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Top 10 Easy-to-Use AI Script Writers for Content Creation

A robust AI script writer works as your clone that writes short or long scripts in the way you want them to be. While picking the best AI tool could be daunting, the work efficiency you get in return is worthwhile. To help you decide upon a scriptwriter AI tool, this section suggests the 10 best solutions available today.

Part 1: Exploring the Top 10 AI Script Writing Tools

1. Jasper

Offering a complete solution for all your content creation and promotional campaigning needs, Jasper is an AI script writer you can rely on. Be it strategy planning, realistic image generation, or designing workflows for your social media marketing, this scriptwriter AI tool does all for you. In addition, you can also use Jasper for analytics and insights that you can use while making decisions and planning expansion models.

Jasper ai script writing Key Features
  • Allows accessing and managing the entire content creation segment from a central location
  • Helps in designing and implementing marketing campaigns
  • Scans your existing text for brand tone and suggests improvements or updates as required
  • Offers a complete project management solution for your business, increasing productivity
  • Works as a one-stop shop for all your business needs
  • Automated publishing saves several hours of manual work
  • Comprises plenty of guides and training materials to assist you in learning the solution
  • Comes with a pricetag
  • Requires you to sign up before starting the trial offer

2. Writesonic

This AI script writing tool has an integrated story generator to help you write stories and detailed scripts for your marketing ad copies, stage shows, or even movie storylines. The text expander option allows you to make a simple sentence more elaborative for better understanding. You can even use Writesonic to generate realistic images to support your scripts to convey messages more clearly.

Writesonic ai scriptwriter Key Features
  • Comes with an integrated landing page generator
  • The built-in Chatsonic tool excepts simple prompts and writes complex content and professional replies in return
  • The Botsonic tool automates customer interactions to answer their queries
  • Audiosonic easily converts your text into speech to eliminate the need for manual voiceover
  • Covers almost every aspect of your business, from writing SEO-friendly content to automating consumer interactions with AI chatbots
  • The Google Chrome extension makes Writesonic accessible from anywhere across the globe
  • Writes SEO-optimized articles and blogs to draw more traffic
  • Requires you to sign up before starting the trial offer
  • You must buy Botsonic separately
  • The text-to-speech feature doesn’t speak in a hyper-realistic human voice

3. HitPaw Edimakor

HitPaw Edimakor is probably the best AI script writer available today. You can install the program on your Windows or Mac computer for better control and increased privacy. The app has an integrated automatic video merger that doesn’t require human interactions to join multiple media clips. For advanced editing, you can use the ‘Advanced Edit’ tool that comes with the application.

HitPaw Edimakor ai script writer Key Features
  • The built-in screen recorder allows you to create video tutorials, gameplays, and walk-throughs
  • The integrated AI subtitle generator automatically writes subtitles for your media footage
  • Comes with several appealing layouts for video intros
  • Automatically divides the generated scripts into multiple sections for better management
  • Does script writing with AI in less than 60 seconds
  • Reduces manual work by automatically merging media clips
  • Generates SEO-friendly blogs and articles
  • Supports over 30 languages
  • Cannot generate animated clips
  • Requires you to enter at least 2 to 3 sentences as prompts before it can use AI for script writing

4. CreativAI

CreativAI can work as an efficient headlined generator for your content, an analytical tool for better insights into your progress, and even a keyword generator to help you write SEO-optimized content for better Google ranking. The web solution also writes social media captions and descriptions for your products and services, saving several hours that you would otherwise spend typing them manually.

CreativAI ai for writing scripts Key Features
  • Helps in generating names for your content and scripts
  • Assists you in coming up with new startup ideas
  • Checks the web and suggests the most revenue-generating niche for your blogs or YouTube channel
  • Designs strategies for your advertisements and social media campaigns
  • The web app offers a responsive interface that seamlessly works on computer screens, mobiles, and tablets
  • Increases production by generating content up to 10x faster
  • The Unlimited subscription plan allows you to use all the available tools without any restrictions or limits
  • The free plan is restricted to 300 words and 10 images only
  • No training material is available on the portal to teach how to use the solution

5. ShortlyAI

This AI script writer mainly focuses on writing long-form content. The positive side of this nature is that you can use ShortlyAI to generate complete screenplays for your movies, write lengthy novels, and even prepare bestselling storybooks. You can do all this by merely typing a few prompts and commands.

ShortlyAI script ai writer Key Features
  • Supports the ‘/’ symbol to accept commands
  • Expands or shortens sentences according to your requirements
  • Rewrites your text and converts it into traffic-drawing content
  • Helps in brainstorming when you need ideas for a new business startup or want to choose a niche for your YouTube channel
  • Comes with a distraction-free interface to help you stay focused on your work
  • Accepts simple prompts with switches to generate full-length scripts
  • The portal has a dedicated section for detailed study material for better understanding
  • Strictly limited to text-based content
  • Doesn’t have any free plan

6. Contentbot

Contentbot uses a different approach to help you create content with ease. The node-based interface allows you to create AI flows and assign triggers to generate your scripts and other text exactly the way you want. The AI script writer is most helpful to digital marketers, freelance copywriters, bloggers, organizations, content creators, creative writers, etc.

