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Merge MP4 Files on Windows/Mac and Online free now!

Joshua Hill

Posted 2024-03-13

If you're looking for a tool to merge your MP4 Files together free, then you come to the right place. A movie, a short video from social media or a longer one from YouTube, you would find all these videos are mostly MP4 files. So How to combine these MP4 files into one to create your own works? This article provides professional MP4 joiners on Windows, Mac and online with a detailed guide. Read on, you could combine multiple MP4 files into one right away.

Part 1. The Easiest Way to Merge MP4 Files - In 4 Steps

You won't miss HitPaw Edimakor if you want to join MP4 files effortlessly. With a user-friendly interface and easy-to-use feature, HitPaw Edimakor is honored to be a popular video combiner for millions of users. Let's see how simple to merge your video clips together by HitPaw:

If you don't have HitPaw on your device now, click to have a quick setup. It's free to try now.

You got it? Let's start!

Step 01Drag and drop all your MP4 files to “Media” > “My Files” to import within seconds

use hitpaw to merge two mp4 files

Step 02Do simple drag and drop again. This time we put the videos from “My Files” to the track below

use hitpaw to combine mp4 videos

Step 03All videos are prepared on the track, rearrange them until they're in the desired order (If the original order is fine, you don't have to adjust them). Edited video is shown through the preview window

use hitpaw to merge 2 mp4 files

Step 04Once you find it is perfect, click the top-right button “Export” to get the video on your device

use hitpaw to join mp4 videos

Part 2. Do More with HitPaw Edimakor When You Combine MP4

There's still something you can do as you're joining MP4 files with HitPaw Edimakor. Apart from the basic editing features, HitPaw Edimakor also offers precise timeline, multi-layer video editing, excellent picture-in-picture mode,and audio editing tools as well. Tons of aesthetic filters, transitions, and effects are available to apply to a video clip with just one click. Use these techniques in your video to make it distinguished.

hitpaw can do more than just stitch mp4 files together
1. Trim video to suitable length

We're now more intended to videos with concise content. HitPaw Edimakor helps you to cut unnecessary clips effortlessly to keep your MP4 files brief and attractive .

2. Enrich your video with transitions

The transition effect in the editor contains such great modes that can suit your need when you want to connect former MP4 clips to next one with a more smooth and over unexpected effect. For example, to erase or cover something, you can use Mosaic transition in HitPaw.

3. Add filter to improve your video

Sometimes the video recorded may appear with different effects due to the light condition. To solve it, the filters here provides you with different effects that can improve video quality especially when showing certain things like food or scenery that recorded in your video.

4. Use creative stickers

Stickers have been frequently used to beautify our pictures or videos, especially for short videos. Given this, HitPaw Edimakor provides kinds of creative stickers that are available for people with different needs. For example, the stickers in Emoji and Mask are such interesting and versatile stickers that can make your file all the more distinctive.

Part 3. How To Merge MP4 Videos On Mac with iMovie

When it comes to video editing tool on Mac, it must be iMovie. As an entry-level video editor, it's not hard to handle. If you're using it to join mp4 videos, read this tutorial and master it in a minute!

  1. Open up iMovie and click “Create new”, select “Movie” in the menu

  2. use imovie to merge two mp4 files
  3. Click “Import Media” to upload videos from your Mac to iMovie

  4. use imovie to combine two mp4 files
  5. Drag and drop your MP4 files in the project window and feel free to rearrange it. If you just need a certain part from one of clips, you can just select that portion to edit

  6. use imovie to merge mp4 videos
  7. Click “Share” > “File” to save it on your Mac

  8. use imovie to join two mp4 files

Part 4. How to Join MP4 Files Online Free

You just want to immediately combine mp4 files into one video? Then online tools suit you best. It doesn't need to check whether system you're operating. As long as you have a browser and a stable network connection, you can finish it right away.

Clideo is a highly-rated video editing tool online to solve this problem. Here're steps guiding you how to merge videos online free with it.

  1. Upload the videos and photos you would like to merge

  2. use clideo to combine 2 mp4 files
  3. Drag the video clips to adjust the order as you desire

  4. use clideo to combine mp4 videos
  5. Watch the preview. If there's nothing wrong, click on the”download” button to export

  6. use clideo to merge 2 mp4 files


After learning the above four methods, you may know how to merge MP4 files easily. Actually, it might be difficult to say which video joiner is the best because everyone has their own needs. But it’s reflected that HitPaw Edimakor suits for the most. Million of HitPaw lovers are creating brilliant videos in YouTube and TikTok now. Now would be the best time for you to create with HitPaw!

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