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Rocket Raccoon Voice: The Story behind Movies

Rocket Raccoon might be the scariest raccoon in the Marvel and Guardians of the Galaxy Universe, but he’s also the most loving character. Aside from being the only character who can understand what Groot is saying, Rocket is a genetically enhanced raccoon who has a sharp tongue and a love for the most advanced weapons.

rocket raccoon and groot

The Voice of Rocket Raccoon and Baby Rocket Raccoon

James Gunn: Rocket Raccoon

Rocket Raccoon has a pretty iconic voice in the Marvel Universe, but nobody could take even a wild guess about who voices Rocket Raccoon. It was the decision of the Guardians franchise director, James Gunn, to bring in the Oscar/BAFTA/Golden Globe winner Bradley Cooper to play the role. When the Guardians of the Galaxy first came out back in 2014, the world was shocked to know that their favourite and ever-charming Cooper was going to play a raccoon in a space movie. But in hindsight, this was ultimately the best decision that James Gunn ever made.

who voiced rocket raccoon

Rocket is essentially a very cruel, angry all the time, selfish and defensive on the outside kind of character. And Bradley was able to translate all his anger from the past he lived into the voice and snarkiness of his dialogue. Anything that the raccoon would say would either be very witty, angry or funny and nobody could tell it was Bradley shaping his character.

In an interview, James Gunn revealed that the team hired Bradley BECAUSE he was such a great actor. Bradley was able to create the character and rocket raccoon voice just like another improvised scene from Hangover.

rocket raccoon Guardians of the Galaxy

Noah Raskin: baby Rocket Raccoon

When Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3 came out in May 2023, James Gunn let the franchise fans know that Cooper wouldn't be the only one voicing the character now. Although Cooper did return to the set to voice the Rocket Raccoon character for the eighth time, the new movie follows a different plot which focuses on Rocket’s backstory.

So now Noah Raskin will take on baby Rocket Raccoon, and Sean Gunn, the director's brother, will voice the younger version. But don’t worry, Bradley fans; he will keep on doing the adult Rocket whenever he appears on the screen in the next volumes.

It’s safe to say that all of Rocket Racoon voice actors are iconic, and they are actively helping to make the character more lovable among the MCU and Guardian fans.

rocket raccoon Guardians of the Galaxy3

FAQs about Rocket Raccoon Voice

Q1. What's the deal with Rocket Raccoon voice?

A1. Rocket's signature gruffness comes from a blend of influences! Bradley Cooper's base performance adds a sardonic wit to Rocket the Raccoon, proving to the world why he’s such a great actor.

Q2. Did Baby Rocket Raccoon sound different?

A2. The director wanted to show Rocket Raccoon in his early years when he was just a baby, so they chose Noah Raskin and Sean Gunn to do the voice.

Q3. Is Rocket Raccoon really dead?

A3. (Spoiler alert!) Thankfully, no! While Rocket faced some close calls (we won't spoil which ones!), he managed to survive those wild adventures. Rocket Raccoon death was something we were all speculating about by the end of Vol.3. Rest assured, Rocket's sass and sharp wit are here to stay for the future!

baby rocket raccoon

4 Ways to Turn Your Voice into Rocket Raccoon

Do you want to make a funny video inspired by the popular Rocket Raccoon voice? Well, we can’t really nail the exact way that Bradley Cooper does the Rocket Raccoon expressions (because he’s a genius), but there are ways to do it.

iMyFone MagicMic

Use MagicMic, a popular voice changer that allows you to change your voice as you speak. It features effects like pitch shifting, echo, and reverb. You can even import your own audio files using the famous Rocket Raccoon voice effect. The app works with different platforms like Skype, Discord, and Zoom.

imyfone rocket raccoon

TikTok's Disney Collaboration

Content creators, good news! After the collaboration between TikTok and Disney, you can now create official character voices using the text-to-speech feature. Imagine having your captions read by characters like Rocket Raccoon from Guardians of the Galaxy – a fun addition to your videos!

101 Soundboards

Explore the Rocket Raccoon TTS (text-to-speech) AI voice on this website. Perfect for gaming or adding a unique touch to your content creation.

101 Soundboards

Voice Changer with Effects App

Try a voice-changing app with various effects, including Rocket Raccoon's voice. Have a blast altering your voice in real-time for creative and entertaining content.

Extra Tip: More Voice Changing Effects are in HitPaw Voice Changer

Meet HitPaw Voice Changer, your go-to Real-time voice changer for PC that takes entertainment to the next level. Designed with cutting-edge voice-learning technology, it's perfect for enhancing your online gaming, voice chatting, and voice-over recordings. And the best part is that you can now do the Rocket Raccoon voice using Hitpaw while you’re playing games or during voice calls as a prank on friends.

HitPaw Voice Changer Why Choose HitPaw Voice Changer?
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  • AI Cover for Music: Want to sound like Taylor Swift or Ariana Grande? Select your favourite singer model from the Voice Model Library and make videos with their voices.

Additional HitPaw Voice Changer Features:
  • Have fun tweaking your voice in real time with different effects.
  • Use it in the middle while playing your favourite games on Discord, Twitch, YouTube, and more.
  • Ideal for gamers, content creators, Vtubers, and live streamers to enhance their experience.
  • Say goodbye to unwanted noise and echo for a clear and professional sound.
  • Add humor to your gaming or streaming with customizable sounds like a fart, cat, Mario, and more, all with easy shortcut keys.


Whether you're a Marvel enthusiast, content creator, or just someone looking to spice up your gaming sessions, there's a tool that can help you sound exactly like Rocket Raccoon: HitPaw Voice Changer.

This creative tool brings real-time voice-changing effects, HitPaw Voice Changer is perfect compatibility with your favourite platforms, and the bonus of customizable funny sound effects. For all the gamers, content creators, and live streamers out there, use this real-time effect to sound exactly like Bradley Cooper!

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