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Choose Best FLAC Player to Elevate Your Audio Experience

Modern-day music listeners have to struggle with the issue of the inability to play their favorite tracks on other different devices, especially if they are in FLAC format, which is not offered by all these devices.

To solve the problem, FLAC player software or a player for FLAC becomes necessary. With the FLAC player or FLAC player software that does the correct conversion, the users can convert their FLAC files effortlessly, allowing them to play FLAC files on multiple devices.

Allowing FLAC to have its dedicated player means that fans can enjoy their favorite tracks without worrying about format restrictions, thus improving the whole listening experience.

[Top 4] Best FLAC Player For iOS/Mac

Several excellent options stand out for those seeking a music player for FLAC that supports FLAC files on iOS and Mac. Each has unique features and associated monthly fees.

FLAC Player++

FLAC Player++ is renowned for its user-friendly interface and dedicated support for FLAC on iOS. It offers a superior listening experience without the usual compatibility concerns with iTunes, though some advanced features require a subscription of about $2 to $5 monthly.


FLACbox is a product for iOS and Mac users. It allows users to play FLAC files smoothly and integrates with cloud services for music streaming. The monthly subscription fee of the chosen service tier varies from $3 to $7.

VOX Music Player

VOX Music Player is a leader in high-resolution audio playback on iOS and Mac. Its premium features, such as cloud storage, support different formats and are offered at about $4. 99 monthly.

VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player, a free and open-source solution for macOS and iOS, can play a lot of formats, such as FLAC. This is a cheap alternative to the expensive media players.

All the choices meet the different needs of people, be it a cloud service, a friendly interface, resolution, or free playback. Besides, for those asking, "Can iTunes play FLAC?" the answer is still no, creating a gap for these specialized players.

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VLC media player for FLAC

[Top 3] Best FLAC Player For Android

For audio files, preference for Android and the search for the best audio playback is the reasons behind the importance of the FLAC player Android. These players are known for preserving the original sound quality without loss. Android users have numerous options, unlike iPhone users, who are limited by FLAC compatibility issues.

Media Player Features Subscription Fee
Poweramp Music Player Supports multiple audio formats, equalizer, gapless playback, crossfade One-time purchase of $4.99
Onkyo HF Player High-fidelity sound, customizable EQ settings, supports various formats Monthly fee of about $9.99 for Hi-Res audio and advanced EQ settings
Lark Player Presents lyrics with video formats, ad-supported model, ad-free subscription available Ad-free subscription for about $0.99 monthly
Lark Player for FLAC

[Top 3] Best FLAC Player For Windows

Each alternative—Poweramp for complete control, Onkyo for high-resolution enthusiasts, and Lark for cost-effective versatility—guarantees that Android users can find a FLAC player that fits their preferences and budget and, thus, ensures excellent audio enjoyment.


Renowned for its flexibility, foobar2000 caters to those who desire a customizable listening experience. Its modular design supports advanced tagging and audio formats without burdening system resources. Best of all, it's free, blending advanced features with unbeatable value.


A legend in music playback, Winamp marries a retro vibe with contemporary features. It plays a vast spectrum of audio formats, including FLAC, and offers extensive customization through plugins for FLAC players on various platforms, including acting as a portable FLAC player. Visual enhancements make listening more enjoyable, all at no cost.

Real Player

Beyond playing FLAC files, Real Player is a multimedia hub capable of video playback, downloading, and streaming. The built-in library organizes files efficiently. While basic functions are free, advanced features require a subscription. The monthly fee varies based on the selected service level, ensuring a solution for every budget.

Media Player Customized Preference
Foobar2000 Efficiency
Winamp Nostalgic Flair
Real Player Multimedia Versatility

How To Convert FLAC To MP3

Moving FLACs to MP3 allows them to be played on devices and software platforms that do not support the FLAC format, such as iTunes.

Many ask questions like 'Can iTunes play FLAC?' and 'Will iTunes play FLAC?' Still, the hassle is that those queries have already been solved to the extent that HitPaw Video Converter, a truthful converter, is much more reliable than those questions.

Watch the following video to learn more details:

Features of HitPaw Video Converter

  • Fast Conversion Speed: Uses the latest tech for speedy file conversion without quality loss.
  • Supports Many Formats: Converts among many video and audio formats, not necessarily FLAC to MP3.
  • Batch Conversion: Anyone can convert multiple files simultaneously, saving time and effort.
  • Easy-to-Use Interface: It is accessible to everybody, even those with limited technological understanding.
  • Quality Control: Modify the output quality levels to match your requirements.
  • Editing Tools: These contain basic features like trimming, cutting, and other alterations before the conversion occurs.

How to Convert FLAC to Mp3 with HitPaw Video Converter

Step 1: Download and Install

  • Click the download button below

Step 2: Add FLAC Files

  • Click “Add Files” on the top left.
  • In the window that appears, locate your FLAC files, select them, and click "Open". Alternatively, simply drag your files into the HitPaw interface.
Import Flac File

Step 3: Choose Output As Mp3

  • Find “Output Format” at the bottom.
  • Click the audio tab (which has a music note icon) to see audio formats.
  • Look through the list and pick “MP3”.
  • To adjust output MP3 quality, click the gear icon next to your format choice.
Select the Audio Format

Step 4: Convert

  • After adding files and setting the output, hit “Convert” next to each file for one-by-one conversion or “Convert All” to do it all at once.
  • The conversion will start right away, showing progress.
Convert Flac File to MP3

Step 5: Get Your MP3 Files

  • When Done, a message shows up.
  • Click “Output Folder” at the bottom to open the folder with your new MP3s.
  • Your MP3 files will be ready to use, transfer, or play.

HitPaw Video Converter keeps the original file structure in your folder, which makes it easy to find your files. According to these directions, you will have a trouble-free FLAC to MP3 conversion with HitPaw Video Converter, so your FLAC collections will be playable on other platforms and iTunes.

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The Final Say

FLAC audio files can be converted into MP3 files when particular devices and applications, like iTunes, won't play them. This is beneficial because it allows you to listen to music on more devices.

The concept is that your music always sounds perfect wherever you listen. Converters like HitPaw Video Converter, the best FLAC player software, ensure you never worry about music quality when working with tech boundaries.

Exchanging your songs from one format to another is your smartest choice. It guarantees you receive top-notch sound regardless of what gadget you use, so anyone enjoying music will be happy.


Q1. Does iTunes Support Direct Play For FLAC Files?

A1. No, iTunes does not have a FLAC decoder. To play them, they must be in an iTunes-accepted format, such as MP3 or AAC.

Q2. Is The HitPaw Video Converter Converting FLAC To MP3 Free?

A2. HitPaw Video Converter offers a free trial of file conversion, including FLAC to MP3. After the trial, a purchase is needed for this offer to continue indefinitely.

Q3. Will FLAC Be Converted To MP3 To Be Of Sound Quality?

A3. Yes, due to compression, there is a minimal sound quality loss when FLAC (a lossless format) is converted to Mp3 (a lossy format), but it becomes more universally playable.

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