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Top 10 Most Viewed Nursery Rhymes Videos on YouTube

Nursery rhymes have been a cornerstone of early childhood education and entertainment for generations. With the advent of YouTube, these classic tunes have found a new home, delighting children and parents alike with colorful animations and catchy melodies. This article delves into the most viewed nursery rhymes videos on YouTube, highlighting the top ten favorites that have captured the hearts of millions around the globe.

Part 1: What Are the Most Viewed Nursery Rhyme Videos on YouTube?

With YouTube, these timeless rhymes have been transformed into engaging videos that captivate young audiences with colorful animations and fun characters. These videos are incredibly popular, often amassing hundreds of millions of views. Here, we explore the top ten most viewed nursery rhyme videos on YouTube, highlighting the favorites that have become essential in the digital lives of children worldwide.

1. Baa Baa Black Sheep Nursery Rhyme Video

"Baa Baa Black Sheep" is a timeless nursery rhyme that has been sung to children for generations. Its simple melody and repetitive structure make it an easy favorite for young learners. On YouTube, this classic has been revitalized with vibrant animations, engaging storytelling, and delightful characters, making it a hit among preschoolers.

baa baa black sheep nursery rhyme video

2. ChuChu TV Itsy Bitsy Spider Nursery Rhyme Video

ChuChu TV's rendition of "Itsy Bitsy Spider" brings this beloved nursery rhyme to life with their signature high-quality animations and catchy tunes. The video features a charming spider character and an engaging storyline that teaches resilience and determination in a fun, musical way.

chuchu tv itsy bitsy spider nursery rhyme videos

3. Baby Shark Dance | Sing and Dance

Baby Shark Dance by Pinkfong has become a global phenomenon, captivating children with its infectious tune and simple, repetitive lyrics. The video combines colorful animations and a fun dance routine that kids love to follow along with.

best nursery rhyme videos

4. Wheels on the Bus by Cocomelon

Cocomelon's "Wheels on the Bus" video is a favorite among young children, offering a vibrant and interactive version of this classic nursery rhyme. The video features a cheerful bus ride filled with singing, dancing, and educational content.

nursery rhymes videos

5. Johny Johny Yes Papa by LooLoo Kids

"Johny Johny Yes Papa" is a playful nursery rhyme that has gained immense popularity on YouTube. The video by LooLoo Kids showcases adorable characters and a humorous storyline that teaches kids about honesty and the consequences of fibbing.

popular nursery rhymes videos

6. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star by Super Simple Songs

Super Simple Songs' version of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" offers a soothing rendition of this beloved lullaby. The video combines gentle animations with calming music, making it a perfect bedtime favorite.

nursery rhymes video

7. Five Little Ducks by The Kiboomers

"Five Little Ducks" by The Kiboomers is a fun and educational nursery rhyme that helps children learn to count. The video features cute duck characters and an engaging story that keeps kids entertained while they learn.

best nursery rhymes video

8. Old MacDonald Had a Farm by Bounce Patrol

Bounce Patrol's "Old MacDonald Had a Farm" brings this classic nursery rhyme to life with lively performances and vibrant animations. The video introduces children to various farm animals and the sounds they make, making it both fun and educational.

nursery rhymes and videos

9. If You're Happy and You Know It by Mother Goose Club

Mother Goose Club's rendition of "If You're Happy and You Know It" is a joyful and interactive video that encourages children to participate by clapping their hands, stomping their feet, and more. The energetic performances and catchy tune make it a favorite sing-along song.

nursery rhyme video

10. Humpty Dumpty by Little Baby Bum

Little Baby Bum's "Humpty Dumpty" offers a fresh take on this classic nursery rhyme with engaging animations and a captivating storyline. The video is designed to entertain while subtly teaching lessons about balance and caution.

videos of nursery rhymes

Part 2: How Can I Download Nursery Rhymes on YouTube for Free Offline Playback?

Nursery rhymes have always been integral to early childhood education, teaching language, rhythm, and basic concepts through catchy tunes and repetitive structures. For parents and caregivers, having access to nursery rhymes offline can be incredibly convenient, especially during travel or in areas with limited internet connectivity. HitPaw Video Converter provides a simple and effective solution for downloading YouTube videos for offline playback.

  • Supports downloading videos in various resolutions, including HD
  • Quick download nursery rhymes and videos without quality loss
  • Allows downloading multiple videos of of nursery rhymes at once
  • Easy to navigate, making it suitable for users of all skill levels
  • Converts videos to multiple formats compatible with various devices
  • Step 1.Open YouTube and navigate to the nursery rhyme video you want to download. Copy the URL from the address bar.

    download nursery rhymes video
  • Step 2.Launch Hitpaw Video Converter and go to the Download tab Paste URL the copied YouTube link.

    download nursery rhyme videos
  • Step 3.Choose the output format and quality settings according to your preference. For offline playback on most devices, MP4 format is recommended.

    download nursery rhymes videos
  • Step 4.Click on the "Download" button to begin the download process. Once the process is finished, navigate to the designated folder on your computer.

    download nursery rhymes videos youtube


Nursery rhymes on YouTube have revolutionized the way children engage with classic songs, combining traditional tunes with modern animations to create a captivating experience. With millions of views, these videos have proven to be invaluable resources for both entertainment and education. For parents and caregivers looking to provide seamless access to these beloved rhymes, tools like HitPaw Video Converter make downloading and offline playback easy and efficient. Enjoy the magic of nursery rhymes anytime, anywhere!

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