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Extensive Guide on How to Replace a Face in a Video with Another Face

Video manipulation has improved over the years. You can now do as much on a video as on an image. It includes changing the faces of humans in a video and replacing them with another one. The article highlights the steps to change a human look in a video and the applications that enable you to do it.

Can We Change Face in a Video?

Yes. With the advancement of image and video processing, more modern editing software can make changes to video content. They use features and tools to analyze the video for human subjects. It allows you to change the face for another one as seamlessly as is possible. You can also make other changes to the video, such as audio, color, background, and so on.

How to Replace a Face in a Video With Another One

Some face replacement applications are:

  • HitPaw Edimakor
  • Apoweredit
  • JibJab
  • Face Swap Live
  • B612
  • FaceApp
  • MSQRD 4.3
  • Adobe AfterEffects
  • Final Cut Pro X
  • Snapchat

Edimakor(Video Editor)

Features of Edimakor

  1. Transform written text into lifelike audio using over 400 AI voices available in more than 50 languages.
  2. Effortlessly convert text into high-quality voiceovers that enhance the impact of your videos.
  3. Produce speech that sounds completely natural, ensuring captivating user interactions.
  4. Bid farewell to microphones, voice actors, and the need for custom recordings by utilizing our efficient artificial intelligence tool.
  5. Streamline the process of creating both speech and video content with our comprehensive, all-in-one tool.

How to cover the face with Edimakor

  1. Download & Install the software
  2. Import Media
  3. replace face in video online free download
  4. Choose a 'Cover' or Upload the 'face'image, then drag the face to cover another one.
  5. how to replace a face in a video with another face android
  6. Export and share it
  7. replace face in video online free


Apoweredit is an expert level video editor with a lot of functions. You can use the following steps to change a face in a video:

  1. Use the “import” button within the software to add the video on which you want to work.

    how to replace a face in a video with another face
  2. Move the imported video into an active project.

    replace face in video
  3. Once done with the image-video overlay, save the video using the Export function.


  • Apoweredit has several export formats.
  • It has a lot of tools for selecting elements in the video.


  • As of yet, Apoweredit does not have some advanced-level functions.


JibJab is an ecard editor, which allows you to make animations and customize them. To replace a face on JibJab:

  1. Open JibJab, and choose a picture/video template.
  2. Select a picture with a face in it. Adjust the rotation and positioning, then save.

    replace face in video app
  3. Drag and Drop the face on the animated character in the video. Once done, you can annotate and share.

    how to replace face in video


  • There is a wide range of video and GIF templates.
  • The videos can be personalized.


  • The Search function in the application is not comprehensive.

Face Swap Live

Face Swap Live allows substitute faces in a live video. The process of swapping faces in a video using Face Swap Live involves the following steps:

  1. Select either the “Use Photo” or “Swap Faces.”

    replace face in video software free download
  2. Toggle on the “Photo” and “Faces” options. Click the shutter button.
  3. Use the “Mask” option to place your face on another face in a picture

    how to replace a face in a video with another face


  • Face Swap Live allows you to make a face swap video out of images.
  • It uses slightly more advanced techniques.


  • The application doesn’t fit the face on the character in the video.


B612 is a beauty camera app that is capable of swapping faces in a live video. The following steps are necessary to carry out a face swap using the B612 app:

  1. Launch the app, and tap on the smiley button.

    replace face in video
  2. Choose the face swap function in the menu that appears’.

    replace face in video app
  3. Start the video recording.


  • The application is available on major mobile platforms.
  • The face swap operation doesn’t require manual inputs.


  • The user cannot import videos from elsewhere into the app.


FaceApp uses AI to substitute human faces in a video. To use FaceApp, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Set your image in an outline that shows up on a viewfinder.

    how to replace face in video
  2. Tap on the shutter button and the application starts the face processing.
  3. Download and save to your device.


  • The face swap rendering is more accurate on FaceApp.
  • It has lots of filters and options.


  • The app cannot edit preexisting videos.


MSQRD allows you to swap out faces in videos and portrait pictures. To get started:

  1. Tap the screen to adjust the outline and exposure. Switch to video mode.

    how to replace face in video
  2. Put a face against the overlay, and the app automatically begins to add filters to it.
  3. Tap on the camcorder icon to start recording.


  • The app requires little manual input.
  • The face swap operation happens in real-time on the video.


  • There is a limited selection of face filters in the app.

Adobe AfterEffects

Adobe AfterEffects is a comprehensive video editor capable of face swapping. To begin face swapping on Adobe AfterEffects:

  1. Import a video into the editor as well.
  2. Trim down the video using the layer tool, and open the tracker panel.
  3. Adjust the face in the video using the pen tool, and pair the tracking data.

    replace face in video software free download


  • Adobe AfterEffects has an autosave function.
  • The software can handle extensive video files.


  • The user interface looks too technical.

Final Cut Pro X

Apple’s proprietary video editor is also capable of “face morphing.” To do it:

  1. Place a face image over the subject you want to change.
  2. Blend both pictures using the blend mode. Set a keyframe and test it to a desirable endpoint.

    replace face in video app
  3. reset the blend mode once done.


  • The software can export directly to YouTube.
  • It has the autosave function.


  • The file management is cumbersome for some users .


It is a mobile social media application that is capable of substituting faces in a live video. To start the face-swapping operation:

  1. Open the app, and select the selfie mode. Tap and hold on the face in the viewfinder till a mesh outline shows up.
  2. Select a face filter option. Press the shutter button to capture.

    how to replace face in video
  3. Once done, save the photo by tapping on the download icon


  • Users can share the finished video across all social media.
  • The face swap doesn’t require more than one human subject.


  • Snapchat cannot swap faces in a prerecorded video.


You can change the face of people in videos these days. There are several techniques you can use to place another look unto a human subject in a video. Face swapping applications are available on both mobile and desktop platforms, and you have the choice to use any suitable one of them.

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