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Top 7 Podcast Script Generators Recommended

Don’t we all get saturated and frozen for moments at a time, trying to get ideas? Specifically, any podcast, whether it involves marriages, teens, or is meant for humor will need creativity. Thus, finding or applying the best ideas is important. Check out the Podcast script generators free to use listed herein. The idea is to create scripts as soon as possible, in an effective manner to remain professional.

Part 1: 7 Best Podcast Script Generators for Free

These script generators allow you to share or export content quickly and soon after completion. Their features make the apps favorable to content creators who need to reach audiences quickly.

1. HitPaw Edimakor

This video editing machine is a favorite among many, possibly more around professionals than amateurs. Using AI technology, users can enjoy a Podcast script generator for 2023. If you own a PC with Windows 7, 8, 10, 11 and Mac you are compatible. You can also change audio clips from Amazon and easily listen to them on a device of your choosing.

Main Features:
  • Speech-to-text – transcribe words from your videos efficiently to texts. This is the perfect scenario for professionals that need to transfer information or data to their partners. Speech to text can also be used to create subtitles once the text is available. Incidentally, this transcription process only takes a few seconds.
  • Audio visualizer – add taste to your videos with the visualizer. It can also enhance these sounds and make you sound better, or remove certain sounds completely. This is what professionals use to either create superficial sounds, or bring their real vocals to the table.
  • Video object remover – as a professional content creator you don’t need photo or video bombers. Thus, this remover allows you to remove unwanted stuff in your videos, including backgrounds. Once you remove stuff, a magical brush can help you adjust consistency in that area.
  • Text feature – another fun aspect of using HitPaw Edimakor is adding texts. You can add textual stuff for emphasis when certain aspects should not be avoided. The perfect example would ideally be an investigative video, perhaps a journalism clip where different people need to focus on specific parts. Very high end stuff.
  • Video exports – this fine AI tool allows you to first off edit videos at one of the highest levels of quality, i.e. 4K. After that, exporting the same quality videos is possible at approximately 60 frames per second. That is very good quality for an online editing tool.
Hitpaw Edimakor video editor options


This is one of a few industry-grade products as far as AI is concerned. HIX.AI offers a multitude of options for members in various fields. Whether you are switching text from videos, or extracting SEO-friendly material from YouTube, this app works great. Let’s dive into a few of its cooler features. With features similar to or mimicking ArticleGPT.

Main Features:
  • Coming soon features include the ability to convert words from podcasts to text material.
  • Videos uploaded on YouTube can be turned into articles – specifically SEO-friendly ones.
  • AI translator and the script generator work well for any content creator, including podcasts.
  • Other script generators include the AI lyrics generator, AI story generator, and such tools.
hix.ai homepage

3. EditPad

This fancy Podcastscript generator works and even better has an intuitive, easy-to-use interface. All main tools are listed on the landing page. While one Podcastintro script generator may be extremely complicated, Editpad boasts a user-friendly interface. There are some valuable and easy-to-use tools on this AI Podcastscript generator worth trying.

Main Features:
  • Speech-to-text for easier creation of articles.
  • Podcastscript generator that works hand-in-hand with poem generators and other similar options on Editpad.
  • There is also a Blog outline generator and a Blog idea generator.
  • With other features like plagiarism checkers, paraphrasing tools, and a readability checker on board, podcasts are much easier to create.
editpad podcasttopic select

4. Paraphrasing.Ai

Another fancy tool for script generation is the paraphrasing tool. Before jumping into its details, some will be happy to that it offers several freebies. There is a lot that amateurs and professionals can do entirely for free, with paraphrasing tools. With options to download extensions for Google and Chrome, others may enjoy the Safari extension or Opera options. These are not the fanciest options available though.

Main Features:
  • Podcast content creators enjoy Podcast script generator tools.
  • Writers will marvel as they enjoy a blog content generator.
  • There are also writing options to help writers from scratch. Develop a blog outline, song lyrics, and even an Instagram slogan. Using the paraphrasing online tool, Podcasts will not run out of content.
  • Incidentally, there is a business idea generator along with an Upwork proposal generator. All fancy tools that are useful for any Podcast script or video.
paraphrasing tool podcast script generator

5. WriteCream

In three easy steps, one can have a Podcast generated and be sharing it with the world soonest. The WriteCream Podcast script generator only needs the user to input their topic, language, and tone thereafter and boom – they have a script. WriteCream appears to have an intuitive and easy-to-use interface too. Most Podcast creators struggle to find the right words, for the right topics and at the right time. WriteCream shortens these options tremendously.

