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Subscene Subtitles: How to Download Subtitles from Subscene

From TV shows to movies and interviews, every form of video content benefits from the use of subtitles. From fan-made subtitles to official subtitles, there are many websites on the internet that act as distribution points for subtitle files. Subscene Subtitles is one of those websites that is widely known for its accurate and correct subtitles. In this article, we will discuss how to download subtitles from Subscene Subtitles, and discuss some alternatives to Subscene Subtitles.

Part 1: What is Subscene Subtitles

Subscene is an online platform  that contains a vast collection of subtitle files for movies and TV shows in various languages. It also has a brief introduction of each video and movie. You can download subtitles for free and use the files for entertainment, study or other purposes. People widely use it to download subtitles for media content that may not have official subtitles available, or subtitles in different languages.

subscene subtitles

Part 2: How to Download Subscene Subtitles

If you want to download Subscene subtitles, go to its website. Note that the old Subscene website is closed. Search for Subscene revamped version to access its website. Then find the show or movie whose subtitles you are looking for. Download the subtitles file easily.

subscene subtitles download

The subtitle file you downloaded is probably in a ZIP format, so you’ll have to extract the file.

Now after playing the movie in, for example, VLC media player, click on Subtitle in the top toolbar and click on Add a subtitle track. Now you can see the downloaded subtitles in your movies.

Part 3: 6 Subscene Alternatives to Download Subtitles

Let’s now look at some of the alternatives we can use if Subscene doesn’t have the subtitles we want.

1. Edimakor - Download Videos and Subtitles

Can't find subtitles for the video you want to watch? Well, look for a video editor that has a video downloader and automatic subtitle maker. Yes, you heard that right. HitPaw Edimakor is an AI video editor that can download any videos via link and use the automatic subtitling feature to generate subtitles:

  • Install Edimakor on your computer and run the software. Click on Create a video and then look for the download button in the left vertical menu under Media. Paste the URL to the video and click on Download.
  • download video in edimakor
  • Once the video is downloaded, click on the Subtitles option in the top horizontal menu. Click on Auto Subtitling.
  • edimakor auto subtitling
  • Now subtitles will be generated for your video. Click on the Export button to save the subtitles as a separate file.
  • edimakor download and save subtitles

2. Downsub

Downsub an online tool that can provide you subtitles for videos from YouTube, Vlive, Viki and other platforms. It extracts the subtitles from the link directly and gives you the facility to download subtitles in either SRT or TXT format. All you have to do is open Downsub, paste the URL to the video, click on Download and wait it to download subtitles.

You may also want to read: YouTube Subtitle Extractors.

downsub subtitles

3. YIFY Subtitles

YIFY subtitles is a place that houses more than just subtitles. You can download almost every famous film and shows from this website and also download the subtitles for said movies separately. All you have to do is open the website, search for the movie you’re looking for and download the subtitle file from YIFY.

yify subtitles

4. VLSub

VLSub is an extension of VLC media player. It allows users to download subtitles easily while watching their favourite shows. Click on Tools > Plugins and Extensions and search for VLSub. Double click on it to view the install option. Install VLSub and use it from the toolbar, click on View > VLsub.

download vlsub extention

5. Moviesubtitles.org

Moviesubtitles.org is another website that downloads subtitles for different movies and shows. It doesn’t just have subtitles for English/ Hollywood shows and films but also for other movies. The subtitles are available in other languages as well. Just open the website, search for your specific movie and download the subtitles.


6. OpenSubtitles.org

OpenSubtitles.org is the last one in the list of Subscene subtitle downloading alternative that we created for you. It has subtitle files for movies and TV shows that you can easily download and enjoy without paying a dime. The subtitles are available in various languages.



Subscene is one of the best places to download subtitles for your most favourite movies and shows. And there are many alternatives like YIFY and Downsub that can also download subtitles. However, HitPaw Edimakor gives audience the ability to download any videos from link and automatically generate subtitles for videos.

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