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6 Best AI Video Maker Applications In 2024

There was a time when the creation of a simple video was considered difficult as different professionals were contacted for the generation of a simple video. But then different AI-based tools appeared in the market and revolutionized the entire procedure that professionals adopted for video generation.

Each AI based video maker app is updated from time to time and users are getting the benefit of adding different templates and features to their videos. Here, we are going to discuss some ai video makers that help you in converting input text to video form and get polished results.

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Part 1: 5 Useful AI Video Maker Apps For Mobile

Five video makers apps are mentioned below and they can be used on a mobile phone to make interesting videos. Keeping on reading to explore!

1. LightCut

LightCut is a unique platform that accesses the user to make attractive videos easily. It has a large number of special features and effects which adds up and make the video more unique and eye-catching. Its interface is also very easy as a beginner can also use it.

Features Of LightCut
  • It has such tools which make your video unique.
  • It accesses the user with special effects for editing video.
  • The videos created from LightCut are also very compatible.
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2. InVideo

If you want to make an attractive video in just a few minutes then InVideo is a great ai video maker. It provides you with a large number of options for making your video realistic and attractive. Also by using this platform, your creative talent increases and will help you in showcasing your talent.

Features Of InVideo
  • Allow the creation of a video of about 30 minutes.
  • The addition of text, as well as the location of that text in the video, can be adjusted by the user.
  • It also allows users to remove the background noise from the video.
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3. YouCam Video

YouCam Video is a famous platform which is now used for making attractive videos with just some clicks of options. This also accesses the user to not only make an attractive video but you can also add some special effects that add the attractiveness of your video.

Features Of YouCam Video
  • By using YouCam Video you can add AI special effects to your video.
  • It also helps you in showcasing your creative talent.
  • It is also helpful for making creative videos in a few minutes for saving time.
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4. Magisto

Another perfect working free video maker app which is used for making creative videos in a few minutes is Magisto. It has a user-friendly interface which makes the user in creating videos without any help and also it saves the user time by making videos in a limited time. It makes the video very unique by adding special effects to it.

Features Of Magisto
  • It has such features which make video attractive and unique.
  • In a large library full of effects, music, etc you can easily find your desired one.
  • It also saves your time by investing it in making creative videos.
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5. InShot

It is one of the most unique and used platforms which make simple clips into attractive videos by adding different AI effects and many more. It causes a great difference between simple and creative videos from InShot. It also has a large library of different features and effects.

Features Of InShot
  • It provides the user with a variety of different features.
  • You can make your video more attractive by adding different vlog music and sound effects provided by InShot.
  • You can also add your desired texts, stickers, etc to your video.
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Part 2: Extra-Tip: Recommended AI Video Maker For Windows

When a person looks for a video maker then he will first figure out whether the selected video maker is fulfilling his demands or not. This is because sometimes the thing that seems to be gold to us is a delusion. Therefore, we are here with an effective video maker for you that will be perfect in meeting all your demands.

HitPaw Edimakor

HitPaw Edimakor popup is a user-friendly and robust video editing tool that is specially designed for Windows users. Because of its advanced functionality and seamless interface, this tool offers a great interface to users to get a professional quality video in a very short period.

video maker app free

There will be no exaggeration in stating that its form is like a protected box with a great variety of filters, templates, and effects that can transform a simple video into a fascinating professional video. The most amazing fact about this free ai video maker is that you can still access its services even with no professional skills in video editing or video creation.

Features Of Hitpaw Video Editor
  • The interface of this tool provides access to advanced editing tools to make video more attractive
  • A large library of templates is available for users
  • Users are given the advantage of multilayer support that allows the overlapping of videos and pictures
  • Users are given the flexibility of any video format
  • Adjustment of audio, removal of background noise, and application of audio effect is supported

Part 3: FAQs About AI Video Maker App

Q1. What Is An AI Video Generator?

A1. The tool that involves the process of using artificial intelligence algorithms for the creation of different kinds of videos is referred to as a free ai video generator. Raw video footage is taken into consideration and after some processing, new video content will be provided to users.

Q2. Is There Any Free AI Video Generator?

A2. The market is full of video generators that allow users to generate videos free of cost. But if you want to access the additional features and advanced templates then you will be required to get a subscription or a paid version of the tool.

Q3. Which Is The Best AI Video Maker?

A3. Making a final choice regarding the best AI video maker depends upon certain factors like the requirements and preferences of the user. But, HitPaw is one of the video makers that is recommended because it fulfills all the demands of users.

Final Lines

The available AI video makers in the market are coming with such advanced features that let a person complete such a perfect video that a professional makes by sitting at home. The powerful interface, amazing editing tools, and efficient templates make these video makers the perfect choice for video generation.

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