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Movie Color Correction of 1957 West Side Story

West Side Story, the 1957 film is a classic American musical, was directed by Robert Wise and Jerome Robbins. A movie known for its vibrant colorful settings and dance scenes, West Side Story had been shot on an Eastmancolor negative film that degraded in time.

To bring back the initial visual style of the film, intensive digital color correction was undertaken during its 2020 re-release. This procedure restored the strong iconic colors of the picture as well as refined details through the introduction of the novel West Side Story characters.

Part 1. What Is 1957 West Side Story?

pic of 1957 west side story

West Side Story is a musical film by Robert Wise and Jerome Robbins based on the Broadway musical of the same name. This movie is inspired by Romeo and Juliet, written by Shakespeare and set in the New York City of 1950s; this story tells about two gangs in their teens; these are Jets that consist of white youth belonging to working class and Sharks being Puerto Rican immigrants.

The characters in the West Side Story are timeless. The young protagonist Tony falls for Maria, Bernardo's sister and previously a Jet which has made his love forbidden like war between both fractions.

This film begins with a ballet that shows growing tensions among the Sharks and Jets that end up in police breaking up their fight. We see some policemen trying to get information from Jets as well as preparations for a rumble by Jets against Sharks while at the same time, Tony, who we find at work one day at a drugstore, has lost interest in gang life but is persuaded by Riff his friend to go to a dance in high school thereby he can negotiate arms for the forthcoming fight. According to him, there would be something very significant soon.

With its stylized dance numbers, social commentary, and tragic love story, West Side Story play characters marked a new era in movie musicals. The use of color and choreography is particularly striking. This classic tale continues to captivate audiences.

Part 2. Where to 1957 West Side Story?

Easily recognized as a milestone in film history, the 1957 musical West Side Story is hailed for its vibrant choreography, stylized visuals, and tragic love story. However, it can be quite difficult to access a high-definition version of this movie since the original film was shot on Eastmancolor negative, that has faded over time.

Most of the uploads are grainy, discolored and low resolution found on YouTube and other video streaming sites. Gratefully, there are some ways out through which one can appreciate this legendary film in its restored color and clarity.

Watch 1957 West Side Story on YouTube

watch 1957 west side story on YouTube

A lot of the copies of the original 1957 West Side Story film that you might find online are grainy and discolored, low-resolution transfers. In addition, some characters West Side Story are not clear. There are a few YouTube videos that have some decent quality of the film, which is watchable, and you can enjoy the way it has been shot visually.

By searching "West Side Story 1957", you see full uploads of the movie in return. The image quality is spotty among the different posts; some sections look like they have seen better days. However, if they look hard enough, fans can find versions that are watchable online for free and encapsulate some of the film's classic visuals. You can find an original West Side Story movie poster here on YouTube!

Tip: If that fails, you could also digitally process and upscale any inferior copies you uncover in order to get a better viewing experience on your end.

Part 3. How to Enhance 1957 West Side Story to 4K?

To make older versions of West Side Story look like 4K videos, you can use HitPaw Video Enhancer.This program allows you to enhance any video by using sophisticated tools, and using them for creating West Side Story videos is no exception.

It makes it possible to improve the lower quality YouTube uploads or DVDs and make them look as close to 4K as possible. Thus, it will be possible to enhance the viewing experience and make the film feel closer to the original art created by its producers.

Why Choose HitPaw Video Enhancer

  • Using machine learning, HitPaw can upscale videos up to 8K resolution. This makes grainy or low-res videos crisp and clear.
  • For black and white or faded color films, HitPaw can add or restore authentic, vivid color.
  • Advanced noise reduction clears up graininess and compression artifacts.
  • Sharpens blurry footage and enhances details. Important for improving definition.
  • HitPaw can fix damaged, corrupted or unplayable video files through AI.

Steps to Upscale 1957 West Side Story

Here are the steps to upscale West Side Story using HitPaw Video Enhancer:

  • 1.Download and Install the HitPaw Video Enhancer from the official website. Launch the application and upload the West Side Story video.

  • 2.After uploading the video, you will see different models on the right side. Select the Colorize model.

    Enhance old films
  • 3.Now, preview the results by comparing both versions of the video.

    Enhance old films
  • 4.Once you are satisfied with the results, simply click on the export button on the bottom right corner to download the enhanced video on your device.

    Enhance old films

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Part 4. FAQs of West Side Story Characters

Q1. Who does anybody represent in West Side Story?

A1. Anybodys, the tomboyish character trying to join the Jets, represents Benvolio from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Like Benvolio, Anybodys serves as a peacemaker who attempts to prevent violence between the rival groups.

Q2. Who represents Mercutio in West Side Story?

A2. Riff Lorton, the co-founder and leader of the Jets gang, is the character who represents Mercutio from Romeo and Juliet in West Side Story.


West Side Story is a beloved musical film that still entertains audiences today. Finding a pristine version to watch can be challenging given the age of the original prints. Many people ask does West Side Story have a happy ending? Well, it was a happy ending but Tony dies in her arms.

However, with video enhancement software like HitPaw Video Enhancer, lower-quality YouTube and DVD versions can be upgraded to restore the vivid colors and clarity of the cinematography. HitPaw's powerful AI tools enable anyone to revitalize and upscale classic films like West Side Story to near 4K quality.

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