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[2023] How to Use Virtual Camera for Zoom

Joshua Hill

Posted 2023-11-23

Virtual cameras for Zoom make it easy for individuals to manage and elevate the quality of meetings and conferences at the workplace. Are you looking for a virtual camera tool to benefit your brand as well? Read along this article to find out what the two best virtual webcam for Zoom are.

Part 1. What Can A Virtual Camera Do for You?

Virtual cameras have revolutionised the way we video conference and stream, and they can effectively increase the professionalism and quality of meetings you bring to your business and workspace.

What if you could enhance the quality in which you present at these video calls and add elements like text and images to your video? Or what if you could switch your camera on in meetings without having a hardware webcam but by using a virtual camera for Zoom or meet?

Using virtual camera with Zoom is super easy, and we have made the process all the more convenient for you. Read along, and you're welcome.

zoom virtual camera

Part 2. The Best and Easiest Virtual Camera for Zoom Windows 10/Mac in 2023

When it comes to using a virtual camera on Zoom, no product beats HitPaw Screen Recorder. HitPaw is a safe and secure screen recorder cum virtual camera that you can use on 30+ applications and can tweak the settings in almost any way! Use over a hundred templates and elements to add to your video, record while you stream, select how you want to record, and play with your streaming the way you want!

Perhaps the best virtual camera for Zoom, using HitPaw is a child's play. Read along these steps to see exactly how:

Step 01 Download and launch the software on your device

Step 02 Now, select virtual camera from the main interface

hitpaw is the virtual camera for zoom

Step 03 From here, choose the elements and things you want to add to your video

hitpaw recorder is the virtual camera for zoom

Step 04 Now, go to Zoom

Step 05 Select HitPaw video source from the camera list

hitpaw screen recorder is the virtual camera for zoom

HitPaw Screen Recorder works brilliantly not only as a virtual camera for Zoom Mac or Windows, but also on other video conferencing apps and gaming apps like discord. It also has the ability to live streaming on YouTube, Twitch, Facebook and more. Of course, recording your screen, game or lecture is absolutely no problem at all.

Part 3. Another Popular Virtual Camera Zoom - OBS

OBS is also a virtual webcam for Zoom that you can use to add cool effects and stickers to your video if you want to use it along with a webcam. If not, then you can use any source including images, videos , screenshots, etc to be displayed as your video instead of your live face in any video call.

Using this camera virtual Zoom, you can accentuate the way your presentation looks and can leave a lasting impact on your audience. Want to know how to make the best use of this free Virtual camera for Zoom? Simply follow these steps and you will be able to set up your Zoom virtual camera:

  1. To successfully set up your Zoom virtual webcam, first make sure that your Zoom application is updated.
  2. Install and launch the OBS studio
  3. Open the OBS studio in the sources panel
  4. Click on add a new one and choose "display capture"
  5. In the popup window that shows the properties, select automatic and display one

  6. obs is the virtual camera for zoom
  7. You will be able to see a real time screen capture on your screen
  8. Now open Zoom, and choose OBS studio in the option for video source
  9. Go back to OBS, and select start virtual camera to begin using your virtual camera Zoom

  10. obs studio is the virtual camera for zoom

After these steps, whenever you launch a meeting using this virtual camera Zoom Mac and Windows, the members of the meeting will be able to see whatever media you have put on your OBS studio as your live video.

This virtual camera is extremely helpful if you do not wish to show your face or want to watch a movie or wish to show your teammates a presentation on a video conferencing app like Zoom.


When we are talking about a Zoom virtual camera Mac or Windows, the best virtual camera could be HitPaw Screen Recorder. It gives you the liberty to do anything you wish with your video conferences and streaming and offers so many features that make it stand out from the rest of the virtual cameras for Zoom. Try it today for free and purchase the subscription as soon as you fall in love with it.

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