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The 10 Best Screen Recorders Without Watermark |Time Limit |or Any Lags

This technological era has substantially digitalized our professional and personal lives. Therefore, innovative tools like screen recorder software and apps are prevalent. This type of software output is in the form of an editable and shareable video.

Does The Screen Recorder Have a Time Limit?

Windows screen recorder is an open-source screen capture software. There particularly is no watermark, no time limit and no lag for recordings. You can record 30 minutes, when the recording in the background is turned on. After 30 minutes the recordings are automatically, for the most part, turned off, which is fairly significant.

The Best 10 Online Free Screen Recorders No Watermark No Time Limit

1. HitPaw Screen Recorder

This is very easy to use software and provides a lot of video editing tools. HitPaw is a free screen recorder no watermark no time limit no lag in a subtle way. There are 4 steps to easily record your screen:

hitpaw screen recorder
  • Select the recording mode
  • Access to the microphone
  • Select the windows to be recorded
  • Stop the recordings


  • It’s FREE of cost
  • The software supports both iOS and Windows operating system
  • It is simple and friendly to use


  • It depends on the internet
  • If the video exceeds 100MD, it can’t be edited with a fairly free online editor

2. Apowersoft Online Screen Recorder

It is professionally used and yet easy-to-use. For this, you have to download a simple launcher and then use it. You can record a blurry video and then essentially publish it in high quality.

free screen recorder


  • Free screen recorder no time limit
  • Utilize on both Windows and Mac
  • Has the feature of cropping the video
  • Saved for all intents and purposes file can be uploaded to Vimeo, Dropbox, YouTube, and Google drive
  • Add annotations within the video


  • No proper file management tools
  • You can’t capture on the secondary monitor
  • No cloud recording option
  • Not sort of good for game recordings

3. ScreenApp.IO Screen Recorder:

It enables to record and edit footage online by just visiting its site address. There is no need to install any extension, launcher, or software, which is fairly significant. With just one click, the recording is essentially started and it can be shared instantly with others.


  • Screen recorder no watermark no time limit free
  • It’s an ad-free website


  • iOS users cannot use the website
  • Limited editing features

4. OBS (Open Broadcast Software):

This is completely screen recorder free no time limit, or so they thought. It supports live streaming and provides the feature of broadcast essentially live on YouTube in a big way.



  • Flexible dimensions and adjustable quality
  • Record games
  • No watermark
  • Supports multiple streaming services
  • Provides enhanced and advance configuration settings


  • Supports Only FLV and MPV formats
  • Less supportive with an iOS operating system
  • Not for all intents and purposes good for particularly quick screen recording
  • Possibility of crashing while running

5. ShowMore

A free screen recorder no time limit software that is online and can record any desktop video and audio activity. The exported videos have no watermark.


  • Gives an option to edit recorded videos
  • Select system and microphone sound based on the actual situation


  • Dependent on your internet connection

6. Panopto

With this software, you can record anything on your computer. For this, you just mostly have to open the webpage and literally start recording, or so they thought.

no time limit


  • Captures multiple streams simultaneously
  • Provides pretty multiple formats
  • Requires no subscription


  • Difficult interface to learn for immature computer users
  • Software is different for Mac and PC

7. Screencapture

It is a free screen recorder no watermark no time limit in a major way. This is only for Apple users. It is very easy to use. By pressing the combination ‘Command+Shift+5’ you will launch the screen capture interface. This provides you to select the entire screen or specific portion. You can edit the video and can add text as well.

no watermark


  • Simple to use
  • Easy to trim video


  • Only for MAC users
  • Offers limited editing options

8. Screenrec

A free screen recorder no watermark no time limit, and particularly has a particularly extra feature that is available for Windows, MAC, and Linux Operating systems as well.