Contentbot script writing ai free Key Features
  • Node-based AI content generation
  • Allows triggers for more control and precise output
  • Writes product descriptions for e-commerce websites
  • Generates SEO-optimized content for landing pages
  • Helps in scheduling and generating weekly/daily blog posts
  • Allows automated tweet postings
  • Supports bulk content generation
  • Works in the background without disturbing your active tasks
  • The interface, nodes, and triggers might appear daunting to new users
  • Generates bulk content only via importing files to the portal

7. ScripAI

You can think of ScripAI as a free treat from the developer as it offers almost all its AI tools without any cost. Although the web app is still in the development phase, many tools are already available for you to exploit and generate AI content for personal and professional uses. The script writing AI free tool even allows you to rewrite existing content, adding the latest information to keep your blog/article updated for a higher Google ranking.

ScripAI free ai script writer Key Features
  • Generates YouTube video outlines
  • Helps in suggesting YouTube video ideas
  • Generates catchy email subject lines
  • Writes SEO-optimized descriptions for your YouTube channel and videos
  • Allows you to use all its AI tools for free
  • Comprises almost every solution required to set up and run an informative or e-commerce website
  • Doesn’t require you to sign up to use the AI tools
  • The scope is limited to text-based content only, at least for now
  • Many AI features are still in the development phase

8. WriterHand

WriterHand is another script writing AI tool that works on the web interface and doesn’t require downloading and installing any app on your PC. This saves the extensive utilization of local hardware resources, allowing you to exploit your current computer at its full without giving any overhead to its processor.

WriterHand script writer ai Key Features
  • It is a free script writing AI program
  • Generates full stories for your next bestselling novel
  • Writes meta descriptions for your web pages
  • Writes SEO-optimized product descriptions for your e-commerce website
  • Doesn’t require you to sign up to use its AI script generator feature
  • Offers a clean interface
  • The self-expository tools and options make using the portal pretty easy
  • The web page has several advertisements
  • The website is a bit slow and performs sluggishly

9. ChatGPT

ChatGPT made people aware of the powers of artificial intelligence. This AI script writer is free and available for everyone with a web browser and Internet access. The input field accepts prompts in simple language as if you’re talking to a real person. Upon receiving a prompt, ChatGPT responds almost instantaneously, saving you time.

ChatGPT chat gpt for script writing Key Features
  • Allows one-click sign-up with your Google, Microsoft, or Apple ID
  • Allows you to define custom instructions based on your job profile to get precise outputs
  • Offers integration into websites and other online apps through API
  • Google Chrome extension makes accessibility pretty convenient
  • Responds almost instantaneously
  • Even though free, the interface doesn’t have distracting advertisements
  • Maintains usage history for references, iterations, and documentation
  • Doesn’t have the most updated information
  • It’s challenging to locate the exact page to enter your prompts unless you have the precise URL

10. Copy.ai

This AI for writing scripts generates long-form articles, social media ads, content briefs, product or service descriptions, and much more. All content Copy.ai creates is SEO-optimized, drawing more traffic to your online solutions. The web app also remains consistent with your brand voice and writes texts to match your business tone.

ChatGPT chat gpt for script writing Key Features
  • Writes sales pitches
  • Generates eCommerce, social media, and sales workflows
  • Translates your content in over 30 languages
  • Integrated AI chat automates marketing and sales communication to expedite the work process
  • Integrates with Airtable to speed up your tasks
  • Chat templates allow you to reply in a professional tone with the least intervention
  • Keeps your information private and secure
  • Initial setup may take a while, especially if you’re new to AI
  • You may have to go through a couple of tutorials to exploit all the features Copy.ai has

Part 2: How to Choose an AI Script Writer for Your Needs

The best AI script writer is hard to find. Therefore, you must invest some time in assessing the available options before settling on one. A robust AI script writer should:

  • Accept instructions in simple language
  • Be able to write both short-form and long-form content
  • Be able to do other tasks as well, e.g., generating images, allowing video editing, assisting in designing marketing strategy, etc.
  • Offer a trial duration, if not a free account
  • Be able to record the computer screen


When choosing the best script writing AI tool, you must ensure that it can assist you in other tasks as well. Investing in a solution that can only write for you would be like paying for using Google, which is weird. In this context, you can try HitPaw Edimakor, which not only works as an AI script writer but also has an integrated subtitle generator, screen recorder, and video editor to simplify your video creation process.

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