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10 Best 2024 Valentine's Day Instagram Story Ideas

If you’re in love, you will need some impressive Valentines Day Instagram story ideas to express your emotions to your partner (or would-be partner). When you want to do something different while showing your love, coming up with an innovative Instagram story could be a bit challenging. Considering this, the sections in this guide suggest some of the best Instagram story ideas for Valentine’s Day in 2024.

Part 1: 10 Valentine’s Day Instagram Story Ideas Recommended

Here are the top 10 Valentines Instagram story ideas you can consider posting to impress the love of your life:

1. A Simple Wish

Nothing looks prettier than simplicity. Be it a seasonal greetings card, a bucket of flowers, or anything else. The same goes for a Happy Valentine’s Day Instagram story. Publishing a simple image, something similar to this, would make you look royal.

A Simple Wish valentines day Instagram story ideas

2. A Picture Card

If you wish to be more expressive or want your partner to recall earlier moments, an e-card with a picture of you two could be a good idea. A simple note or their name on the image would be like adding icing to the cake. This will give you a fair hint as to what you can try.

A Picture Card valentine’s day Instagram stories

3. Two are Better than One

A card with a picture of you two with separate love notes under each image would be one of the brilliant Instagram story ideas for Valentine’s Day to express your feelings. To take this even further, you can quote your conversations under each picture, which will look more tailored and heart-warming. You can refer to this photo for a quick reference.

Two are Better than One happy valentine’s day Instagram story

4. A Generic Story

Valentine’s Day is not only for couples, but it’s a day of celebration with your friends and colleagues too. This Happy Valentine’s Day Instagram story suggests how you can enjoy 14th February 2024 by sharing what you did at your office. Tagging your seniors and juniors, including that special one, would be engaging.

A Generic Story Instagram story ideas for valentine’s day

5. A Polaroid Photo Frame

This Valentine’s Day story template from Canva can help you create a Polaroid photo frame with a handwritten note or quote to publish on your Instagram account. Adding a custom image of you two and a sweet love quotation could be emotional content to share on the social media portal.

A Polaroid Photo Frame valentines Instagram story ideas

6. Just Another ‘Date’

February 14 is a memorable day for many teenagers and young adults in relationships. What would be sweeter than posting only a date as your Happy Valentine’s Day Instagram story and letting your special one feel that tickling sensation in their stomach? Click here to get a quick hint.

Just Another ‘Date’ valentine’s day story template

7. Love Note in Transit

After expressing your feelings to your loved one, if you’re waiting for their response, this type of story would be a nice gesture to remind them that you are still there and haven’t moved on.

Love Not in Transit valentines day Instagram story ideas

8. Nothing but Pure Love

A nostalgic method of expressing love is through images of hearts with one word, ‘Love’. Sharing such a Happy Valentine’s Day Instagram story will make you look classy, which is the first step toward impressing someone. Get a hint from this image.

Nothing but Pure Love valentine’s day Instagram stories

9. Love or Lifeline?

Once your heart is under arrest, there’s no difference between love and lifeline. If you love someone and they feel the same for you, this Valentine’s Day story template would work like a charm to strengthen your bond.

Love or Lifeline? happy valentine’s day Instagram story

10. Together Forever

If you love someone, it better be forever. If it’s not, there’s no point in loving, and there’s no love between you two either. Isn’t it? When you have limitless emotions for your partner, express them this February with the help of one of the most impressive Valentine’s Day Instagram stories like this one.

Together Forever Instagram story ideas for valentine’s day

Part 2: Best Way to Create Valentine’s Day Instagram Stories Video

Publishing images for Valentine’s Day Instagram stories is good, but there’s a better way of expressing your love to your special person. Why not create a fully tailored short video of up to 30 seconds and post it as a Happy Valentine’s Day Instagram story? Sounds good? In this section, you will learn all about creating such stories for 2024’s Valentine’s Day.

To create an Instagram story video, you need a robust tool with advanced editing features and links to external portals to have a custom output precisely as you want. While many vendors claim that their product is effective, the one that many users across the globe appreciate is HitPaw Edimakor.

HitPaw Edimakor is an AI-powered desktop application available for Mac and Windows platforms. The program comprises a screen recorder, AI subtitle maker, text-to-speech and speech-to-text converters, and a video downloader.

The steps given below explain how to turn your Valentine’s Day Instagram story ideas into impressive videos:

  • Step 1: Add Basic Elements to the Timeline

    Open HitPaw Edimakor on your Mac or Windows computer and click Create a video from the initial screen.

    HitPaw Edimakor valentines day Instagram story ideas

    On the Video Editor window, click Import Files and import custom images or videos to the program. Alternatively, click any of the links from the left pane to download stock videos, photos, or GIFs from external portals.

    HitPaw Edimakor valentine’s day Instagram stories

    Once imported, drag all the elements to the Timeline at the bottom, ensuring each object sits on top of the previous one.

    HitPaw Edimakor happy valentine’s day Instagram story
  • Step 2: Add Sound and Effects

    Follow the method explained above to import a custom soundtrack to Edimakor. Alternatively, click Sound from the toolbar at the top of the interface, click your preferred category from the left pane, and drag a matching sound effect to the Timeline.

    HitPaw Edimakor Instagram story ideas for valentine’s day

    Note: If need be, move the Playhead (Scrubber) to the last video frame in the Timeline, select the audio track, click the Click to split button on the Scrubber, and delete the segment of the media that exceeds the video length.

    Repeat this process for the text effect and customize its content from the right pane.

    HitPaw Edimakor valentines Instagram story ideas
  • Step 3: Preview and Export as an Instagram Story

    Click the Play button under the Preview window to review the video, and click Export from the top-right if everything looks fine. On the Export box, go to the Instagram tab, choose your output preferences, and click Export from the bottom-right.

    HitPaw Edimakor valentine’s day story template HitPaw Edimakor valentines day Instagram story ideas


Although you may already have a Happy Valentine’s Day Instagram story in mind, this guide can help you think out of the box and come up with something more innovative. You should also consider posting a custom video with names and tailored clips on IG, which is not as mainstream as several Valentines Day Instagram story ideas many people have to woo their loved ones.

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