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The Best 3D Movie Makers You Must Know in 2024

3D video is becoming increasingly popular with movies, TV shows, and even video games. 3D videos provide a distinct visual experience that engages viewers in a way that 2D videos cannot. In order to truly appreciate 3D media, it's important to know the 3D movie makers who are setting the standard in the industry. Here is an introduction to 10 of the top 3D movie makers in 2024 who you should get familiar with right now!

best 3d movie maker

Part 1. A Roundup List of Best 3D Movie Maker in 2024

1. HitPaw Video Converter

Price: $19/95 / Month

HitPaw Video Converter is the #1 recommended 3D movie maker for 2024! With its pro-level 2D video to 3D converter, you can now enjoy 3D movies from the comfort of your own home. Its 2D Video to 3D feature enables users to create stunning 3D videos with several clicks.

Outstanding Features
  • Supports converting any 2D videos to 3D effect
  • An innovative Split-depth mode that gives you visually stunning 3D effects
  • Taking advantage of parallax to generate two videos side by side or on the top and bottom screens
  • The converted videos can be played on various VR devices including Meta Quest 2
  • Neat interface, no skill required
  • 120x faster convert speed

Steps to Convert 2D video to 3D using HitPaw Video Converter

  • Step 1: Download and install HitPaw Video Converter on your computer. Launch the program and switch to the Toolbox tab. Select the "2D Video to 3D" feature from there.

    hitpaw 2d video to 3d
  • Step 2: Choose a split mode from the provided effects such as Anaglyph Side By Side (Full Width), Anaglyph Red/Cyan Gray, Anaglyph Green/Magenta Gray, etc. You can adjust the Parallax value by dragging it on the right sideline for a sharper effect.

    select a 3d mode
  • Step 3: Once you have set up your 3D effect, choose an output format from the list of popular formats available, such as MP4, MOV, MKV, AVI, WMV, or WEBM.

    convert 2d to 3d
  • Step 4: Preview your video and click on export when you are satisfied with what you see.

    2d to 3d converter

Video Tutorial:

2. Maxon

Price: €85.99/ month

Maxon 3D Movie Maker is an unparalleled 3D animation and rendering solution for cutting-edge 3D creators. It offers

  • GPU-accelerated 3D rendering
  • Global illumination
  • caustics effects, and much more

Best of all, it only requires 8GB RAM for Windows and 4 GB RAM for Mac to run, making it great for creative professionals with smaller set-ups. Additionally, it is supported on Windows 10 Version 1809 or higher or Windows 11 as well as macOS 10.15.7 or higher with Intel 64-bit CPU and AMD 64-bit CPU with AVX support processors and Apple M1/M2-powered Macs. And while this 3D movie maker download costs EUR 61.39 per month, its capabilities will surely help make future movies come alive!

3d movie maker maxon

3. 3d-maker-adobe-character-animator.jpg

Price: $54.41/month

3D video makers have become increasingly popular, and Adobe Character Animator is leading the pack. This 3D maker software supports Windows 10 and requires 8 GB of RAM and 3 GB of hard-disk space for installation.

  • Not only is it easy to use, but Adobe Character Animator also comes with a range of features.
  • uppet Maker and Triggers let you customize your character or allow them to change expressions or make a gesture.
  • Furthermore, the user-friendly program allows you to record audio and motion, add emotion, and export an animated character - all in one innovative package.
  • The $54.41 per month price makes this 3D video maker a great deal for anyone looking to create 3D animated characters using facial expression and their own face.
3d movie maker adobe character animator

4. Blender

Price: Free

Blender is an incredibly powerful free 3D editor and movie maker open source. It's easy to use yet has some great features, like;

  • a robust subdivision
  • polygon mesh
  • And an n-gon modeling system called B-mesh, which can create stunning animations.
  • You can also use it to animate with key-frame animation tools such as skeletal animation (Armature), inverse kinematics, and vertex weighting.

Additionally, the software provides users with a Grease Pencil option allowing them to draw in 2D and 3D environments. Although this software is free, you will need a 64-bit quad-core CPU with SSE2 support, 8 GB of RAM, Full HD display, mouse or trackpad/pen + tablet, and a Graphics card with 2 GB RAM and OpenGL 4.3 or higher if you want to run it efficiently.

Supported graphics cards are from NVIDIA GeForce RTX series, AMD Radeon RX series, and later - Intel Haswell architecture or newer on macOS version 10.13 or newer. With plenty of these necessary elements, Blender is definitely a must-have 3D movie maker in 2024!

