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Cat Translator App: Chat with Your Cats

Do you know enough about your cats? Do you want to know what the meow means in human language? Do you want to tell your cats how much you love them? Why not use a cat translator app to chat with your cat? Let's have more fun with your cats.

Each cat has a unique vocabulary that they use to communicate with their owners consistently when in the same context. Using a cat language translator can help you interpret the real meaning of cat language.

Part1: 4 BEST Cat Translator Apps You Cannot Miss in 2024

MeowTalk Cat Translator for both IOS & Android

cat translator

MeowTalk Cat Translator is a phone application designed specifically for cats and humans which utilizes advanced technology to translate and interpret cat language, helping users to understand and communicate with their feline companion.

Suitable systems: IOS & Android


  • Automatically identify the cat sounds and translate them into human language
  • Provides a platform for cat owners to connect and share their experiences
  • You can use this app on iPad


  • It may not always capture the full complexity of feline communication
  • Still have limitations in accurately interpreting every cat's specific vocal patterns

Human-to-Cat Translator

human to cat translator

This is a very simple and practical human to cat translator software that can play the corresponding meows by pressing the button, so that your cat can understand what you are talking about.



Requires iOS 16.4 or later.


Requires iPadOS 16.4 or later.


  • More than a dozen cat languages, enough to communicate with your cat
  • Simple and practical, the page is clean and there are no ads


  • Android system unfriendly
  • Can't translate cat's language into human language

Human to Cat Translator|iOS only

human to cat translator2

This is an Apple Store cat translator app, which aims to bridge the communication gap between humans and cats by translating human speech into cat-like vocalizations. It provides a means for humans to express their intentions and emotions to their feline companions in a way that cats may understand or find familiar.


  • Fixed crashes on iOS 13 and below
  • Fixed crashes related to app widget
  • Improved dark mode and app animations
  • Press the icon and pronounce the cat language
  • Can use at Ipad, Mac, and IMessage


  • No suitable for Android system
  • Can't translate cat's language into humans

Cat's Translator Meow

meow translate

Human-to-Cat Translator actually performs audio analysis on your voice and regurgitates carefully meows according to your input. Instead of telling your kitty "meow" you can catch their attention with their language. Press PLAY and Just record your voice and tap to translate or use ready made phrases.


  • 12 high quality cat orders.
  • Software actually performs analysis on voice input.
  • Supports 21 human languages.


  • iOS only
  • Images only, without text description

Part2: Besides Cat Translator App: Learn to Know Your Cat Sounds

Each cat has its own unique meowing, but cats never meow to their own kind, what they meow is a language to humans. In addition to observing the cat's body, voice, and expression, understanding the meaning of the cat's meow is the most basic. In other words, you can translated cats by yourself. Even they sound different, but all their cat languages are basically the same.

cat meow sound

  • Meowing: cats usually meow to communicate with humans, which can vary depending on the cat's tone, pitch, and context. It can indicate many emotion, like hunger, a request for attention, greeting, or anger.
  • Purring: cats often purr when they are content, relaxed, or seeking comfort. Cats also purr to relax themselves when they are nervous. If you take your cat for a ride in the car and it purrs while it is motionless, it is likely that it feels nervous rather than comfortable.
  • Chirping and trilling: mama cat are usually sound chirping and trilling to call their kids to prevent their babies get lost. If you hear your cats trilling, she might greeting you return home from work.
  • Hissing and Growling: cats usually hiss or growl to other to show their power however, this sound often indicates fear, aggression, or feeling threatened. It's a warning sign to stay away or back off.
  • Yowling: cats usually yowling in a loud and drawn-out way to express their signify distress, pain, anxiety, or even mating behaviors.
  • Chattering: cats often chatter their teeth when they see prey, such as birds or squirrels, through a window. It's an instinctive behavior that mimics the motion of biting and capturing prey.

Part3: FAQs of Cat Translator Apps

Q1. Can we translate cat voice?

A1. Essentially, the app technology works like this: we created a proprietary AI-powered model and trained it on cat vocalizations collected and labeled by veterinarians during scientific research. AI analyzes sounds captured by your phone, recognizes cat meows, and interprets them into human language.

Q2. How do you say "I love you" in cat language?

A2. Go for the Slow Blink: You can say “I love you” to your cat by looking at them with relaxed eyes and slowly lowering your eyelids. Your cat may offer a slow blink in return, letting you know they love you, too!

Best Cat Soundboard Work with Cat Translator Apps

I know you want to use cat translator to tell your cats how much you love her, therefore you can try HitPaw Voice Changer which provides soundboard function that you can use cat sound effect to attract your cats attention.

HitPaw Voice Changer is a real-time AI voice changer specialized for live streaming, video editor, online gamer and voice changing lovers. It provides 100+ sound sources that can meet most of your need.

HitPaw Voice Changer Features

  • AI voice changer makes voice chat more fun
  • Dozens of voice changing effects, suitable for any live environment
  • Make voice changing in real-time
  • Provides dozens soundboard add more interesting effects
  • Changing video voices helps you create an unique videos
  • AI music can blend different songs together to create unique compositions

Steps to use cat soundboard

Step1: Download HitPaw Voice Changer and launch

Step2: Choose Sound Effects

Click the "Soundboard" option on the left and choose your preferred sound effects. HitPaw Voice Changer provides meow sound, frog croaking, birds singing, mouse squeaks and monkey barks so that you can use them to attract your cats.

hitpaw soundboard

Step 3: Adjust Settings

View the bottom area of software, you can switch "Hear Myself" and "Voice Changer" button to preview the sound and you can also activate "Noise Reduction" to clear background noises.

hitpaw soundboard

Step 4: Adjust Sound Settings

You can adjust the volume of the sound effects on the right side according to your needs.

hitpaw soundboard


I am so happy that you cats can meet such a lovely person like you who use a cat translator to try to talk. You can try the four cat language translator as written before to show you love and kindness to your cat.

In addiction, you can use HitPaw Voice Changer to play some animals sound to attract your cats attention as a way to interact with them. If your cat ignores the sounds, it's not necessarily that she can't hear them, it's just that she doesn't want to pay attention to you.

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