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Top 10 Jackie Chan Movies Download with An Effective Way

"Embark on an action-packed journey with our guide to the top 10 Jackie Chan movies and an effective way to download them. From martial arts masterpieces to comedic gems, these films showcase Jackie Chan's legendary talent and charisma.

Join us as we explore each movie's highlights and provide a simple and safe method for downloading them, ensuring you can enjoy Jackie Chan's iconic performances anytime, anywhere."

Part 1. Top 10 Jackie Chan Movies You Should Watch

"Experience the adrenaline-pumping action and comedic genius of Jackie Chan with our list of the top 10 must-watch movies. From iconic martial arts classics to thrilling police dramas, Jackie Chan's films never fail to entertain and awe audiences worldwide. Join us as we journey through his illustrious career and introduce each movie, accompanied by a brief overview and captivating imagery."

1. "Drunken Master" (1978)

download film jackie chan

In "Drunken Master", Jackie Chan's portrayal of Wong Fei-hung not only highlights his remarkable martial arts prowess and comedic flair but also delves into the character's journey from a mischievous youth to a disciplined martial artist. As Wong Fei-hung masters the art of Drunken Boxing under the guidance of a skilled mentor, the film blends exhilarating fight sequences with moments of humor, creating an enduring martial arts classic celebrated for its action-packed choreography and charismatic performance by Chan.

2. "Police Story" (1985)

download jackie chan films

"Police Story" follows Chan as Inspector Chan Ka-kui, a courageous cop tasked with bringing down a drug lord. Known for its groundbreaking action sequences and thrilling stunts, this film solidified Jackie Chan's status as an action superstar.

3. "Project A" (1983)

drunken master jackie chan full movie

In "Project A", Chan portrays Dragon Ma, a fearless coast guard officer battling pirates and corrupt officials in 19th-century Hong Kong. Filled with breathtaking stunts and comedic moments, this film is a true Jackie Chan classic.

4. "Armor of God" (1986)

film jackie chan full movie

"Armor of God" follows Jackie Chan as a treasure hunter seeking mythical artifacts to rescue his ex-girlfriend. Known for its dangerous stunts and thrilling action sequences, this film solidified Chan's reputation as a daredevil performer.

5. "Police Story 2" (1988)

full movie jackie chan

In this sequel to "Police Story", Jackie Chan reprises his role as Inspector Chan Ka-kui, facing off against a vengeful gangster seeking revenge. "Police Story 2" is praised for its intense action scenes and intricate plot.

6. "Drunken Master II" (1994)

Complete Jackie Chan movie

"Drunken Master II" sees Jackie Chan return as Wong Fei-hung, this time facing off against a ruthless assassin and his gang. Known for its intricate fight choreography and comedic elements, this film is a fan favorite among martial arts enthusiasts.

7. "Supercop" (1992)

Full-length Jackie Chan film

"Supercop" follows Chan as Inspector Chan Ka-kui, teaming up with a Chinese police officer to take down a drug lord in Malaysia. Praised for its high-octane action and thrilling stunts, this film showcases Jackie Chan at his best.

8. "Rumble in the Bronx" (1995)

Jackie Chan feature film

Set in New York City, "Rumble in the Bronx" follows Chan as a Hong Kong cop who gets caught up in a turf war with a street gang. Known for its exhilarating action sequences and innovative stunts, this film is a standout in Chan's filmography.

9. "Who Am I?" (1998)

Entire Jackie Chan movie

"Who Am I?" follows Chan as a secret agent suffering from amnesia who embarks on a journey to uncover his true identity. Filled with thrilling action scenes and breathtaking stunts, this film showcases Jackie Chan's versatility as an actor and performer.

10. "The Legend of Drunken Master" (1994)

Jackie Chan flick in its entirety

"The Legend of Drunken Master" sees Chan reprise his role as Wong Fei-hung, this time battling a group of foreigners trying to smuggle ancient Chinese artifacts out of the country. Known for its innovative fight choreography and jaw-dropping stunts, this film is a true martial arts classic.

Part 2. Download Jackie Chan Films with HitPaw Video Converter

For users looking to download Jackie Chan Films hassle-free, HitPaw Video Converter provides a reliable solution. HitPaw Video Converter supports an intuitive interface and robust functionality and supports downloads from over 1000 different websites so that users can have a seamless offline watching experience.

Why Choose HitPaw Video Converter to Download Jackie Chan Films

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Steps to Download Action Movie (Netflix Example)

  • Step 1 —Download and install HitPaw Video Converter on your computer and open it.

  • Step 2 —After installing, launch it and find Netflix Video Downloader on Toolbox Tab. Click and open it.

    download Full version of a Jackie Chan movie
  • Step 3 —Sign in your Netflix account to prepare to download.

    download Full version of a Jackie Chan movie
  • Step 4 —Now, search for action movies on Netflix. After choosing, click "Download" button.

    download Full version of a Jackie Chan movie
  • Step 5 —And then press the Download button. You can customize your downloading, such as choosing video files, resolution, audio and subtitle that meet your needs. After setting up, click the Download button and begin downloading.

    download Full version of a Jackie Chan movie
  • Step 6 —When the download task completed, you can find the downloaded Netflix episodes in your “Save to” folder.

    download Full version of a Jackie Chan movie

Watch the following video to learn more details:

Part 3. FAQs of Film Jackie Chan Full Movie

Q1. Is Jackie Chan in any Disney movies?

A1. Yes, Jackie Chan starred in the Disney film "Shanghai Noon" (2000) and its sequel "Shanghai Knights" (2003), where he portrayed the character Chon Wang, a Chinese Imperial Guard who teams up with an outlaw.

Q2. What is the title of Jackie Chan's latest movie?

A2. As of the latest update, Jackie Chan's latest movie is "Vanguard" (2020), where he portrays the character Tang Huanting, the leader of a security company tasked with protecting a wealthy businessman's daughter from a terrorist organization.


In summary, exploring Jackie Chan's filmography offers a thrilling journey through martial arts mastery and comedic brilliance. With our list of top 10 movies, viewers can immerse themselves in Chan's iconic performances and unforgettable action sequences.

For seamless offline viewing of these cinematic gems, consider utilizing HitPaw Video Converter. Its versatile features make it an ideal tool for downloading, organizing, and enjoying Jackie Chan's movies anytime, anywhere.

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