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Full Tutorial To Fix YouTube Video is Not Available Problem

It is frustrating to come across such messages like on youtube, “this video is not available.” This issue can occur for many reasons. Most of the time, the video cannot be watched because it is blocked within a certain geographic location.

Sometimes, the video might be unavailable since the uploader removed it or the account was deactivated. This problem can also be attributed to factors such as copyright considerations.

To address this issue, try to reload the page or empty your browser cache. Clearing cookies or trying out another web browser might also work, as will trying the VPN option if available. If the issue remains, one must verify if the video is available on another device.

Another approach is to meet directly with the YouTube support team. This usually leads to unlocking the change made and regaining access to the site or page that has been locked.

Why YouTube Video Is Not Available

This video is not available YouTube messages can be very frustrating. There are many possible reasons why is a YouTube video not available. Here are some common problems and solutions:

1. Regional Restrictions

In some cases, the video is restricted to specific countries only and thus cannot be watched from other regions. This is due to licensing or content issues, as is common with many such websites today. Change the location of the IP address using a VPN so that the contents of the channel can be viewed easily.

2. Removed by Uploader

Since the uploader has the right to remove the video, if they do so, it means that the video is no longer available. Go to the section where videos are searched for by their title and check if someone else has reused this video or if the original uploader has shared this video on another social site.

3. Account Suspension

The account could be suspended, and any previously available video in that account would not be accessible. This is usually a result of their non-compliance with the social media platform's guidelines and regulations. Search for the other creators with content that is related to yours.

4. Copyright Issues

Owners of copyrights have the right to pull videos or even restrict them. Copyright holders use these claims to protect their work. Another option would be to search for the content on another platform, or you may want to contact the uploader for more options.

5. Browser Issues

This problem can be created for different reasons, such as issues with the browser, cache problems, and more. If none of the above solutions work, try clearing the browser cache or using another browser. Make sure the Web browser itself is up-to-date.

why is a ytb video not available

Something Wrong with WhatsApp Video Format

Sometimes, people face problems when using WhatsApp due to the particular formats of the videos used in this application. Here are three common problems and their solutions:

  • Unsupported Video Format
  • Other times, WhatsApp does not allow the format of the video that you would want to share or forward. This happens because WhatsApp only supports specific formats like MP4, AVI, and MKV but not the format the GIF was originally in when it was created.

    They cannot be played on the device or transmitted to others appropriately in an incompatible format. When the file format is AVI, use a video converter to convert it into an MP4 format.

  • Video Size Limitations
  • Another limitation of the use of WhatsApp is that there is a limit to the size of the videos that can be shared. Currently, the stream can be limited to up to 16MB for regular videos and up to 100MB for status updates. In this case, if the minutes are exceeded, they can't be uploaded or passed via link.

    When time is up, one can compress the video, thus making it smaller. It's possible to compress a large file without compromising on file quality using an online tool and even some of the available mobile applications.

  • Corrupted Video Files
  • Often, videos are damaged due to certain undesirable events, such as when transferring them from one device to another or when using a damaged storage device. The affected videos will not proceed or may not open at all.

    These can be resolved by either using another internet source to download the video or redownloading it if it was sent through WhatsApp. If the video is saved locally, try using video repair software to attempt to mend the file.

Solve the Problem: YouTube Video is Not Available

On YouTube, getting the message that the YouTube video is not available can be annoying. Fortunately, the tool that solves this issue is called HitPaw Video Converter. This tool enables users to download and convert YouTube videos to various formats to access a video even if it cannot be accessed on YouTube.

HitPaw Video Converter

The HitPaw Video Converter is an application that helps solve problems. For example, this YouTube video is unavailable. This allows users to download videos from YouTube and then convert the videos to other formats. This function comes in handy when the video has certain restrictions depending on the region, copyright violation, or the video being pulled down by the uploader.

The video can be converted and saved on another device to enable users to watch their favorite segment without interruption. It supports multiple formats as software, which means you can use it on different devices easily.

Also, the user interface design allows users to enjoy a seamless time and easily adopt the tool because of the simplified layout.

Features of HitPaw Video Converter

  • 1. Multi-Format Support: Converts videos to formats like MP4, AVI, MKV, and more.
  • 2. High-Speed Conversion: Utilizes advanced algorithms for fast video conversion without quality loss.
  • 3. Batch Processing: Allows conversion of multiple videos simultaneously, saving time and effort.
  • 4. Built-In Video Editor: Offers basic editing tools like trimming, cropping, and adding effects.
  • 5. User-Friendly Interface: Simple and intuitive design for easy navigation and use.
  • 6. High-Quality Output: Ensures converted videos maintain original quality.
  • 7. Online Video Download: Downloads videos from YouTube and other platforms directly.
  • 8. Cross-Platform Compatibility: Works on both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Steps to Download YouTube Videos from HitPaw

  • 1. Open HitPaw Video Converter:Go to the 'Download' option at the top of the page and paste the URL that has been copied into the input toolbox.

    The video is not available YouTube
  • 2. Choose Format:Choose the output format of the targeted video you wish to download, like the MP4 or AVI format.

    The video is not available YouTube
  • 3. Download and Convert:Watch the video below, then click the Download button to download it. Once the download is done, the software will convert the video into the desired format.

    The video is not available YouTube

By following these steps, users can easily download and convert videos that may not necessarily be found on YouTube. This helps avoid restrictions and makes some important content available on the websites.


It can be quite irritating to come across the message YouTube this video is not available. This problem can occur for many reasons, such as regional limitations, copyright infringements, or the removal of the video by the uploader.

Thankfully, a tool called HitPaw Video Converter can help with this problem. They let users download and convert videos, making them useful since they guarantee access even when a video is not on YouTube.

Due to simple navigation and compatible formats, HitPaw helps avoid availability problems. Therefore, if a YouTube video is not accessible, do not hesitate to use a converter tool to continue watching the desired videos.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why does YouTube say this video is not available?

A1. This message is usually due to geo-restriction, copyright infringement, or the user who uploaded the video taking it down.

Q2. Can I still watch a video if it's not available on YouTube?

A2. Yes, it is; downloading and converting a YouTube video using the HitPaw Video Converter would enable you to watch it even if the particular video is not accessible.

Q3. How do I bypass the video is not available YouTube message?

A3. This can be avoided by downloading the video using a powerful converter tool and storing it in an offline format.

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