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How to Create AI Christmas Photos with AI Generated Art

AI Christmas Photos Generator is a tool that can create Christmas-themed videos, images, or animations on the basis of input text fed by users. For instance, you can enter text something like “a snowman with a Santa hat” and the generator will create an image or video as per your request based on the entered text. You can use such tools to add various Christmas elements, such as filters, frames, text, and stickers to their photos and share them with friends and family. This article lists the best tools that can be used to create AI Christmas photos easily.

Part 1. Best AI Art Generator to Create AI Christmas Photos

When it comes to creating AI Christmas photo cards, the best tool that comes in mind is recommended by many is HitPaw Video Converter. The AI Art Generator feature of this tool is what users need to create any AI based photos. It comes with advanced AI embedded within itself that makes the photo generation job a piece of cake. All you have to do is enter the short description or prompt and the AI will do the rest of the job. Based on the entered prompt, the AI will create unique and stunning images as per your needs.

  • Understand and interpret input text accurately
  • Advanced AI to create stunning, unique Christmas photo
  • Adjust colors and apply dynamic lighting based on text cues
  • Generate images in different formats (landscape, portrait, etc.)
  • Arrange elements visually based on textual descriptions
  • Capture emotions and sentiments through facial expressions and image mood

Follow the below steps to know how to use this tool to generate AI-based photo Christmas cards easily.

  • Step 1:Download, install, and launch HitPaw Video Converter on your device. Navigate to the Toolbox menu and select AI Art Generator.

    ai christmas photos
  • Step 2:Next, add a description or prompt about the Christmas cards photo that you wish to generate. HitPaw also offers some prompts to users for reference

     christmas photos
  • Step 3:Once you have finalized the image resolution, size, and art style, tap the Generate option to begin transforming AI Christmas family photos from text

     christmas photos
  • Step 4:HitPaw will create two images of same art styles for users to select from. The time to create the AI artwork depends on the processing speed of the server and the size of the image.

    christmas family photos
  • Step 5:Double click the image to preview it. Lastly, tap the download icon on the AI-based Christmas photo that you wish to download.

Part 2. Best Apps to Create AI Christmas Photos on Mobile Phone

This section talks about the best apps that can be used to create AI Christmas photos on mobile phone. Keep reading to know more.

1. HitPaw AI Art Generator

ai christmas photos

HitPaw AI Art Generator is basically the app version of the above tool. With all the features of HitPaw in hands, users now get to use them on their smartphones as well. Similar to the PC version, this app helps in creating AI Christmas photos with simple clicks. The app can be used to create AI based photos for every kind of situation and is not limited only to Christmas photos.

  • Suitable for every user and every situation
  • Convert text to photos easily with this app
  • Convert your photos to artwork with a click
  • Also, convert your photos to cartoon easily

2. YouCam AI Pro

christmas photos

YouCam AI Pro is a popular AI portrait and image generator app for Android and iOS devices. While majorly recognized for its beauty and makeup features, the app provides AI-based image editing features. The app enables users to create stunning AI pictures from text prompts. This AI family Christmas photos generator app is the one of the best for transforming your text into beautiful images. In addition to this, the app also enables users to improve their images by changing hair color, applying virtual makeup, and even trying out different cosmetic products virtually.

  • Great AI Christmas generator to suffice your needs
  • Text to image AI feature
  • 20+ AI art styles to make AI images
  • AI-generated image results
  • 7 AI-generated image ratios
  • Various AI art inspirations
  • Supports 15+ languages
  • Unlimited free tries to regenerate AI art

3. WOMBO Dream - AI Art Generator

christmas photo cards

With only a style selection and a few words, this app starts painting layers, tweaking them, and refining it as you watch the image get created. Within no time, the app completes the image and you get option to create it again using the same settings. Apart from this, users can save to the image to the photo library or share with others via messaging, social media, and other apps.

  • The app provides a few one-tap phrase suggestions for a more predictable and cleaner outcome.
  • The app offers different styles ranging from dark fantasy to festive, vibrant to pastel. There are a total of 14 options.
  • The app offers sharing HD-quality computer images and allows to order prints starting at $20.

Part 3. Online AI Art Maker to Generate Christmas Photos

This section talks about the best online platforms that can be used to create AI Christmas photos. Keep reading to know more.

1. OpenArt

photo christmas cards

Similar to other options, OpenArt comes with extra features, allowing users to have more control over the specifics of the image users generate and use additional open source models. OpenArt also has extra options such as stock art transformer and sketch-to-image. It is nice to use and its free credit allotment is good, so it is well worth a look. The tool creates impressive visuals via an iterative process during which you can continually change and regenerate images until happy. You can use it to create visuals for newsletters, blogs, and presentations.

  • Generates image from a text prompt quickly.
  • Allows to create customized images based on text prompts.
  • Allows to customize existing images.
  • Speeds the iteration of existing and new images, allowing users to produce various versions.

2. Imagine AI Art Generator

photo christmas cards

Imagine AI Art Generator aims on making picturesque portraits and landscapes based on input. This AI tool is able to produce significant versions of similar original arms and making artistic visual and unique outputs. The tool also has a gallery containing graphics and art created by the community. It is an invaluable online tool for designers, artists, and marketers. When creating images, users can select from different image, models, and the shape you wish for your image. The AI within allow for detailed layers of corrections and enhancements, resulting in greater visual impact and lifelike immersion.

  • Good for scenic art and landscape reproduction from just text prompts.
  • Users can influence texture, style, atmospheric conditions, and palette to suffice their needs.
  • It has an intuitive and simple user interface.

3. StarryAI

photo christmas cards

StarryAI is one of the best online AI art generators that comes with have a web version, an Android version, and an iOS version. Obviously, users can generate art by only describing what they wish to see. Like most of the other web AI photo generators, this platform offers users all rights to the photos you generated. This indicates users can use the images wherever they wish to. The best part of this platform is that it is entirely free to test. Apart from this, it has affordable pricing. The tool has been often recognized for its hybrid approach image synthesis, merging live video, and video synthesis to allow real-time, interactive outputs.

  • Convert words into art with the text-to-image AI
  • Automatic AI art generation without any user input is required
  • Free NFT generator for making unique NFT art users can sell


All in all, we just had a look at different tools that can create and generate AI Christmas photos. From the list of apps and online tools, the best option is to use a dedicated tool on your PC. HitPaw AI Art Generator is the best option that users have since it comes with advanced AI embedded within itself that makes the photo generation easy and quick. All you have to do is enter the short description or prompt and the AI will do the rest of the job.

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