to 200MB per day. And if you're new to audio conversion, you'll find Aconvert easy and quick to use. This tool can convert a wide range of formats including WAV, AAC, AU, WMA, FLAC, M4A, MP3, OGG, AIFF, and OPUS.

free mp3 to opus converter
  • Converts both audio and video.
  • Has a file analyzer feature to give the original audio information.
  • It has the Cut, Merge, Extract, and compress features
  • The upload limit is 200MB per day.
  • cannot convert protected or encrypted audio files

Part 4. FAQs About Converting MP3 to OPUS

Q1. Is Opus Better Than MP3?

A1. Yes. If you listen to MP3 and OPUS clips playing at the same bitrate, Opus will have a better sound quality than MP3. It also compresses large files thus reducing their file size.

Q2. Can Windows Open Opus Files?

A2. No. Windows cannot open OPUS files since. Windows doesn't support OPUS and top open OPUS files use VLC, Winamp, Zoom Player, and SMPlayer.


Whether you want to use software like the HitPaw Video Converter or an online audio converter to convert MP3 to OPUS, or Opus to MP3, you now have the best tool to use. OPUS is a lossy audio format supported by limited media players. Before converting MP3 to OPUS, consider the platform or media player likely to stream your audio.

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