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Top 20 Submagic Alternatives to Create Impressive Videos

Submagic is an AI platform that creates captivating videos for social media platforms. Many content creators rely on it to add captions, transitions, and sound effects to their videos. Undoubtedly, it’s a good program, but users searching for more advanced features should read this article. Here, we have enlisted Submagic alternatives and competitors so you can decide which tool suits your needs.

1. HitPaw Edimakor

HitPaw Edimakor is an AI video editor that is a top-tier alternative to Submagic. With AI-driven features, it can uplift your content to go viral on any social media platform. It provides rich resources to polish your video with unique transitions, stickers, and filters.

hitpaw edimakor submagic alternative
Key Features
  • It can convert video voice or audio into subtitles accurately with AI.
  • It can convert text into speech with more than 400 AI voices.
  • Edimakor generates customized scripts in more than 20 languages.
  • Users can change the voice of their audio files.
  • It offers dedicated option to download video and audio within the platform by pasting the link.
  • After generating subtitles, you can export them in SRT, VTT, and other formats.
  • Free users are restricted to using the AI video generator for a limited time.
Rating: 5/5

2. Klap

This Submagic-free alternative is known for turning videos into viral shorts with AI. It can auto-reframe videos to highlight the important parts of them. In this regard, you just have to paste a URL link of a YouTube video and let AI process it.

klap submagic alternative
Key Features
  • It can generate engaging captions to keep the viewers attentive.
  • AI editor extracts the best video shots to turn them into short clips.
  • You can customize captions’ text style, font, and color.
  • AI algorithms work on talking videos such as podcasts and interviews.
  • This platform supports more than 52 languages for editing.
  • Lack of basic editing features, such as trimming unnecessary shots.
Rating: 3/5

3. 2short.ai

Optimize your reach with 2short.ai, which is tailored to extract the best moments of videos. This Submagic alternative can elevate your content for YouTube, TikTok, or other platforms. With the help of AI, it can boost your subscribers by repurposing lengthy videos.

2short ai submagic alternative
Key Features
  • It can insert animated subtitles into your videos with one click.
  • Adjust the aspect ratio of clips from horizontal to vertical and square.
  • AI detects faces in your video to keep them in the center.
  • Allows you to add branding logos and overlays in videos.
  • You can download watermark-free videos after editing.
  • It does not allow you to change the music and speed of videos.
Rating: 4.5/5

4. EditAir

To craft perfect short videos automatically, EditAir is designed with AI integration. It can turn your lengthy videos into short clips that uplift your content impressions. Besides, this platform can customize your captions into various fonts and colors.

editair submagic alternative
Key Features
  • With smart crop and blur crop, the clips can be resized.
  • Intellect search in this tool can find clips based on emotions and tones.
  • Support various languages, like English, German, and Spanish.
  • Directly post videos on social media platforms such as TikTok.
  • Caters to all users’ needs by generating video in all resolutions.
  • Impose a watermark on your project while saving them on your device.
Rating: 4.3/5

5. GlossAi

Short videos generated by GlossAi can easily grab the audience’s attention. To make them accessible worldwide, it can transcribe and dub them into other languages. This Submagic free alternative can export files on any social media platform.

gloss ai submagic alternative
Key Features
  • AI can convert the aspect ratio automatically as required.
  • The transformed video contains an attractive intro and an outro due to AI.
  • Tweak videos with a powerful AI editor.
  • Using its free version, you can upload videos of 30 minutes.
  • Tweak videos with a powerful AI editor.
  • It takes a long processing time, which frustrates users.
Rating: 4.7/5

6. Pictory.ai

Content creators must be familiar with this Submagic alternative. This program is designed to turn lengthy videos into branded video snippets. Apart from that, it can transform your scripts into professional videos with AI voices.

pictory ai submagic alternative
Key Features
  • Automatically extracts key moments from Zoom recordings and podcasts.
  • Insert auto-captions in videos to increase content views.
  • Offers collaborative space so teammates can share ideas.
  • With text-based editing, it can remove filler words.
  • Transcribe lengthy recordings and educational videos.
  • AI-generated voiceovers sound too robotic.
Rating: 4.7/5

7. Vidyo.ai

Like other Submagic alternatives, this software also turns lengthy videos into shorts. Exclusively, it provides customizable templates tailored for social media content posting. Moreover, it adds subtitles where you can highlight certain words and insert emojis.

