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10 Best Funny Valentine Video Ideas You Should Know

Valentine's Day is almost here for those planning something big for their partners. Similarly, as a content creator, making up-to-date videos will optimize your social media stats. However, what if you make a funny Valentine's video this year instead of a romantic one? Such videos are more likely to trend, and your solo audience can also relate to them. This article is about funny Valentine's clips and how to make them.

Part 1. 10 Best Funny Valentine Video Ideas for Social Media, Not Harmful

Romance is the essence of Valentine's Day, but a humoristic touch improves everything. Here is how you can spread love and laughter via a funny Valentine’s Day video:

1. The Awkward First Date Prank

If you like pranks, create a funny Happy Valentine's Day video featuring you on a first date. Once your date arrives, do something awkward yet harmless that will force them to leave. For instance, you can propose to them on a first date by getting on your knees.

fake proposal on first date idea

2. DIY Valentine’s Survival Kit

A way of making fun of all the viewers who are single on Valentine's Day is to create a DIY video. The topic of the video can be "How to Survive Valentine's Day When You're Single." In the survival kit, you can include: "Still getting over my Ex – tea bags," "I'm enough – notes to self," and "I can buy myself chocolates – chocolate bag."

valentine survival kit idea

3. The Valentine’s Day Anthem

If sung in a funny way with the right visual depiction, this Valentine’s Day funny video for WhatsApp can be fun. The lyrics must be full of realities, like instead of being lost in love, you are now lost in the supermarket, and instead of sharing love, you must now share your food.

funny valentine songs idea

4. Unexpected Guests Prank

Another funny Valentine’s video clip prank that you can do with your partner is to plan an intimate date. After some time, make friends come over and make your partner angry.

guests ruin valentine day idea

5. Fake Proposal Prank

Bring your partner to a fancy restaurant for a Valentine's date, and after some time, get on your knees to propose to them. However, in the ring box, add something funny, like a fake insect or a soft jumping punch toy.

funny proposal idea

6. “I am Gay/Lesbian” Prank

If pulled right, this can be a very funny Valentine's Day video. Call your partner on Valentine's Day and tell them you want to meet to talk about something important. They'll unconsciously think that it is a surprise date, but instead, tell them that you think you're gay/lesbian.

fake crush on same gender video

7. “I Think I Love You” Prank on Friends

If you have a group of friends, you should try this prank. Call all your friends individually and tell them you are in love with them. Keep your voice serious and steady, and ask them if they want to be in a relationship with you.

i think i love you prank

8. Valentine’s Drink Starbucks Prank

Think of a funny word that doesn't exist, like "Falalala," and ask your partner if it is a new Valentine's drink from Starbucks. Once you reach there, ask your partner to order for you, and everyone will laugh.

funny starbucks drink prank idea

9. Teddy Bear Gift Prank

Throw the cotton out of a giant-sized teddy bear and put yourself in it. Send it to your girlfriend and make sure those who deliver it won’t unpack it. First, make some slight movements and act as if Teddy is possessed. Don't go to the extent and reveal yourself.

possessed teddy prank of girlfriend idea

10. Valentine’s Day Expectations vs Reality

Create a funny Happy Valentine's video that shows a comparison between what people think happens on this day versus the hard reality. Show that adults are busy on this day since it's not an official holiday.

valentine expectation vs reality idea

Part 2. How to Create a Funny Valentine Video for Your Lover

If you have selected any of the above-mentioned ideas for a funny Valentine's video, let’s bring it to reality. HitPaw Edimakor is an elite video maker that brings your videos to perfection. The software has video editing tools such as video cutter and drag-and-drop functionality. Furthermore, it has a range of audio and visual effects, stickers, stock images, and videos.

This funny Valentine clip creator possesses a dark-themed display enriched with AI-functionalities. Its shadowy appearance keeps the focus on video editing. Moreover, the tool shows seamless compatibility with popular media formats and multiple languages.

Steps to Create a Funny Valentine Video Using HitPaw Edimakor

The recent upgrades have introduced multiple effects and settings that can help users create a funny Valentine video script. Here are the steps to create a Valentine video through it:

  • Step 1. Open HitPaw Edimakor and Access Video Editor

    Once you have installed Edimakor on your device, launch it. Click the Create a video tab from its main display to start creating with it.

    execute video creation action
  • Step 2. Import a Funny Valentine Video

    Go to the custom toolbar section and click the Media tab. In the My Media screen, hit the Import Files button and upload your pre-recorded funny Valentine's video.

    import media in hitpaw
  • Step 3. Drop Imported Clip to Timeline and Enhance Video

    HitPaw Edimakor has multiple audio and visual effects that can help you enhance a video. After bringing media to the timeline, navigate towards the custom toolbar again. You can access the Effects, Filters, and Stickers tab to add funny effects.

    add clip to timeline
  • Step 4. Preview and Export Video From Edimakor

    Once you are satisfied with the video, see the results in the Preview section. Afterward, navigate towards the top right corner and hit Export. Subsequently, adjust export settings in the Export window and hit Export again to save the video.

    export the video from edimakor


This article has discussed how creating occasional videos is important to content creators, and since Valentine's Day is coming, they must be prepared. For unique content, users can add funny effects to videos using the discussed ideas. HitPaw Edimakor is an advanced tool that can help you create a funny Valentine's video effortlessly.

For those who wish to utilize the services of Edimakor, they can enjoy a premium discount of 30%. Use the coupon code VE30OFFCT and get an exclusive discount on Edimakor for easy video creation.

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