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6 Best Split Screen Video Editors Free (All Devices)

You have the opportunity to explore six free split-screen video editors compatible with all devices. You can take advantage of the intuitive interfaces and powerful features of the best split screen video editor to craft stunning split-screen videos effortlessly. You'll find these versatile tools accessible and perfect for elevating your editing experience on any platform.

Part 1: What is Split Screen Video Editing?

Split-screen video editing is a useful technique that allows you to view two or more videos or photos concurrently on the screen. It lets you convey several stories at once, compare situations, and juxtapose content. Split-screen editing gives you the freedom to make visually striking and captivating videos. For this purpose, you can choose the best video editor for split screen from the given list of tools.

best split screen video editor

Part 2: Top 6 Split Screen Video Editors

You can access the top split video editors to show two videos on the same screen by using split screen video editors:

Best Split Screen Video Editors for PC

HitPaw Edimakor(Video Editor) stands out as one of the best options for free split screen video editor since it has an extensive feature set designed to make editing sessions smooth. Because of its intuitive design, HitPaw Edimakor may be used by both beginners as well as seasoned users.

With the use of its split-screen capability, users may arrange photos or video clips to fit any desired area of the screen which facilitates multi-angle presentations and imaginative storytelling.

How to Split Screen Using HitPaw Edimakor?

  • Step 1: Open HitPaw Edimakor
  • To use the split screen feature, you have to open the HitPaw Edimakor tool. You can download and then install it to your device.

    free split screen video editor
  • Step 2: Import Media
  • Next, you have to import the media to your device. For this, choose the media option from the left corner and input both of the videos or pictures.

    how to split screen on video editor
  • Step 3: Move to Timeline
  • Here, you have to move both of the videos or pictures on the timeline so that they can be split on the screen.

    best video editor for split screen
  • Step 4: Customization
  • Yiu will also allowed to customize the split video. You will see the aspect ratio option right below the main screen. Here, you can choose the ratio according to your need.

    microsoft video editor split screen
  • Step 5: Export Video
  • Now, you will see an export option on the right top side. Tap on it and it will export your videos to your device.

    split screen video editor

    2 Best Split Screen Video Editors for Mobile

    Here are the split screen video editors that you can use on our mobile phone for learning how to split screen in video editor:

    1. 4xCamera

    As many as four simultaneous video and audio inputs can be supported by 4xCamera. The program supports three standard aspect ratios for video production and provides simple multi-screen capabilities. You may even use 4xCamera's native recording features, which are specifically designed to capture live music.

    split screen video editor iphone
    1. AI Video Editor

    Split-screen video editing is the main purpose of the AI Video Editor. This program allows you to use a predefined template to mix various video clips onto one screen. With AI Video Editor, you can quickly and simply import files from your camera roll, edit your movie, and then export it in an easy-to-use manner.

    split screen online video editor

    3 Best Split Screen Video Editors Online

    If you want to access split screen video editor app that can be used online then the given tools are here for you:

    1. Openshot Video Editor Split Screen

    OpenShot Video Editor lets users see multiple videos at once and provides an easy-to-use method for producing split-screen effects. The user-friendly interface of openshot video editor split screen makes it simple for users to rearrange and resize video clips inside the timeline, allowing split-screen layouts to be seamlessly included in projects.

    openshot video editor split screen
    1. Riverside Video Editor Split Screen

    Once your video is finished, you may use the integrated editing suite. This is where you may upload more music and change the size and aspect ratio. There are several split-screen layout templates available for selection. The primary screen of the platform features an AI speaker view that displays the person speaking at that moment.

    how to split screen in video editor
    1. Movavi Video Editor Split Screen

    Popular video editing software, Movavi provides a wide range of native production capabilities for movavi video editor split screen. The technique makes it simple to create additional split-screen frames and also allows you to edit and crop video files. Even more power over video editing is available to inexperienced filmmakers because of Movavi's preset filters and transitions.

    movavi video editor split screen

Part 3:Tips for Choosing the Best Split Screen Video Editor

The following elements should be taken into account while choosing the finest split screen video editor android for your needs:

  • It is up to you to choose how well the editor works with your hardware and operating system. To ensure smooth functioning and prevent compatibility issues, make sure it supports the software version and requirements of your device.

  • You can assess the usability and user interface of split screen video editor iphone. Seek for a user-friendly interface with features and tools that are simple to navigate.

  • Reviewing the editor's editing features and capabilities is a good idea. Look for capabilities that are necessary, such as text overlays, adjustable templates, split-screen layouts, and transitions.


As the split screen feature is nowadays in great demand, several online video editors started providing users with the service of split screen. If you also want to access a split screen video editor then the above list will be helpful for you. It is suggested to go ahead with Edimakor(Video Editor) as it contains advanced features as compared to other tools.

FAQs About Split Screen Video Editor

Q1. Can I Add Transitions or Effects to the Split Screen in a Video Editor?

A1. The visual appeal and narrative of the content are improved when transitions or effects are added to the split screen in a video editor. A variety of transitions, including wipes, slides, and fades, as well as effects like overlays, filters, and animations, are available in many video editing programs.

Q2. Is There a Split-Screen Video Editor Available for Free?

A2. In reality, there are free split-screen video editors that let users make visually stunning split-screen films without having to spend any money. A lot of these free editors include some rudimentary split-screen features. Those who want to experiment with split-screen storytelling have access to free split-screen video editors.

Q3. Can I Export My Split Screen Video to Different Formats of Resolutions?

A3. The majority of split-screen video editors let users export their work in several file types and resolutions. Generally, users may select among popular video formats like MP4, AVI, or MOV and change the resolution to 4K, high-definition HD, or standard definition SD depending on what they require.

Q4. What Video Formats Does a Split-Screen Video Editor Support?

A4. Many different video formats are usually supported by a split-screen video editor. Among the often supported file types are MP4, AVI, MOV, MKV, WMV, and FLV. Furthermore, certain editors could include compatibility for more specific formats like ProRes or DNxHD that are utilized in professional settings.

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