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What's YouTube Watermark Size and How to Add It to Videos

YouTube video watermarks are a form of branding. You can use a watermark to pass across a message from your brand through YouTube Videos. It puts focuses on the brand and its relationship with the video. The article highlights some methods of adding watermarks to YouTube videos, the ideal YouTube watermark size, as well as the applications that can help add or remove YouTube watermark.

Part 1. What's the YouTube Branding Watermark Size?

The YouTube watermark, also known as a branding watermark, is a feature that allows content creators to add a small, custom subscribe button to their videos. This watermark typically appears in the bottom right corner of the video player and provides an easy way for viewers to subscribe to the channel.

The watermark YouTube size is recommended to be 150 x 150 pixels and an ideal YouTube watermark should be square image less than 1 MB in size. The following are some of the best watermark size for YouTube that you can consider for your YouTube videos:

  • 150 x 150
  • 100 x 100

Part 2. How to Make a YouTube Watermark?

Creators can customize the watermark with their channel's logo. When viewers hover over the watermark, a subscribe button will appear, and they can click it to subscribe to the channel without leaving the video. There are different ways you can create a watermark for your YouTube videos. You can use an online photo editing software, or you can create a YouTube watermark in Photoshop.

  • 1.Launch Adobe Photoshop on your computer. Go to "File" > "New" to create a new document.

    make youtube watermark
  • 2.Set the dimensions to 150 x 150 pixels, as this is the recommended size for YouTube watermarks. You can adjust the resolution to 72 pixels/inch.

  • 3.Design your watermark with various tools and features in Photoshop. Import your logo or create a text-based watermark. Ensure that the watermark is visually appealing and aligns with your channel's branding.

    create youtube watermark
  • 4.Once you are satisfied with your watermark, go to "File" > "Save As" to save the image. Choose a file format like PNG to preserve transparency, which can be useful for overlays. You change YouTube watermark size Photoshop before exporting.

    how to make youtube watermark

Part 3. How to Add Watermark to YouTube Videos?

To add or edit the watermark on your YouTube videos, you can go to your YouTube Studio, navigate to the "Settings" menu, and find the "Channel" section. Look for the "Branding" tab, where you can upload your custom watermark image and adjust its display settings. Check out this comprehensive guide for step-by-step instructions.

  • 1.When in YouTube Studio, find your way into the Channel. You should see Customization option on the menu, which is on the left side of the screen.

  • 2.Under the “Video watermark” section, click “UPLOAD” and choose the image, you have to pick which of the image you want to use for the watermark.

    add watermark to youtube
  • 3.You would choose the display time for the watermark you picked. There are three options to it; The End of Video, Entire Video, and Custom Start Time options.

  • 4.The End of Video display time means that the watermark would only appear within the last 15 seconds of the video.

  • 5.The End of Video option makes the watermark show for the entire video, while the Custom Start Time lets you decide what time of the video you want the watermark to show.

    add watermark to youtube video
  • 6.After picking out the duration time, you can save changes to put them in effect.

Part 4. How to Change YouTube Video Watermark Size?

You can change your watermark size YouTube quickly as YouTube does it automatically to meet their guidelines. However, if you have a pre-designed watermark, you may want to resize it to fit the minimum requirement, according to YouTube. The following are the steps you can take to change the size of a watermark on YouTube.

  • 1.Open the Graphic Editor, and load up the watermark file. Find your way to the Edit option within the menu.
  • 2.Choose the Resize tool from the Edit menu. Uncheck the box which says Lock Aspect Ratio, otherwise, ensure that the file is not unto one automatic size.
  • 3.You can proceed to type out the size that you desire into the Height and Width boxes. You could type 100 or 150 into the height box, and the same thing in the width box. Note that you are better off using the equal value for height and width, to make the watermark square.
  • 4.Enter the values, and confirm the change by clicking the confirmation tick mark you can find within the window.

Bonus Tip. How to Add or Remove Watermark from Video with AI?

If you want to add watermark to video or remove watermark from video before uploading, HitPaw AI Watermark Remover will be the best tool for you. This advanced AI tool utilizes sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms for effective watermark detection and removal. Moreover, you can add a customize text or image watermark to the video based on your needs.

  • Automatically remove watermarks, text, dates, and stickers from video
  • Ensure minimal loss of image quality during the watermark removal process
  • Preview the image before and after the watermark removal in real time
  • Add a custom text or image watermark to your video tailored to your preferences
  • Intuitive interface make adding or removing watermark removal a breeze for everyone
  • Step 1:Run HitPaw Watermark Remover on your device after installing. Tap on the home screen to upload the video you wish to remove watermark.

    youtube watermark size
  • Step 2:Select AI Model and highlight the watermark. Move in the timeline to select the duration of this watermark.

    idea youtube watermark size
  • Step 3:Tap the Play option to preview the removing effect.

    what is youtube watermark size
  • Step 4:After that, tap the Export option to get rid of watermark and download it.

    what youtube watermark size should be
  • Step 5:Click Add Watermark and you can add text or image watermark to your video based on your needs.

    add youtube watermark

Frequently Asked Questions about YouTube Watermark

Q1. Should I watermark my YouTube Videos?

A1. Yes. Watermarks on YouTube videos are a way of attracting awareness to your brand. It is also a way of getting people to subscribe to the channel more quickly. You could be saving yourself from content infringements if you have a watermark on your YouTube videos as well.

Q2. What is the benefit of using a branding watermark?

A2. One of the benefits is the ability to have people subscribe to the brand more easily. YouTube Watermarks often show the viewer the option to subscribe to the channel, if they hover or click on it. Another benefit is that it shows the originality of the brand, thereby improving the viewer’s perception of the content they get from you.


Now you get to know the best watermark size for YouTube. Adding a watermark to a YouTube video is a straightforward process. Also, there is a plethora of tools and applications you can use to create YouTube watermark or change YouTube watermark size. If you want to add watermark to video or remove YouTube watermark from video before uploading, HitPaw AI Watermark Remover will be the best tool for you.

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