vidyo ai submagic alternative
Key Features
  • Generates attention-grabbing descriptions and titles for videos to go viral.
  • Offers royalty-free assets such as videos, images, and audio.
  • Transform videos in split-screen views and perform other complex editing.
  • With one click, the generated video gets uploaded on all social media platforms.
  • For more views, it can add emojis and hand gestures automatically with AI.
  • AI conversion of videos into short clips diminishes the original quality.
Rating: 4.2/5

8. Vizard.ai

Repurposing videos is a lot easier with this AI platform named Vizard.ai. It is an incredible Submagic alternative that identifies the best shots of your videos and generates more than 10 short clips. The auto-reframe in this software can convert your landscape videos into vertical.

vizard ai submagic alternative
Key Features
  • Vizard.ai can generate transcriptions that can be edited later.
  • It can also generate subtitles and translate them into over 30 languages.
  • Apart from repurposing, you can trim and split footage.
  • Allows you to share the output video via a link.
  • Align results to expand reach on various social media platforms.
  • Free users cannot export a watermark-free video.
Rating: 4.2/5

9. Shrynk

Shyrnk is an AI-powered video highlights maker, the ultimate solution for content creators to go viral. They upload videos on this platform to get the most interesting parts of their content. This tool is designed for professional reel making, especially for sports scenarios.

shrynk submagic alternative
Key Features
  • Detects the interesting parts from vertical videos to turn them short.
  • Comes up with multiple professional assets.
  • Simplify video analysis while retaining the original quality.
  • Allows you to download results right on your device instantly.
  • Automates the routine tasks of sports and broadcasting channels.
  • Beginners need guides and tutorials to use these platforms.
Rating: 3.3/5

10. Wisecut

It is an easy-to-use AI video editor to cut and edit videos with AI-driven features. This Submagic alternative for free can convert your boring and lengthy videos into impactful short footage. For this purpose, it uses AI that deletes the pauses from talking videos.

wisecut submagic alternative
Key Features
  • Improve content engagements with Auto-generated subtitles.
  • Insert smart background music that fits with the content.
  • Lower the music when someone is speaking with automatic audio ducking.
  • Offer cloud storage service to integrate with teammates.
  • Export videos in 720p and 4Ka resolution, based on your plan.
  • Add a watermark to the video if you are a free user.
Rating: 4.6/5

11. Nova A.I

Another reliable Submagic alternative is Nova A.I., which has basic to advanced video editing features. From basic editing tools, it can cut, collide, and trim video with the timeline-based editor. Additionally, you can add subtitles, music, and transitions to make the video impressive.

nova ai submagic alternative
Key Features
  • Unlimited assets library for stock images and audio.
  • Generate subtitles and allows you to export them in SRT, TXT, or VTT format.
  • Turn your text into speech with AI male or female voices.
  • You can translate videos into over 75 languages.
  • Resize the video so users can post it on their social media.
  • Many users find editing on this platform a bit clunky.
Rating: 4/5

12. Kapwing

This competitor of Submagic is a modern video creator that aims to streamline teamwork. To repurpose videos, it processes video speeches, lectures, and product reviews of up to 10 minutes. Other than that, you can add subtitles and transcribe video content.

nova ai submagic alternative
Key Features
  • The resource library offers countless transitions, elements, and audio.
  • You can import media through a URL link or from your device.
  • Offers trending templates to create videos effortlessly.
  • Business account users can translate videos of up to 900 minutes per month.
  • Share the polished videos after creating a URL link.
  • Playback shows glitches while processing lengthy videos.
Rating: 4.4/5

13. Qlip

Count on this Submagic free alternative if you want to extract the finest shots out of long videos. It works 10x faster to improve your content reach 5 times more on social media. Keeping in view the attention span of viewers, Qlip assembles killer shots from videos.

qlip submagic alternative
Key Features
  • The text-based editors can remove filler words from transcription.
  • Generate highlights similar to your previous viral content after AI analysis.
  • Process conversational videos such as podcasts and interviews.
  • After creating videos, users can share them on YouTube and TikTok.
  • You can resize and alter the ending or starting point of videos.
  • Limited to processing with French and English languages.
Rating: 4.1/5

14. Video Tap

Marketers should use this Subamgic alternative because of its AI video repurposing abilities. This program takes detailed videos and tailors them to social media content. Within simple steps, users get videos to publish on Instagram, X, and YouTube.