3d maker blender

5. Wax

Price: Free

Wax is a free 3D movie maker software and editor that allows users to create cinematic visual effects easily. It features;

  • Built-in special effects such as lighting, shadow creation, and transitions for creating scale scenes and sequences.
  • Wax also supports video compositing through the Chroma Keyer effect, enabling users to combine two images or videos based on similar hues or Chroma range.
  • This free 3D movie maker open source also provides tools like crop and pan image for video along with zoom.
  • It’s free to use!
  • Wax is compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 with at least 50MB free disk space; 512MB RAM; Intel Pentium 4 processor or later version required.
3d movie maker wax

6. Jahshaka

Price: Free

For aspiring 3D movie makers out there, you must know Jahshaka. This free 3d editor is open-source and is a great choice due to its many supportive features.

It's made up of seven core modules

  • Desktop
  • Editor
  • Player
  • Assets
  • Effects
  • Avatars

These features come together to provide everything from easy transitions and editing in several real-time formats to creating 3D composites and Flash movies. You can even make your video from film or flash memory footage!

On top of all of this, it has a library of royalty-free scenes and assets. The best part is it's free! And support for Windows, MacOS, and Linux systems for an easier installation process. So if you're looking for a free 3d movie maker, then Jahshaka is definitely one you must know in 2024.

3d movie maker jahshaka

7. Windows Movie Maker

License: Free

Windows Movie Maker is a great Microsoft 3D Movie Maker is a great choice for 2024. It’s easy-to-use, user-friendly software with basic functions such as adding a music overlay to your video and creating or editing existing videos. You can also save the video in several formats for uploading or sharing.

Plus, it runs on certain versions of Windows and doesn't require a lot of system resources. Windows XP Home Edition or Windows XP Professional, a 600 MHz processor, 128 MB RAM, and 2GB free hard disk space are all you need to run the maker software. And it comes free of charge.

windows movie maker

8. Xara 3D Maker

Price: £29.99

Xara 3D Maker is an intuitive 3D video creator software that's packed with features to design 3D animations with 3D text. Here are some of its features

  • With a straightforward user interface and the ability to drag & click with ease, the software makes 3D text animation creation simple and fun.
  • You can customize your creations by changing the colors, shadows, and other options within the software's built-in settings.
  • Whether you want to craft creative 3D graphics for projects or simply recreate mesmerizing 3D screensavers on Windows, Xara 3D Maker has got you covered.
  • It's also extremely accessible; It is supported on Microsoft Windows 8/10 operating systems and only requires 256MB of RAM and 150MB of available hard-disk space with a file size of 24MB.
  • The trial runs for seven days, but registration extends it to 30 days - so you've got plenty of time to explore the program yourself!
xara 3d movie maker

9. Aurora 3D Animation Maker

Price: $69.95

With 3D technology rapidly advancing, 3D video makers have come to the forefront. One 3D video software that stands out is Aurora 3D Animation Maker. This 3D animation maker software offers;

  • Creative scenery and award-winning special effects perfect for creating 3D virtual worlds and dimensions.
  • You can easily switch between 2D or 3D settings in 3D Graphics Mode and use the Key-Frame animation feature to control length, playback speeds, and more.
  • You can also set size, preview, and export 3d animations with bevel effects.
  • Priced at $69.95, this comprehensive 3d video maker has an installation size of 43.30 MB and is available for both Windows 7/8/10 as well as macOS 10.7 – 11.1 systems - perfect for anyone who wants to create 3d videos quickly and effectively!
aurora 3D animation maker

10. MotionBuilder

Price: $1,950 per year.

MotionBuilder is a 3D movie maker that has revolutionized 3d content creation by offering 3D non-linear editing, 3D real-time animation, 3D character animation, and Inverse kinematics.

More features;

  • Its real-time animation 3D engine can create realistic character actions and movements for your 3d videos.
  • Motionbuilder also provides smooth interoperability with other 3d applications so you can easily exchange files.
  • Installing MotionBuilder doesn't take too much memory either; 891MB works on both Windows and Linux systems.
  • If you're looking for a 3d movie maker download, this is one you absolutely must have at only $1,950 per year.
3d video maker motionbuilder

The Bottom Line

We've come to the end of our discussion about the best 3D movie makers available in 2024. As you can see, there are an assortment of ways that you can make movies and videos, whether your aim is to make something for fun or for an upcoming large-scale project.

Special effects, voiceovers and a whole lot more can be created through 3D movie making software, with professional results that are sure to impress. And don't forget to check out HitPaw Video Converter for 2D to 3D video converter! It's a versatile program which helps filmmakers quickly convert 2D videos into stunning 3D versions with just a few clicks of your mouse. So go ahead and take the time to explore these amazing programs – they all have great potential if used correctly, and could result in amazing films and films projects!

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