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Guide to Activate Hulu in 2024

Hulu is a powerful content streaming app compatible with multiple devices, including streaming media players, top boxes, Smart TC computers, mobile devices, etc. Activating the Hulu app on a new device is fairly simple at any day and time of the week.

However, if you no longer want to use the hulu.com/activate option, removing it from that device immediately is recommended. If you want to learn about how to opt for Hulu activate, tune into the post and go through the process of www.hulu.login/activate on different devices.

Part 1: How to Activate Hulu

Aiming at the www.hulu.com/activate is pretty simple, as you don't have to put in extra effort to get the job done. Instead, all you need to do is visit the official website of Hulu, sign up with your personal credentials and choose the Start Your Free Trial icon. After creating the Hulu account, you can visit the Smartphone, Smart, or gaming console and then install the Hulu app there and then begin watching the content there after entering the login credentials.

Part 2: What is Hulu Activation Code?

The Hulu activation code is a code used to link the Hulu account to your specific device, including the game console, streaming device, smart tv, etc. This code is needed to ensure that the device you're going to use the Hulu account into is authorized and eligible to access the Hulu content.

By entering the hulu/activate code, you can enhance the security of the Hulu and can prevent it from getting misused by unauthorized people.

Part 3: How to Activate Hulu Device on Computer

Learning about the hulu.com activate process on the computer isn't a daunting task.

For this purpose, you'll need to select the device where you can install the Hulu app before linking the Hulu device from that device to the computer. Here's the detailed guide to use the hulu com activate feature on the computer.

Step 1: After installing the Hulu app from the App Store, start the Hulu app on your smart TV or mobile device. After visiting the welcome screen, you'll need to tap on the Sign in button before choosing the Activate on a computer.

hulu activate on computer

Step 2: Open the browser and navigate to the hulu.com/activate page first. After that, you can enter your Hulu account password. This way, you'll get into the Activate Your Device screen quickly.

Step 3: After entering the activation code that appeared on the TV screen, you'll be able to set up the hulu on your computer in 30 seconds.

entering the activation code

Part 4: How to Activate Hulu on Your TV

Enjoying Hulu video on a smart TV doesn't require you to rely on the www.hulu.com/activate code. To begin seeing the incredible Hulu content on your Smart TV, simply enter your Hulu account information. Go for the www.hulu.com activation on smart TV by following the instructions below.

www.hulu login/activate on tv

Step 1: Launch the smart TV and then search for the hulu app afterwards.

Step 2: After going into the Welcome Screen, you'll need to choose the Sign In before hitting the Login on this device.

Step 3: In this phase you'll need to type in the Hulu account credentials, and that's all you've had to to access the mesmerizing and unlimited Hulu content on the smart TV.

Part 5: How to Activate Hulu from Disney+

People who have signed for the amazing Disney package will have to go for the hulu/activate account before logging in with the Hulu credentials out there. The good thing here is that only activating the hulu account will do the job for you. Follow the detailed instructions given below to use the hulu.com/activate process on Disney+.

hulu/activate on disney

Step 1: Visit DisneyPlus.com with an online browser or a mobile device.

Step 2: From your drop-down menu, select the account after choosing the profile. You must hit the ''Stream Now'' option after navigating to the My Services icon.

In this manner, you'll get the Hulu choice to finish configuring your account. In this phase, you'll need to type in the email credentials and password you used to access Disney.

Step 3: Once the instructions on the screen have been followed, press the Continue button.

Bonus tips: Download Videos from Hulu and Watch Offline

If you don't want to login with the Hulu account credentials in different devices all the time to watch the Hulu content and would love to download the Hulu movies or other things for offline viewing, HitPaw Video Converter is here to stay. It is a gripping video downloader that, apart from allowing you to download the Hulu videos also assists you to grab the videos from the 10000+ online websites.

With the fast downloading speed and ability to download the video in multiple video formats, HitPaw Video Converter has surely emerged as the best tool to download and watch Hulu videos offline. Another amazing thing about the HitPaw Video Converter is that it doesn't bother inserting the watermark into the video and you won't get annoyed with the unwanted ads.

Main Features of HitPaw Video Converter

  • Enables you to download Hulu movies to MP4 1080P
  • Download the multiple Hulu videos
  • No watermark or ads
  • Supports downloading videos from other websites like Netflix, Disney+, YT, etc.
  • Compatible with the Mac and Windows

How to Download Hulu Videos with HitPaw Video Converter?

  • 1. Launch HitPaw Video Converter on computer and navigate to the Toolbox tab. Find the Hulu Video Downloader and open it.

    hitpaw hulu video downloader feature
  • 2.To access the movies on Hulu, you'll have to log in to an account. If you have one, please click the LOG IN button to enter your account info.

    log in to hulu account
  • 3.Now, browse and find the movie or TV shows that you want to download. Simply click the Download button to start analysis,

    find hulu movie to download
  • 4.After analysis, you can preview the video(s), select a suitable quality, audio and subtitles.

    download hulu movie to 1080p
  • 5.Click the Download button to start downloading Hulu videos.

    downloading hulu videos
  • 6.When the Hulu videos are download successfully, you can watch the movie without Hulu login or subscription any more.

    hulu videos download successfully

FAQs about Hulu Activate

Q1. Can I get Hulu for free?

A1. Upon entering the official website to create the Hulu account, you'll find the option to Start your Free trial. The best thing about the Hulu free trial version is that it lets you unlock all types of content having the best video quality.

Q2. How do I get access to Hulu?

A2. Accessing the Hulu content is effortless. To do it, you'll need to create a Hulu account after going to the official website. Once you've created a Hulu account, you can log in with it on your smartphone, smart TV, or gaming console to start watching Hulu content without any fuss.


A lot of people want to learn about hulu.com/activate, and that's where this guide comes handy. Apart from allowing you to learn about the Hulu activation on smart TV, computers, and Disney, this guide has also enabled you to gather information about the www.hulu.com/activate code.

Downloading Hulu videos in original quality is also simple, thanks to HitPaw Video Converter's high profile and amazing features. It lets you download videos from over 10,000 online websites, and it doesn't put a watermark on them.

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