video tap submagic alternative
Key Features
  • Create blog posts, tweets, and chapters from videos.
  • Generate lengthy descriptions and concise summaries.
  • Get subtitles from videos in VTT and SRT format.
  • Offers video transcriptions of videos.
  • Repurpose 3 video clips for free version users.
  • You cannot get tailored social media clips without a subscribed version.
Rating: 4.5/5

15. Momento

Now, let us introduce you to a dedicated video shorts creator, another Submagic alternative free. With its help, you can raise your social media account reach up to 10 times faster. It can even manage your accounts by scheduling content posting according to current trends.

momento submagic alternative
Key Features
  • Insert captions and emojis to increase visual interest.
  • It can auto-frame the video with AI support.
  • AI can write blog posts and articles for videos.
  • Cut filler words from videos with text-based editing.
  • Generate impressive short videos within 3 simple clicks.
  • Restrict priority-based AI processing to free account holders.
Rating: 4.2/5

16. Klipme

Whether editing professionally captured moments or regular clips, Klipme assists exceptionally. It’s a Powerful Submagic alternative that is known for AI clip-making. This platform is designed to create content for Instagram, YouTube and TikTok.

klipme submagic alternative
Key Features
  • To meet your needs, it turns horizontal clips into vertical videos.
  • Add subtitles automatically based on the spoken words.
  • Set the video pace according to the audio rhythm.
  • Captures the essence of lengthy videos by generating summaries.
  • Transforms simple videos into stylish and animated ones.
  • Lack of basic editing tools for which you have to move to another software.
Rating: 4.1/5

17. FlexClip

FlexClip is a multi-purpose video editor that offers flexible editing tools for stunning videos. When it comes to making effortless videos, this software provides predesigned video templates. Besides, you can get millions of dynamic assets, including animations and transitions.

flexclip submagic alternative
Key Features
  • Record screen and remove backgrounds with AI cutout tools.
  • Offers an extensive library of international music.
  • Convert text to speech and speech to text with AI-driven features.
  • Cloud-based video solution allows you to collaborate with your editing crew.
  • You can share the final product via a link without downloading it.
  • Do not allow you to process lengthy videos.
Rating: 4.4/5

18. HitPaw Online Video Editor

If you are still searching for the most reliable Submagic alternative for free, try this online platform. It is a remarkable video editor with various useful features. You can slow down or speed up your shots to the extent you want with the help of a slider.

hitpaw online submagic alternative
Key Features
  • Add a watermark in your clips to reinforce branding.
  • Remove the watermark if you want a professional appearance.
  • You can reverse clips with your preset speed.
  • Beginners and professionals can perform complex editing quickly.
  • Trim or cut unwanted clips from videos.
  • The URL link for video sharing remains valid for 3 days only.
Rating: 4.4/5

19. Opus Clip

Opus Clip is the one that offers countless options to make your video stand out. The reason is that it offers a range of brand templates for a seamless video creation journey. Furthermore, it turns your captions animated and removes filler words for professional-sounding videos.

opus clip submagic alternative
Key Features
  • You can drop Zoom links, Google Drive, and Dropbox links to import videos.
  • Translate captions in more than 15 languages.
  • With dynamic AI layouts, users can resize their videos.
  • Gives you more control over videos’ timeframes with AI Copilot.
  • Show virality score to estimate the potential of your clip to go viral.
  • Does not guarantee the quality of output videos.
Rating: 4.2/5

20. Munch

End your search for a Submagic alternative and go for Munch, which is known for content repurposing. With its AI-driven functionalities, you can trend on any social media. This software can generate impactful descriptions and captions tailored to the streaming platforms.

munch submagic alternative
Key Features
  • Auto-crop the aspect ratio of clips to align your needs.
  • It generates keyword analytics to make your content trend.
  • Match clips with existing viral videos on social media.
  • You can create videos on your smartphone using Munch.
  • Retain the original quality in output without adding a watermark.
  • It offers no trial version for interested users and pushes them to buy.
Rating: 3.9/5


In short, many Submagic alternatives are available online to make videos viral on social media. They can repurpose your lengthy conversational videos into engaging shorts. Apart from that, they can add subtitles and captions to your video with AI support. So far, HitPaw Edimakor is preferred by more users due to its powerful video editing functionalities.

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