  • Record in HD with no lag at 15-120 fps
  • Get audio from the microphone or system
  • Includes 2Gb free video hosting -video analytics
  • Cloud recording -extremely lightweight


  • Requires to sign up if you want to share the recorded file

9. Bewisse Screen Recorder

This software is kind of easy to use as all features are available on the toolbar. It has no such limitations as installation is not required, no watermark, not lag.

screen recorder free no time limit


  • Allows you to take screenshots while recording the videos
  • No login or installation for recording files


  • Sign in to share recordings
  • limited editing features

10. Clipchamp

It allows you to record particularly your screen or videos very easily. It has features that can enhance the quality of video and provides features that are used for video editing, which for all intents and purposes is fairly significant.

no time limit no lag


  • No need for installation
  • Records screen video with audio files from different sources easily


  • Sign up for an account with your information Sign in to share recordings
  • A bit difficult to use

The Best 5 Desktop Free Screen Recorders No Time Limit

1. Free Cam

A very easy-to-use screen recorder that provides a pretty built-in audio/video editor. The intuitive interface allows you to create screencasts professionally.

free screen recorder no watermark


  • No watermark, time limit, or ads
  • High-quality resolution -background noise cancellation
  • Save videos can be directly uploaded to YouTube
  • Provides a feature to easily delete video fragments that are of no use


  • No webcam recording
  • Provides only WMV format to save recordings

2. DVDVideoSoft’s

This is a full-featured software that can record Skype conversations without any time limit. Includes a basic, user-friendly editor that helps to attain a high-quality image.


  • Available in 10 languages
  • Formats for output are MP4, TGA, BMP, PNG, GIF and JPEG
  • ProvideS an easy-to-use screenshot feature
  • Instructions are provided step-by-step on the website


  • Microphone and sound recordings
  • Provides only AVI format for video saving
  • On disconnection, does not notify users
  • Gives ads that can interrupt
  • Lack built-in media player

3. AceThinker Screen Recorder

It is considered one of the best screen recorders for PC. You can record your gameplay video without any frame drop. It records a high-quality video. This is available for Chrome, Mozilla, and internet explorer.

screen recorder no watermark no time limit free


  • A user-friendly interface that is without ads
  • Webcam recording available
  • Computer audio recording
  • High fps screen recording
  • Records and save the recording to various formats in high-resolution
  • Record the entire screen or particularly select a part of the screen


  • No cloud recording
  • Download a launcher for first-time use


It has advanced tools and editors that are used by developers and power users. It is open-source and ad-free software that provides a lot of features that are provided by paid recorders, which is fairly significant.

no watermark no limit


  • Supports many URL sharing services
  • Allows color effects
  • Records full screen, freehand, monitor, window, scrolling, or region
  • Existing photos, music, or videos can be imported


  • For recording games, it provides low quality
  • Complex for the average user -no webcam recording

5. Ezvid

It is designed to save users time and is considered to be the easiest screen recorder. It helps the user to create videos that can be directly uploaded in just a few minutes. This is actually famous among gamers.

screen recorder free


  • Modern and sleek interface
  • Automatic high-quality resolution
  • Direct upload to YouTube instantaneously
  • Speed control over output videos


  • Unavailability of the full-screen game
  • Minor inconsistencies and bugs
  • Extraneous noise

What is the best Screen Recorder?

When you particularly are looking for a screen recorder, keep these two things in mind:

1. File Compression and Format

There are many file formats and video recording tools. A file format is a way in which data is essentially organized within the file. WMV format is for professionals and a product of Microsoft. This format is not good for Mac users. MP4 is better than WMV. This format is more suitable for saved files and is good for sharing as well in a big way. The best video recorder allows you to save files in MP4 format for free.

2. Video Uploading and Hosting

The best screen recorder allows you to share files on YouTube, gives proprietary video hosting, and has an option for cloud computing. Based on these criteria, the top and best fairly free screen recorder with no time limit no lag no water is ScreenRec.

The Bottom Line

The best free screen recorders have advantages and disadvantages. The fairly main thing is to see the recording features like what is necessary for a person and HitPaw Screen Recorder software can essentially give the most effective result to you. It’s best to evaluate your needs before selecting recorders.

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