Main Features:
  • Saving and exporting – users can save their final material immediately and send these to Podcast platforms. It is a nice way to reach your audience in good time.
  • Custom-tailored results as users have the option to review the final product before sending it out. The AI Podcast script generator may have overshot your choices, but amending the results will be simple.
  • An easy-to-use interface makes it easy to navigate the page and have a script complete in a matter of minutes. This interface is friendly to all levels of tech-savvy folks.
writeCream ai podcastscript generator

6. Cookup.ai

This is a remarkable Podcast intro script generator offering millions of people a chance to enjoy AI the way it was meant to be. There are enough generators on this web page for all to enjoy. For basic usage, college students, office workers, and businessmen can generate something. From essay to cover letter generators, to AI content generators and the SEO generator option, there is something on the site for everyone. Here are some of the key features many podcasters will be interested in.

Main Features:
  • One of the main features is a YouTube video script generator.
  • Along with the above-mentioned is the Podcast idea generator. Young and old alike can create brilliant ideas without too much work.
  • Other Podcast options include Podcast name creation and a Podcast title generator. Podcasters are fully catered for here.
cookup.ai Podcastscript generator

7. Kapwing

Like most new-age Podcast script generator sites, Kapwing also offers members a chance to use it for free. Using GPT-4, users are creating videos like never before. The website caters to amateurs and professionals. It means you can start as a novice and be making above-grade stuff in less time. Some of the most notable features include:

Main Features:
  • Smart cut lets you remove silence from any of your clips. Additionally, you can clean up your audio for a more professional look.
  • Develop unique videos with the AI system on Kapwing. The resource offers trending and popular templates along with educational templates. There are numerous options for a diverse user base.
  • A text prompt allows anyone to generate several and not one, Podcast script. Further, users get to add transitions, introductions, and the duration of your Podcast too.
kapwing Podcastscript generator

Part 2: Frequently Asked Questions about Podcast Script Generator

The following are some of the questions mostly asked by users, or newbies who want to try out the top-rated script generators.

Q1. How Do I Start A Podcast With No Experience?

A1. Begin with a target audience, possibly one that is extremely streamlined. Starting a Podcast involving food sounds great. However, there are already several in that market. In this case, why not try a Podcast for diabetics with other diseases; something that can be streamlined with perfection? Secondly, try recording a few clips, videos, and scripts before sending out your pilot stuff. It might work better if you send or have friends listen to one or two first. Thirdly, perhaps you can find or create a brand that is you. Make it work for you and again, for a specific audience. People need to know why they should listen to you, and no one else.

Q2. How Do I Make A Podcast Script?

A2. Find a top-notch site offering a few freebies as you work your way up to some money soon. Pick a web page such as HitPaw Edimakor with simple steps to creating scripts. The first step involves your idea or topic. Next is identifying factors like the tone, perhaps language to be used, and more. This is to ensure your audience isn’t confused. Next, click on generate script, and you can add other factors immediately or afterward. A Podcast script generator such as HitPaw Edimakor boasts loads of options for the young, the old, and those with little experience creating scripts. It is however a site that creates quite quickly.

Q3. What Is The Best Intro Script For A Podcast?

A3. Here’s how a basic, and general intro for a Podcast would look like: Begin by introducing the show (i.e. name), then proceed to mention your name. Next would be a mention of the new guest (if any) and the topic of the day/night. Finish off with a few nice words about a possible surprise guest or something similar. It will keep your audience glued to the end. The idea is to keep things simple, especially with the intro. Starting with too much noise at the beginning might put some people off.


Creating podcasts is a trending idea and business among many younger folks, but the older generation seems interested too. While a Podcast may lead to much-needed air time, it also requires work. This is where a perfect AI Podcast script generator comes in. Begin with the basic idea and follow it through using generators such as HitPaw Edimakor. Remembering to watch and share your ideas with one or two folks is important. Just as you would edit a term paper or proposal, the Podcast script needs evaluating before you send it out.

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